Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The 'Mother' of all conspiracy theories!

Take this in any way you wish; be it as a cynical, crazy, non-PC or an insulting piece of writing. I don’t mind, just so long as it focuses your thoughts on the ‘roots’ that drive the refugee/’boat people’ issue that besets Australia.
There is an obscure piece of history that links Australia very closely with New Zealand; indeed even allows for the possibility of New Zealand requesting to be part of Australia. I may not have worded this fact in a manner that is precise enough for the ‘to the letter’ buffs, so forgive me for that transgression.
Therein lays the possible solution for Australia’s dilemma! Sure, the Aussies don’t have a land border like the USA does with its southern neighbour, allowing thousands to attempt the ‘crossing every day, but it is in close proximity to e ‘conduit, a very dangerous one that has become a magnet for many disillusioned, economically deprived and desperate people. These people are aided and by unscrupulous ‘people movers’ who have become rich from other peoples’ misery.
Australia has sought a variety of solutions, the latest being simply moving those who manage to get as far as being ‘rescued’ to be sent to PNG. This may seem like a solution, but in itself it merely moves the problem onto another country, which can hardly be seen as a satisfactory destination. Maybe that is what the Australians are trying to ‘put out there.’ Try to enter Australia illegally and you may well be sent to a third-world country that is not necessarily safe for you----in other words don’t come!
I often wonder if the Aussies have considered pushing New Zealand to invoke that old piece of law that allows for NZ to become part of Australia (Perhaps it was part of NSW?) and then it has the perfect solution. Just send all the boat people to NZ, with the proviso that they cannot enter ‘mainland (including Tasmania) Australia at any future point. That amounts to creating a second class Aussie citizen but protects Australia-proper for further encroachment.
They wouldn’t dare, would they?
Think back to other sneaky Aussie actions. The list is long, starting with the imbalance in how we treat each other when we enter one another’s’ country, for example, the ‘allowances that we give to Aussies but are not reciprocated when we go there. It us a very uneven playing field.
 I rest my conspiracy-laced, insensitive and Non-PC case.
PS   If you took this too seriously, maybe you have a ‘problem.’ Well-------

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mr Dunne---So you are very uncomfortable with many aspects of the 'spy bill!'

Given the obvious discomfort MR Dunne has re many aspects of the 'spy Bill,' then why the hell is he not making a real stand and helping to defeat this unpopular piece of legislation? He can help stop it in its tracks. Come on Peter, you did well enough but didn't quite travel the whole mile on the synthetic cannabis bill, so now lets see your real self, if it isn't hidden under your will to 'stay alive' along with this 'lost' Government. Now is the time to make your mark. Bring down this bill. You must be desperate to hold onto the little power you have left and any vestige of moral virtue but if you want to be remembered for doing the right thing, then now is the time to act. Stand up, Peter! What more evidence do you need in order to come to the conclusion that this Bill is not in the best interests on New Zealand!

Monday, July 29, 2013

The promise of spring and something beautiful!

If you can't see the picture, just go to my website and follow the links to my blog. I noticed this 'promise of spring' in front of another symbol, much loved in New Zealand.

Bit tired today---for a good reason!

Today, this is my only blog. Just a short one! I have been at a training seminar for 'counselling supervision.' This will be an extra 'string to my bow,' and one that I can pursue for many years to come. If there are counsellors, youth workers or social workers out there who need a 'supervisor,' then get in touch with me through my website. Just follow the links to my email. I am a NZAC registered counsellor.


Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ran into David Shearer on the beach at Pt Chev today!

NO I didn't literally 'run' into David. I'd save that for the 'Dear Leader.' Oops, I got that wrong. Didn't someone try and fail to run into dear Johnny in South Korea. Sorry, I got a bit excited and I an not so nasty as to want a success on that line anyway, despite my obvious dislike of JK and his Government, but we live in New Zealand, 'Land of the Long suffering cloud,' and we don't do things that way.
What we should have happen is for the two Davids to sit down and make things happen so that we don't have to suffer any longer. Both Davids are really great guys. Both have that something special that NZ needs to raise its head and feel proud again. I doubt many JK supporters read my blogs so I don't expect any upfront vomiting from those dear readers taking my observations too seriously.
It was good and somehow 'normal' to see David S  having a family day. We need our politicians of all ilk maintaining that connection with the real aspects of life---'like taking a wander' along the sand at a lovely beach. Go well, both Davids. DS must be OK---Why----because my dear Jack Russell, Perdy is a very good judge of character! She did  not bite him.

There are many beautiful places that are 'dog friendly' in Auckland. Here's another one.

Point Chevalier beach on Auckland's beautiful Waitemata Harbour is just one of many beautiful beaches where dogs can have fun; all day during non-daylight savings hours, and for limited times in the summer. There's no need to always hit the same old places. hey, dogs live a bit of variety too!  To top off the experience there are also nice cafes to grab a coffee and a bite after the walk. Roll on summer, but I must say, today is mild and sunny.
No, that's not me in the picture; I had bariatric surgery, not a sex change!

Matt McCarten---He 'suggests' that Kim Dotcom could be a political reality!

'Surely not,' you say. How could this publicity seeking giant take on the Prime Minister and then be in a position to influence Parliament? Matt makes the suggestion that this could be possible, given the amount of support that KDC seems to have in the community. Whether that translates into political influence depends on KDC's taking on the role of forming a new party. So far he has not said that he has aspirations in this area. If he did, it does seem feasible that there could be enough support for his cause from nerds, computer hackers and the like, who spend most of their time indoors gaining that pasty look that goes with the territory.
Add those who wish to 'shove one' at the PM and you could well have the scenario that Matt so cheekily puts forward. Hey, just think for a minute. How many of the KDC followers actually get out and vote? Not the obvious 'shove it' to Key lot---they usually belong to other parties, other than a fictional KDC party, but if the nerds ever get organized and drag themselves to the polling booths, then anything is possible. Maybe their supporting of KDC will have the added virtue of improving their health.
OK, so the impossible happens. Poor Key. Who the hell will he negotiate with? Not Dunne because he's 'done.' Not The Maori Party, because they won't exists (in parliament) and certainly not Hone, because Key would take a bad health down-turn' if he had to talk to Hone at length. Who then? Damn, will he have to swallow every bit of pride he has left and do a deal with  Labour? Of course not; he would get into bed with Winston again! Oh, there is always the possibility that Banks does a Lazarus or God forbid, the Conservatives get over the threshold and force a return to some policies of old, many of which even the National Party has long since left behind in the annals of history.
Maybe Johnny boy hopes he will lose!  

got rid of Sky Sports and most of the films---Can I cope?

