Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Waipuna Hotel and Conference---nothing is too much for the staff

I am having a great time at the Guidance Counsellors Conference at the Waipuna Hotel. My mind is buzzing re the workshops I have attended. I have chosen to 'specialize in the Brain Plasticity ones and I won't even try to explain to much about that---I need to get my 'unplastic' brain around it. Suffice it to say that we do not need to accept the 'aging brain' process. It is something that can be stopped in its tracks and indeed reversed, given the right 'exercises.' That the body benefits from exercise and being treated 'right,' goes for the brain as well. Over the next few months I shall put up postings re this incredible new 'frontier of knowledge.' OK, so now I am in my room--yes I had to find out how to get in---I had forgotten about electronic keys and if you use them upside down or don't stick then in right---they don't work---yes first embarrassment! I had to get 'help.' I am a worry eh. Then came the simple task of turning the TV on because that needs to happen in order to make the computer work! OH shite--- I ad not realized that you need to stick the electronic key into the 'thingy' on the wall as you enter the room. That was fixed after I rang the front desk. OK , TV on but---I have been locked away from the modern world for too long---once again I needed to get help. I wandered off to the front desk in the belief that I could act nonchalant and get some advice re making the TV actually work with the laptop. The 'word' must have gotten around that the 'inhabitant' of room 115 is a bit of a 'throwback' to a