My God, the first few days were terrible. No films, apart from the odd one or two on TV 1,2,3,Prme and the Maori Channel and no sports. I did this to save money. I'm practising for the time when such costs will not be affordable---retirement, theoretically, although something tells me I shall be working for many years in some capacity.
I surprised myself tonight. I watched, observed, followed, call it what you wish, the game between the Crusaders and the Chiefs in Hamilton. No, I didn't do it the old fashioned way; the radio. I followed live from the NZ Herald site where they had a live blog. I even managed few comments of my own. Man that felt so butch! Damn, it was nerve-wracking; just like the old days when we huddled around the radio---you know the ones--- the old valve radio.
I think I shall be OK with my half price Sky now. I record all sorts of programmes and 'time shift' to suit me. I just hope I don't fold and ring up Sky to say, 'please---it's all too much---put me back on!'
I shall resist that urge. The money I save will go towards my dream campervan; the one that I shall travel NZ with and write my stories and my blogs.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

'But I had a bad backgorund,' the horrific abuser will tell the court!

How can a grown man believe that punishing a five year old with a heater held to his face to the point that there are third degree burns and the child will need skin grafts, is OK? I felt sick when I read about this today. This happened in Christchurch and the man has name suppression. I wonder if he was known to CYFS. These things don't usually happen out of the blue. The signs must have been there. Perhaps 'mandatory reporting,' is a must! I work in the field where such issues are often discussed and my colleagues have divided opinions on the issue of 'reporting.' Schools for their part must make policies whereby they report any sort of abuse and the agencies charged with protecting our kids must be well funded and employ people who know what they are doing.
WE all must play a art in keeping our kids safe. If that means 'telling' when things are not right, then that is what me must do. Such actions must cut across all social groups and all sectors of our society, regardless of ethnicity or religion. Harming a child in this way is nothing short of evil. Lets all work together to take care of one another. If you know that a child is being harmed, ring 111, or---tell someone!

Child suffers horrific heater burns

By Kurt Bayer @KurtBayerAPNZ Email Kurt

1:46 PM Friday Jul 26, 2013

File photo / Thinkstock
File photo / Thinkstock
A five-year-old Christchurch boy suffered severe facial burns after a man allegedly held a fan heater to his face.
The man, in his 40s, has been charged with wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm after allegedly holding a fan heater to the side of the boy's face.
The boy suffered third degree burns from his eyebrows to his chin and will require extensive skin grafts.
Police and social agencies have been shocked by the child's injury, which occurred at a house in the Shirley area of the city on Saturday.
The man, who has name suppression, appeared in the Christchurch District Court this week and was remanded in custody without plea until August 6.
Detective Sergeant Darren Folau, of the police child protection unit, described it as a "horrific" case.
But he was amazed by the boy's "remarkable resilience".
Southern regional director Kelly Anderson said Child, Youth and Family have been working closely with police to support the child and family.
"This is a deeply distressing case where a child was seriously injured in a horrendous manner," she said.
"Our main concern is to help this child and protect them from further harm."
While the police investigation continues, CYF refused to comment further.

Just becuase you won't eat it---do I have to?

I was sitting surveying my realm, making sure no cats or metre readers dare to enter my territory when 'you' decide to offload something you brought last night at the Onehunga Night Market. Apparently you brought too much and I think I heard you saying that the squid (whatever the dog damned silly thing that is!) was cooked for too long. And, yes you said, 'Perdy will eat it!'
Really---do you take me for a 'no-class' greedy bitch? Come on, I have tastes too and when I did try it, it felt like rubber. I know, I 'search, chew and destroy' most balls down at the park, but this took the cake. Actually, why not give me cake like that silly French Queen was purported to have said. Wrong again, because when you are at work, I watch TV and I learn many things. So you know what you can do with your squid------shove it right----back in the sea. Have I made my point yet?
Now on a sweeter note. Take me for a run----please!
What the hell is 'squid?'  written by Perdita (Perdy)

Toilet paper dress wins award so maybe I can wear a pink bats coat!

It's true, a dress made from toilet paper won an award in New Zealand recently. That does not mean that our beautiful country is going down the crapper! Maybe it is because we are a green country and have a belief in 'waste not want not.' Fortunately the dress was NOT made from 'used ' paper. That would have been taking things to extreme.
One of the ramifications of losing 35 kilos after my bariatric surgery is that I really feel the cold. I wrap up well and keep out the cold. Thank God spring is around the corner! Perhaps there will be a competition to use pink-bats for clothing. Damn I can't wait, but really---can't they make it blue! Also---won't it itch a bit?
Toilet paper dress so why not a pink-bats coat to keep me warm!

Onehunga Night Market---great place---buzzy and tasty!

Are you looking for that' buzz' you felt when you visited the street markets of Asia or other parts of the world? OK, we can't replicate that feeling completely, but hey, we are way down in the South Pacific and things don't quite move so fast here. The Onehunga Night Market does it for me. Before we entered the car park adjoining Dressmart we caught the wafting odours of an array of foods right where it counted---in our nostrils. The stall operators were still setting up but there were already heaps of people wandering about. I brought a well-made cup of coffee from an independent vendor and we walked around, observing the choices and purchasing some socks from a stall that seemed to sell items from Korea---good value for $5 and woollen to boot.
Now it was time to eat. Remember I can't consume the amounts of old, post bariatric surgery. My gastric juices were rising and I don't mean 'reflux;' more like pure anticipation. What to choose? There are Thai, Indian, Chinese, Hungarian, just to mention a few. I tried one Thai fish cake, one wheel cake (savoury version) and finally a pork and corn dumpling. Wonderful and by then, I was done. My share of the cost---about $5 and we still took some home. If you want to experience something different, then go to one of these night markets. They are springing up all over Auckland and I suspect that some of the vendors attend them all. That's fine with me and hopefully we are going to be exposed to a much larger range of ethnicities and the tasty food that comes with that. It's great living in a city where such options are available.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

When a 'couple' parades around putting 'ghost bids' on cars and property---what's going on?

Last week we heard about a guy going around North Shore firms; residential and up-market car firms and the odd travel agent, making bids--apparently to the tune of almost NZ$6 million. He has now been named in the NZ Herald, but I am not going to give him the satisfaction of printing his name here, in case he gets some sort of weird 'jack-off' from any publicity.
Yes, crudely put, but then so are his attempts to waste the time of the firms that he has targeted. The Herald says he takes his partner and young child along, all as part of the ruse he is pursuing. Who would doubt a well-dressed and happy family? Hell, he even booked a $100,000 luxury trip to Disneyland. Of course the sales assistants would be happy to play with the child as the parents signed the necessary documents.
I wonder at his (and his partner's) state of mind. What are they trying to achieve? Is it some sort of protest against 'capitalism' or are they trying to make a point about those who have wealth? Are they trying to disrupt the businesses they target? Surely they must know, now that the guy's picture (thank goodness, not his child's) has been published that businesses will avoid him like the plague. Can he not be charged with at least some sort of 'nuisance' charge?
I'm sure he will have a bit of support from the 'let's get the greedy capitalists brigade,' but I doubt his moves will make the slightest bit of difference on that score. I suspect he is misguided at least and is in need of support. If he is truly wishing to purchase any of the items he has signed off on, then he should do what the rest of us do---follow through. Oops, I forgot---He can't. He would rather cause the people who work for these companies headaches as he wastes their time.
I guess there are worse pass-times, when one thinks about it. Maybe he is going to write a book about his 'escapades.' OH---I've got it! he was conducting 'research for his project. It's OK,  all is forgiven. Go for it mate. I have changed my mind. You are just doing your thing and we will read about why you did this in some silly magazine---you know the ones--that pay megabucks for stupid stories. Now I really understand you-----NOT!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lunch with the 'ladies,' post bariatric surgery---3 months and then some. Such fun, such fun and that's nice!

Who says that just because the surgeon took away some of my stomach during the bariatric procedure, I can't enjoy my food? Oh, you didn't---but you were wondering, right? I even get some funny, misinformed comments, like---'well, why have the operation if you eat that food?' Or worse---'Why don't you just drink fruit and veggie juice?'  How feckin dumb is that?
I can actually eat normal food. My surgeon told me that at the first session, along with the proviso that the 'amounts' would be vastly reduced. He also told me that my body would soon let me know if I stuffed up. He was so right. If I am stupid enough to push the boundaries, I don't feel so good. I have not thrown up, either in the sanctity of my home, or---God forbid, in public. I have not had a 'Life of Brian' moment whereby I explode at a restaurant. Hope I have the right movie there, folks. The worst I experience is some discomfort for about 20 minutes and a brisk walk fixes that. I know that is not everyone's' experience when they have the surgery.
So today, I had the lovely ladies I sometimes walk with come over for lunch. See, having a dog does have real benefits re meeting nice people. We all contributed a dish. I cooked up a lamb roast, and some roast veggies, while the ladies brought cauliflower, broccoli and carrots in a cheese sauce, and a beautiful baked cheesecake. We even had wine. What did I eat? Why, I tried it all of course, but in 'what I call,' entrée-sized portions. (Sorry Amanda's Mum!) Was it good? Feck yeah!
For the record. I am trying to slow down the weight loss. 35 kilos is enough for me. No--- I don't weigh 35 kilos. What are ya? I am somewhere between 80 and 83 and that's mighty fine by me. I can't keep throwing away the relatively new and getting new 'fashion garments' all the time!

Facebook---good on you.

Sometimes when disaster strikes, it brings out the best in us. People band together and help out their neighbours or a stranger who happens to need that help. Unfortunately there is another side of human nature; a dark side. When Mojo cafe in Wellington was amongst those businesses who had to close because of the earthquake that hit Central New Zealand a few days ago, some low life individuals used this as an opportunity to steal about $1300 from the till. That was a bad mistake on their part. The café owners stuck up the security pictures on Facebook and very quickly they received accurate descriptions from the public which helped to identify the culprits. That information  was passed onto the police. Good on you, Facebook. Maybe FB represents a very potent way to strike back at criminals of all description. Maybe it is time for us all to be part of a more caring community; one that does not kick those who are down, in bad times. However, let's keep a balance when we use this very helpful tool! Check out the article from the New Zealand Herald!

Wellington quake: 'Low-life' thieves slammed

By Matthew Backhouse @Mbackhouse Email Matthew, Teuila Fuatai Email Teuila
12:48 PM Wednesday Jul 24, 2013

CCTV images show the theft of the safe after the Wellington quake.
CCTV images show the theft of the safe after the Wellington quake.
A Wellington cafe which was struck by brazen thieves after the magnitude 6.5 earthquake has been flooded with messages, calls and emails about the "low-life" offenders.
CCTV footage showed four young people stealing the safe from the Mojo State cafe in the State Insurance Tower on Willis St at 12.20am on Monday, about seven hours after the tremor.
Social media users have been quick to condemn the young offenders, whose faces were clear in CCTV images posted on Facebook.
Mojo has since removed the images from its Facebook page, but in a post today thanked customers who had come forward with information.
"Thank you to everyone who's messaged, called and emailed us regarding the burglary at Mojo State. We've sent the information you supplied to the Wellington police to follow up.
"It's a shame that these young people made this choice that night, we only hope that they learn their lesson and don't continue down this path."
Wellington police acting district commander Superintendent Sue Schwalger said police had spoken to a 16-year-old girl yesterday in relation to the burglary.
"Inquiries are continuing in relation to the other offenders and police are confident the matter will be resolved quickly."
Extra police had been in the city since the earthquake, and Ms Schwalger said there had been no arrests for anything related to the earthquake.
"Police wish to reiterate that whilst disappointing, this type of opportunistic offending can occur at any time on any day," she said.
"There has been no increase or escalation of dishonesty offences over the last few days and there is nothing to suggest this particular incident is due to the recent spate of earthquakes."
Cafe owner Dale Rangihaeata yesterday said he was disappointed about the "opportunistic" theft.
Mr Rangihaeata, who also owns a Mojo in nearby Bond St, said his cafes were open on Monday to support those who had come in to the central city to work despite safety fears.
"We're here to support Wellington and make sure people can still get their coffee fix, and there were a lot of stressed people in town."
The shoebox-sized safe contained about $1300 and weighed about 4kg.
He said his staff were surprised to find they had been burgled on a night when many residents were suffering from aftershocks and quake damage.
"Generally Wellingtonians and New Zealanders are pretty decent people."
By Matthew Backhouse @Mbackhouse Email Matthew, Teuila Fuatai Email Teuila

Monday, July 22, 2013

I am going to need your help!

I am now very close to having the first of my books online, via Kindle. Maybe I shall have other platforms too, but not sure at this stage. I have the backing of two very good people, in the form of re-editing and book design. I had no idea just how much is involved re getting one's books to this stage. It is no longer a hit and miss 'she'll be right' Kiwi attitude. The work  the team is doing is professional and much appreciated.
I need revues online with Amazon---- the more the better, in order to generate traffic. The costs to you?--- a very small download fee and a bit of time to review. That gets the attention of the 'big eye' of Amazon and then things can take off for me. The cost for a download is minuscule as I am not a 'best selling author.' The ones I download from Amazon are only about UA$3--- max! I shall let you know once everything is up and running, including the links you will need. Please help to pass on the link to the circles you may have. My website will have the link then, and the difference is that the books won't cost an arm and a leg like they do in the hard copy format. Yes, the same books will still be available, but lets face it---you haven't been breaking down my doors to get at my books. I know--- they are just too damned dear! Hopefully, once up and running, the digital format will resolve that issue.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Goodbye beautiful Crown Lynn!

Yes the items are all for sale. I am trying to finance my latest venture to get my books onto Kindle; that is the re-edited versions. That costs heaps so out go my 'treasures.' I have heaps more and yes you can ask questions and even buy them. They will appear on Trade Me over the next few days but you can contact me direct if you wish, by going through my website and emailing me. There is a bit of 'Depression Glass' on there too. If you don't know about Crown Lynn, then this is not for you. I once had a garage sale where I had a CL dinner set for sale with 50 on it. The silly lady thought it was 50cents---must have been a 'rapper,' eh! Of course I should have put the $ sign on it!
I have 4 of these trios.
Ain't that pretty---1970's

So----don't we all have our favourite 'stance' re sleeping!?

Hi ya. I had a busy day yesterday and well----I fell asleep after dinner and somebody I know took this picture of me. How embarrassing! He took no account t of my dignity or my reputation with my millions of fans. Just like they said about Britney---'Leave Perdy alone.!' Mind you, I am such a forgiving Jack Russell, except for cats of course, so I shall be off today on another adventure. Mmm, I wonder where 'he' is taking me. I hope there's heaps of things to sniff out and chase. I think I will jump up on people who are wearing expensive clothing. Damn, that makes me laugh when they squeal out. Hey, who in their right mind wears 'haut couture' (Yes, I can use other languages too---I'm, a jack Russell!) to a muddy beach? It's true---maybe they're trying to pick up a trick eh?  I know, I shouldn't know about such things, but you would be surprised what I have seen in my three years. right, before we go, I am going to see if I convince one of my masters (That's who they think they are--lol) that I haven't been fed! Don't you dare laugh at my 'pose!'

Friday, July 19, 2013

The huge thorn in Australia's side---refugees, people smugglers and where to put them.

Australia has always been a place where people wish to settle, but like any nation it has a right to have this happen in an orderly and safe manner. That many thousands attempt to jump the queue and enter Australia illegally is hardly Australia's fault but it is it's problem. It has become a political issue; one that Tony Abott shamelessly uses for his own political gain. Such is the nature of politics. Now, Rudd has acted in a manner that many will see as harsh. He has firmly closed Australia's borders to the people smugglers and made strong overtures to his neighbours to seek out a more permanent and humane solution. One can not expect these 'neighbours' to shoulder this responsibility without a great deal of help, both from Australia (and New Zealand) and most definitely the UN. These people smugglers are trading in human misery and the people who pay them out of desperation  are often ripped off and sometimes killed, if some of the stories we hear about what happens to them at sea are correct.
However, Australia's tough new approach must send the message back up the pipeline that simply jumping on a boat will not necessarily get them to Australia.
New Zealand must support all attempts to find a regional response to this terrible issue. Indonesia for its part must also be supported. Yes, no doubt corrupt officials there play their part in gaining from the misery of others, but Indonesia is hardly in a position where it should take all the responsibility for stopping people using it as a base to 'jump to Australia.' There are many thousands of refugees already in Indonesia, and that country has it's own economic problems without having to pay out for more. If Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia (with support from other SEA countries) can make it unattractive for refugees to attempt the difficult journey then maybe that can help. Of course the root to all of this 'people movement' is the lack of stability and poor economic and social conditions in the countries of origin, especially the Middle- East and other parts of Asia. Refugees have always sought greener pastures, but when people smugglers enter the scene, the issue becomes that much more dangerous. Australia is in a difficult position; one that no country would wish for.
Lets take the politics out of the solution and work on a wider scope. I guess we could start with Syria, because we all know that the situation in that country has just turned on another huge tap!

Studio Ceramics in Glen Eden, New Zealand--retro Crown Lynn, yet also so 'now.' Love it, buy it!!

Today I had the pleasure to be shown around the Studio Ceramics factory in Glen Eden. Phillpa was my friendly and passionate host. Phillpa and her partner, Ken took over this iconic New Zealand ceramics factory about two years ago. They have carved a place in the Newer Zealand pottery/ceramics scene that is second to none. You feel can the enthusiasm ooze from Phillpa as she shows you around the factory. I had no idea it was so big, even though the days when more than a thousand employees worked at the old Crown Lynn factory down the road in New Lynn are well and truly consigned to history, unfortunately. That is the price we pay for cheap, mainly Chinese imports. If we want to keep  firms like Studio Ceramics in NZ, then we have to meet the price. The quality of the products is of course way better with the NZ option.
Local clays are sourced for the production of the many items, some of which can be purchased from the shop at the front, for much discounted prices. Phillpa took us through the whole production cycle, telling us heaps about the different items being made. There is a strong accent on NZ themes and many of the old favourites, like the 'swans' and jugs are back in vogue. The newer designs are to die for, with vibrant colours and patterns. You can imagine me delight when I saw a flying duck. I never thought that they would reappear. I shall soon have  three gracing my walls, if I can get away with it.
One of the fun things one can do on an 'arranged' visit, is to decorate your own choice of product, be it a mug or one of the famous 'blasts from the past.' I can't wait to doing that.
Studio Ceramics is an institution that we must not let go the way of Crown Lynn. The oldies amongst us should go visit and tell people to buy these wonderful products. What better gift than an iconic New Zealand themed, New Zealand made example to give to your friends and family. Tell or visitors about them. They can also be purchased from a wide range of outlets now. Check out the site and enjoy the pictures I took. yes, I did purchase a range of items at very reasonable prices. I love Studio Ceramics.    Check it out people!
The shop at Studio
Ceramics--great selection

I know she wants one!
White ware---love them!
The clay goes in here and comes out for
the next stage, before processing into the huge range of products, like these!
And finishes like these.
Perdy stayed home to play 'dress-up.'


Who supports who in Syria!

I suggest that support for the various incumbents in Syria is based more on large power geopolitical considerations than it is for more basic humanitarian reasons. We have an indecisive Obama with his wishy washy policies, unable to support the President of Syria yet stumbling over his support for one of the factions aligned against the 'butcher of Damascus.' Then you have Hezbollah supporting the Syrian regime, but not the Government of Lebanon. Somewhere in the mix is  al-Qaida purported to have made a statement saying they wish to create a Sharia Law based region on the border near Turkey. With that prospect a distinct possibility we then have perhaps, but not necessarily a more moderate group who use the former claim to 'blackmail' the West into supporting their aims. Who are we to believe? If we took away the  interference of the major outside players, would the situation resolve itself? Maybe, but at what cost in human life and what sort of regime would emerge? Would it be one that has the support of the majority of Syrians, leaving of course  a 'rump' sector that would continue to fight for its deeply held cause? Therein lies the problem. If Russia, the USA and its cohort plus the Arab world in general cannot come to an agreed course of action then any interference to stop the carnage in Syria is doomed to failure. Will such an accord be reached. I very much doubt it. Look back to history to understand that statement. In the meantime, countless thousands of non- combatants will continue to die and have their homes destroyed. What a truly terrible future for this sad nation. The UN needs to step up to its founding principals and act as a body representative of all nations. So far that dream is nothing more than a deadly nightmare.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The long shadow of Putin casts itself over any real opposition in Russia.

It seems that every time somebody  offers real opposition in Russia, they get arrested and charged with some sort of trumped up folly. If this happened once, one could possibly accept that maybe there were real issues behind the charges, but that is not the case. Yet again, this time for a candidate for the mayoralty of Moscow, a strong candidate finds himself in court and then being handed down a five year sentence.
I note that RT (Russian TV) takes every chance to highlight the short-comings of democracy in the USA and elsewhere but seldom focuses on the reality of a dying democracy in Russia. Of course they don't. They dare not because they too would find themselves on the wrong end of Putin's long and deadly influence. Poor Russia---- gradually sliding back into the same old traps of the past. Call it the power of the Tsar or the machinations of  Stalinist regime.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I fear for the people of Afghanistan ---Sharia will rule!

For centuries foreign powers have meddled in Afghanistan; mainly for strategic reasons. Sure, they 'tart' up their motives under various guises but there is little doubt about their real intension--geo-political gain. The pain this has caused to the disparate people of Afghanistan has been huge. On the other hand, the hard sloggers, represented throughout history by working class western soldiers has also been high for the simple reason that no country has ever been able to conquer the warring tribes of Afghanistan. Three of the worlds greatest powers have tried and failed; in the UK's case--twice. Why then continue this useless misplaced strategy? It is inevitable that the Taliban will be back, within months of the finish of the latest 'intervention.' 2014 is when this country will be plunged back into mediaeval conditions and the main sufferers will be the women, girls and the poor.
New Zealand is a country that sent it's troops, mainly to help with 'reconstruction.' I wonder how many of their 'projects' will remain intact after the handover of power, first to the local government, then to the Taliban. We have lost the lives of about ten of our young people---for nothing. Even those who helped us, in the form of translators have had to leave Afghanistan because they will be targeted by the Taliban. They are of course very welcome in NZ.
Turning our back on Afghanistan is an extremely hard act, but what are the choices? Do we keep pouring (that mainly means young USA soldiers!) troops and resources into this opium-ridden country? Do we keep spending billions of dollars on a fight that is unwinnable? The only people who gain are the arms manufacturers and various other 'service providers.' Would not that money be better spent in the countries of origin, to reduce the unemployment and poverty of their own people?
There is one hard question that must be addressed. The position of Pakistan in this terrible problem is one that is shrouded in corruption and non-action. I know it is an extremely difficult balancing act for the above government, but it appears that the  lack of action has both fed and prolonged the quagmire that is the Afghanistan problem. The people of Pakistan suffer as well. Must it take countless actions like that Malala suffered to bring that proud nation to the realization that it must be part of the solution? Time will tell but history must inform!

Anglican Church shows its true colours re the refusual to allow a 'gay wedding' in St Matthews.

Anglicans have apparently joined other churches and turned their back on a significant proportion of their 'followers' by the latest move to forbid a gay marriage to be 'celebrated' in St Matthews. This church was one in which gays felt welcome. Perhaps the move by their vicar to the Presbyterian Church in Remuera was too much for this 'ancient' institution and that deep down the 'Church of England' is nothing more than being Catholics in Drag.
Of course the Anglicans are no different to most churches. Very few allow such services re the gay community, so why should we expect them to be any different. Well, we do. In latter years, along with Methodists, the Anglicans have promulgated many aspects of social change and were beginning to represent some connectedness to their communities. All that is at risk, just as the numbers attending dwindle.
Does that equate to the 'newer and more fundamentalist churches offering hope? Hell no. If anything those places of worship  represent an even more 'closed door policy' to anything that resembles real social change.  No wonder, religion in any of its 'faces' is increasingly diminishing in NZ as an irrelevant force. Are there any beacons of hope out there?  Take a close look at yourselves, Anglicans and maybe you will attract your former parishioners back into your 'caring fold.'

Kiwi's phones siezed and data downloaded by UK officials! Maybe 'tit for tat' time!

If it is good enough for UK authorities to be able to 'seize and search' the data base in phones carried by New Zealand visitors to the UK, then surely we should do the same to Brits entering New Zealand. Imagine the pompous outcries for the  'Barmy Army' that comes to NZ from the UK each time a UK sports team challenges us. I can just hear the indignant outrage from our pommie cousins if their phones were 'examined' at the border.
It is time that New Zealand realized that our so-called special relationship with the UK is a thing of the past. Such special treatment has been gradually eroded since the UK entered the Common Market way back in the 70's. Since then, despite out misinformed siding with then UK over the Falklands fiasco and other 'theatres' of war, NZ had been treated no differently from other nations. If anything the trend has strengthened since the UK became tied to Europe via the Euro Parliament.
Will the UK then turn to it's former friends, like Canada, Australia and of course NZ? I doubt it somehow.
The UK has a huge problem at its borders; no one doubts that. Strengthening border controls is part of the response to global terrorist threats and any moves that the UK takes to counter that threat is understandable. But please former master and place of residence for our 'Head of State,' Her Royal most Highness,' remember our history. That your former colonial puppets now try to enter your 'home,' along with the threats that some of them pose,  that should not equate to treating NZers like potential criminals. God knows what you will do with Australians!
My deep sense of outrage does not mean that we want to see less UK resident coming to NZ. You are still welcome. Come and live with us if you wish. We need your skills and your sense of humour to balance the 'small mindedness' that some of my compatriots display.
Of course the best way for Kiwis to respond to their phones being seized it to make sure that  the phones contain messages of loyalty to the 'Crown' and heaps of conversations about the 'Royal Baby. That will bore the tit's off the officials and the phones will be quickly returned!


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

You must watch this link-----are our credit cards as secure as the banks say?!     I watched a news item the other night about the so-called 'wave and pay' cards. I was horrified and I wish I cold send my card back and revert to what the banks say is 'less safe;' my old card. The fact that someone can 'scan or scam' me scares the  pants of me and that's not a pretty sight!
I encourage you to watch the link above and come to your own conclusion. Are our cards less than safe with tis new technology? I just don't know. I bet the banks will come out swinging, claiming that we have nothing to worry about. Watch this space, people!

Australian politics. If I said that I will never make fun of Aussie politics again, would you believe me!

Of course not. Are you stupid and would I miss a chance to shove it at the coussies across the ditch. Come one, get real it's such fun as Miranda's mum says. AND, before you get your tits in a tangle my dear cousins, take a look at what I say about New Zealand or America politics. I am very even in my diatribes. Go one step further and read my Russian observations and if you need any more proof of my balanced political state of mind, then see the blogs about the 'Dear Leader' purporting to rule North Fanta'see'land, Korea. Of course in the latter's case we are definitely in the comedy genre; well it would be if wasn't for the millions of his citizens who were suffering.
The last few weeks of 'post Julia' Government in Australia have been truly remarkable. The Labor Party were for most pundits, done and stuffed, not just for the upcoming elections, but for quite a few to come. The vultures were gathering; in some Coalition candidate's cases, probably buying up real estate in the surety that they would soon be gathered around the cabinet table in Canberra. I am not saying that such an eventuality is not going to happen, but they must be a little more wary now, that 'Big Kevin' is back and looking like he knows what he is doing.
Take a look at his body language when he is either being interviewed, or when he stands behind one of the Labor  Cabinet Ministers as they announce new policy or a 'U-turn' on a previously unpopular policy. The 'Man' looks like a leader. He exudes confidence. Gone is that stumbling, rejected shadow of a man who sniped away from the sides. Kevin is one of those people who thrives on power and now that he is back, he is throwing himself at the Australian electorate.
I will no longer be surprised if he enacts a phoenix-like quality and trounces the opposition.
For his part, Tony Abbott is looking increasingly desperate. It is at times like this that Aussie politics ( I suspect that we are goi9jgn  to see the same in NZ, as we near out date with destiny!)turns even more dirty. Expect to see all sorts of filth, real and unreal, being dragged form deep and dark backroom cupboards. It is most surely, game on!
To be fair, so that I can stay true to my claim that I am completely unbiased, expect the same from both major parties. The Greens must be pissing in their boots as they see their share of the vote diminishing as the fortunes of the Labor Party begin to resemble a position that is the 'norm' for them in the polls.
Have fun, Aussies. Don't get sucked in by the dancing mime artists; well no more than you usually do. For our part in New Zealand; we shall watch from across the 'ditch', knowing that either way it makes 'feck-all' difference to us. You will continue to make sheep jokes and we will still love you!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Perdy felt sick yesterday, but OMG---she was back on form today!

I always feel kind of useless when Perdy is under the weather. Yesterday she threw up in the car. I should have known, given the warning signs. I took her for her usual run down at the bay, but she was listless and after one throw of the ball she just headed back to the car.
On the way home she made her mark (I'm washing the covers as I write) and for the rest of the day it was sleeping, not eating and giving me this--'Daddy---why don't you make me feel better,' look. She was due for her annual check up at the vets so we rang to see if we could get her in a day early. They asked us to keep an eye on her and would see her today.
Today came and she was back to her normal resilient self. I headed towards a park I have seen just off Mt Eden Road near the actual mountain. I couldn't se any signs prohibiting me from 'exercising' Perdy (well they didn't  specifically say she was banned!) so it was off the leash and she bounded in her dolphin come crossed with a rabbit run, chasing her ball. We explored the little park together and decided that it would be our secret. It really is something quitter special; pity about the sign saying 'on leash area.' Damn. That must be for other dogs, right. Yeah, I know. There are many out there who hate it when doggie owners' flout the law and you will probably put the council onto  me. Hey, I picked up the poops. Do you want proof?!
My 'secret' park
Throw the damned ball, Daddy!
Well, what you waiting for---me to sing---I'm  dog, stupid!
All dressed up ready for the ball. The 'Ball' and the after party. I can boogie!

The 'mother' of all welfare shake-ups is happening now to someone near you!

So the Government is hell-bent on pursuing a major shake-up of welfare benefits. Various figures are being bandied around about just how extensive this is going to be. Some say it is the biggest change since the introduction of the Welfare State in 1938. Others say that it is long overdue and that we have created an underclass of dependency and a lazy multigenerational  mind-set.
I accept that there are those who do anything in order to do 'nothing. they are quite happy to subsist on the money they receive from any form of benefit and they probably pass this 'trait ' on to their kids. I am not saying that this mind frame is representative of the majority of people on benefits. Everyone I know who receives any form of benefit is struggling to make ends meet and would prefer to be the recipient of a living wage or salary.
I support moves to weed out those who 'can' work and I have no issue with either stopping or cutting payments to those who think that the rest of us should pay for their drug use. I am not supportive of forcing people into work who are not capable (for whatever reason) of holding down a full-time job. What employer would want to have someone on their staff who is incapable or even a 'danger ' to themselves or to their workmates. We know that WINZ pressures people to return to work and that some companies take on people who quite frankly are not an asset to their organizations.
For me, the bottom line in any welfare 'reform,' is the effect such moves have on the families of the recipients. If the children suffer, we as a society will be picking up the social costs, whether it is through 'top-ups' of increased resources needed for health or paying for the 'breakdown in the families,' caused by the extra pressure put on families.
For those people who think that welfare recipients have it easy, I say---'go try it yourself for a few months. Of course, that is not realistic but use your imagination. Despite the different 'support' structures that give add-ons to families, paying the bills and feeding the family is becoming almost impossible, especially in the larger cities and that claim can be made for so-called average incomes.
Balance is the key (excuse the unfortunate pun) and a 'caring' government will struggle to find that point. Caring for those who through no fault of their own, and find themselves in a position where they cannot support their families, is the measure stick. We as a society must step-up and help. Before we had a 'welfare state,' such supports were random and controlled at the whim of a range of charity organizations. There was no consistency and people were often missed. New Zealand has come a long way since those desperate days, but I have a strong feeling that there is a move back to that time, led by a Government  determined to turn back the clock. Yes, make some necessary changes but please, keep in mind the children---the future of our nation. If we do not take care of those who 'can not,' we are  heading for a bleak and uncaring future.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

New Zealand First, post Winston---probably going the same way as ACT, United Future and who else?--down the gurgler!

The claim by a former NZ First MP (Kirton---I forget who he was!) that the NZ First Party, post- Winston will probably be consigned to the vaults of history is one that I agree with. Just think of who stands out in the party, apart from Winston. Yeah, there's someone famous for piddling in public and there was of course Ron Marks. Ron alone had some sort of charisma and unless he sees a way of coming back, then NZ First is stuffed, done and dumped.
Think---can you put a name to anyone on the front bench of NZ First? If you can, you are either an enthusiast or you have a bloody good memory, or perhaps you are a party member.  So to put it bluntly, Winston is NZ First and when he finally decides to hang up his cape, we shall see the demise of this 'populist' party. Who else can come up with an issue that will attract at least 5% of the vote and capture the public's confidence. Winston is special in his own way. Love or hate him you can't ignore him. His ability to dance the dance of political one-upmanship and stay in the public eye is legendary. No one else in 'his' party can do that. Winston will be remembered for his many tilts at the 'windmill' of Government institutions and policies and for his part in giving us the Gold Card. Unfortunately he will also be remembered for his cynical labelling of ethnic groups as being contributors to more negative driving forces in the NZ economy. Whether he is correct is not my point; it is more his style---one that relies on an ill-informed public and one that throws a few questionable facts into the campaign trail and then garners the necessary numbers to be able to attain the giddy heights of 'Welle-trough.'
So after Winston, there will be  gap that the other parties will try to fill. Watch that space and observe the worms who will come out to feed!

More beautiful Crown Lynn---for sale this time

I am in the process of 'regaining' space. One cannot keep buying things, be it clothing, books or other 'stuff' without getting making space for the new arrivals. Mmm, bet some parents feel like that!
I have quite a bit of Crown Lynn and I nave decided to only keep those pieces that are on the more 'collectable' side. However, I also have some rather nice bits and pieces and I have made the hard decision to send them the way of other CL lovers. Over the next few months I shall place them on either my Trade Me account or my partner's. Look out for them and make a special place for them in your home. Happy hunting!
Go to There are six trios for sale.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

For lovers of Crown Lynn---something very special

My bother recently gave me the beautiful cup and saucer as pictured. The colours are stunning. It is a one-off design by one of those visiting artists that Crown Lynn used to employ. I can't quite read the signature on the bottom but it looks like Susan? Apparently she is still alive somewhere in Australia. I thought there would be other CL lovers who would appreciate seeing this lovely piece. (not for sale, sorry)

Is bariatric surgery for you?

Is bariatric surgery for everyone? Is it the panacea for a ‘fat’ nation?

There are a few points one should consider before coming to any firm decisions. I cannot speak for everyone. The much vaunted adage that we should take each case on its merits holds true for me. Who am I to say that ‘you’ or a whole nation should head to the surgeon and offer up one’s body to the ‘knife’ albeit very small ones?

In New Zealand the operation can be free for those under 50 years of age, but the process is one that has many checks and balances. Various criteria operate, including having a history of trying to lose weight and related health issues, including type two diabetes, sleep apnoea, high blood pressure , compromised heart health, just to mention a few. If you are in that ‘morbid obesity’ category, that may give you reason to consider the procedure.

‘Not for me,’ you say. That’s fine. It is after all your decision, once you have satisfied the above criteria and received the big tick from a psychologist. If you have to pay, like I did, then the considerations are basically the same. I don’t know what ‘rules’ in other countries, so you will have to find out for yourself.

Given the ‘fattening’ of many nations, not just in the West, bariatric surgery is being increasingly seen as the answer to the many health issues associated with being majorly overweight. One could establish a position whereby the savings from using this procedure (there are several different ones) could be a reason for justifying the ‘state’ paying. Let’s face it; the complications resulting from obesity cost public health systems a great deal of money, for many years as an individual’s health issue become more serious. Could one justify the ‘state’ (or in my case—me, along with a little help from health insurance) paying for a one off operation (about $NZ 17,000--$21,000, depending on the procedure) in order to avoid the huge bills that are coming the way of the above systems as the population ages and ‘fattens?’

On a solely fiscally driven basis, one could say a big yes, but that is not the only consideration. There would be many who would say that other options are available; like public education about nutrition and exercise. I would say that given the long history of the ‘fat-busting’ industry and the attempts to change our collective diets, away from the sugar, fat, high carb and salt laden intakes along with a ‘sit on your butt’ mentality, then their efforts have failed miserably. There are a huge number of businesses and individuals who depend on our propensity of a large number of us to continually fail and gradually put on more weight after so many failed attempts to lose and keep weight off.

It would be a bit too radical to suggest that the above efforts should be consigned to the great big ‘bin behind the gym.’ I expect to receive hate mail from the countless thousands of people who slavishly go along several time s a week to ‘fat busters,’ weight watchers, Jenny Craig and to the many options available re exercising. If we could survey the millions around the world in an unbiased manner, I suspect that answer would be that the vast number of ‘attendees’ have failed, because more often than not, the y have reverted to their old habits. I am not going to go into the reason for this ‘massive failure.’

Anyone reading this could give examples of people they know who have been successful in their ‘journey to better health,’ but if they were really honest, and had access to real figures, they would face an unpalatable truth: failure is the norm!

So, am I just a ‘mouthpiece’ for what some would say is the ‘next big thing?’ Are we really entering a world in which one just has to submit oneself to the surgeon in order to achieve a balanced and healthy personal health regime? I would hope not. I still say it is better to prevent obesity and to be successful in this there are many considerations, many of which most governments around the world are unwilling to confront. We have heard of ‘fat taxes,’ public health initiatives aimed at getting us moving and making better food choices, but we still see the population becoming fatter as we move away from good home cooked meals and become more sedentary in our employment and our social activities.

Unless we grapple with the huge challenge that our modern way of living has delivered to us, then we are indeed going to need to look for ‘quick fixes,’ some of which may have ramifications down the track that consign humans to a questionable future. For me, my discussion has so far been one that I can embrace, but if I ‘knew then what I have since learned,’ I wonder if I would have ever arrived at my ‘new me.’ That said---I am happy. Would you be? I don’t know---I am not you!’


Friday, July 12, 2013

Spread the joy, Eden Coffee

Today I purchased my weekly addiction from Eden Coffee, on Mt Eden Road. I also picked up some wicked drinking chocolate (well it must be because it's called Evil Child!)  I always enjoy going to pick up my coffee beans, not because I know they are damned good, but because the welcome is so genuine. The guy remembers me and even seems to know what I brought last time. He offers advice and encourages me to try something else in the range. It seems that I have settled for a medium strength version. I don't know why, but my tastes have changed since my operation; not just with coffee, but also food.
Today was special. I was feeling good anyway because it is the start of the holidays for me and the sun was shining. I had taken Perdy for a walk on the 'Big King Reserve,' so Perdy was happy too.
While I was contemplating my choice I entered into my normal chat with the 'host' (because that's what it feels like) and another customer. The atmosphere was most convivial.
A new customer came in for his 'morning shot' and when he went to pay for it, our host said, 'It's on the house.' Another customer had 'forward paid' for the coffee. It's a sort of 'what goes around, comes around' thing, only with coffee, whereby if you want, you can pay for someone who you don't know to have a freebie.
The customer's face dropped, as if he didn't believe it and when our host explained the 'tradition' his face at first looked incredulous and then happy. The smile said it all.
When I paid my bill for the coffee beans, the incredible drinking chocolate (Our hosts explained a few versions of how to get the best out of it) I decided to 'forward pay' for the next person who came in with a 'big smile.' Our host and I decided to call it the 'forward smile' coffee. I can't wait to hear next time I go in (that will be during the week, now that I am on holiday), who received my gift.
I left with a huge smile on my face.

When is it OK for our Governments to spy on us?

Le's take the emotion out of the debate about governments spying on their people. Yes, that's a tall order and one cannot help but 'titsy' when thinking about the prospect, especially if you are generally following the laws of your country and don't belong to an extreme group, promulgating the violent overthrow of your government. Hey, if we don't like our government, at least we can biff them out for the next 'same as ,same as version at the three yearly election cycle in New Zealand. I guess the same can be said for most so-called 'democracies.'
What we don't want is the Arab Spring' solution or the Syrian mess. Having said the above, then even in our country, there is a need for the 'State' to be looking over our shoulders and seeking out those who would endanger the fabric of our society and to go about everyday life in a safe manner.
 BUT----where do we draw the line? The scatter-gun approach of vast computer systems sifting through every email and cell phone conversation represents either our imaginations going 'psyhco' or an actual impossibility----- I don't know what the capacity of our government is to achieve anything like what I have intimated. Perhaps the government agencies of the bigger powers can achieve that, but unless there is a link (and that has been strongly suggested) between our GSCB and the CIA and other agencies world wide, then are we overacting?
I simply don't know and the large majority of NZers and citizens of most countries don't give a thought to what 'could' be happening.
Why is it then that I have this uncomfortable feeling that we are being watched? Does that spring from me reading too many blogs and Facebook snippets from people who 'possibly' know what is actually going on? I DON'T BLOODY KNOW!
I want to live in a peaceful society, protected from criminals, drug dealers, purveyors of hate, terrorists and nasty racists groups. If that takes some sort of 'surveillance,' then maybe, just maybe, I can live with that. My question and discomfort comes from---'who decides who is to be spied on and how are they going to achieve this? Who is going the watch the 'watchers?' There are numerous questions and fears that need to be allayed. Who can we trust to answer these issues?
Maybe it is us, the huge number of people on the 'web' who can keep expressing our thoughts---but these thoughts must be transferred into action.
If we have leaders who cynically dismiss our opinions, then that is where the danger is amplified. If we take a way the more ridiculous claims that some of us may be making, then we are left with real unanswered questions. That is why we need the 'whistle blowers' and unless they actually endanger their countries (the definition of that is questionable to say then least) then they are providing us with a service. That does not necessarily make them 'traitors' as the USA Government would claim about Snowden and company.
I know my arguments have rambled through the difficult minefield that 'to spy or not to spy,' represents, but once again, I call for balance. Let's keep the discussion, ranging from the cynical to the downright funny, then, yes talk, chat, discuss, enlighten and take the piss.' All is good in my opinion and as that 'dude' on RT says, 'And that's just my opinion.'

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sky City Casino says it is being victimized! That's a bit rich, coming from the great syringe/prick in the sky!

What a pathetic response we have read in the Herald today from a chief executive representing Sky City. I won’t say his name so that I don’t cause him more embarrassment. He says that the issue has become highly politicised and that the critics are just trying to make political capital. OK, not his exact words, but perhaps he needs to realize that the National Party, his good friend, is indeed politicising this issue for its own advantage. Hey---every sector group, on either side of the debate does that and even I accept that. So, Mr executive dude---get real!
I am deeply sorry that this convention centre is being forced on us merely to satisfy the whims of John Key and his mates, who no doubt will be the major beneficiaries of this dirty deal. The rest of us will pay for the social costs because there is no such thing as a free lunch when it comes to gambling in all of its modes. I go along with Lotto because I know that a great deal of money goes back into the community. No doubt Mr Executive will claim the same about Sky City, conveniently forgetting the massive tax breaks his company receives, from the rest of us.
I am not saying Auckland should not have a modern and world-class conference centre, but please---- find a more moral way to pay for it!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Predictable pack of pricks---the national Party and their shameful deal!

What more can I say about this spineless morally deficient party and their bully of a Prime Minister!
Why did they bother to support a move that the vote for the Conference Centre  was going to be a 'conscience vote? What a piteous excuse for democracy. Sure party politics is a reality but in a conscious vote, one would expect a little more lassitude. Before you say---'What about Labour?' Well at least their leader, the much maligned David Shearer, had the decency to announce that his members could vote as they saw fit. John Banks and his non party sided with the Government and the soon to be gone Peter Dunne licked up large.
 I see on the news tonight that Peter Dunne's electoral office was the target of a hoax bomb. I don't condone hat but it indicates the level of disquiet in his electorate.
We need to remember this latest cynical action the part of National and its lackeys at the election next year. Labour, for it's part must put aside it's internal (or do I mean 'eternal') fighting and get alongside the Greens and deliver us a better future. New Zealand First will of course go along with what ever its flamboyant leader decides. As for the Maori Party---well maybe Hone will be in charge by then and at least with him, we know where he stands!
Angry words? Yes, because I care about where we are heading. Left wing utterances, I hear. BS----It just looks that way because the direction we are heading is closer and closer to one where the gap between the rich (the top 5%) and rest of us is deeply worrying. Kohn Kay is but a tool for those who wish us to be docile acceptors of this sad future. Behind that smile is a man taking us to an unpleasant future. If we don't care, we get what we deserve. If we don't act, the we deserve what we get.

Gays not welcome says a Whangarei lodge, 'but we are sorry.' Really?

Some battles are just not worth fighting. Take for example the Whangarie lodge that has made it clear that they do not want gay couples staying there. God alone knows why they think it may be bad for business, but nothing the gay community or those who seek a fair deal for everyone may say will make one iota of difference so they may as well just suck it up and ignore such businesses.
Why the hell would anyone gay want to stay at their establishment if they are clearly not welcome other than to prove a point that may be worth making but not fighting? There are plenty of other options available. Personally, I would find staying there totally unenjoyably anyway. Imagine them being forced by law to accept all-comers and then put up with their negativity and probable poor service.
Some battles are important and the bigger pictures are those that need fighting. Leave these ‘throwbacks’ to their own devices. They have more than likely shot themselves in the foot anyway. What goes around comes around. So, Whangarie lodge or whatever you call yourselves---stay with your prejudice and dark fears and enjoy your narrow-minded isolation. Just don’t drag (excuse the pun) the rest of us down to your level. We shall get on with enjoying life--- but not with you as part of it----simple.
Yes, the larger battle against narrow thinking and prejudice in any form continues. I don’t seek to change the minds of those that are beyond ‘change;’ there is so much else to fight out there that really matters!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

John Key---you are just a political bully! Conscience vote only on his terms!

If any National MP has a conscience then now is the time to show it and vote how they truly believe on the casino conference centre. I find it hard to believe that all of them agree with John Key's stance. The fact that he has virtually 'ordered' his MPs to back the proposal means that none of them will go against his will. He will have his way and the MPs in his caucus know that if they want a future in 'his' party then they will have to tow the line.
Don't expect a mass breaking in the ranks. If even one of the National MPs actually dares to vote against the casino plans then they will be doomed to battle for their reselection at the next election.
Will there be a Marilyn Waring?  I doubt it but will be most pleased if someone comes out of the woodwork.
If anyone needed proof that John Key is a megalomaniac in drag, then here it is. He is determined to get his policy through at all costs. The cost to him should be that NZ finally sees him for what he is--- a face that hides the truth--- He is intent on turning NZ into 'his way or the highway!
Come on Nats! There must be some of you who can live up to the much vaunted claim that your party represents 'middle New Zealand and not some fascist state! Conscience vote my ass!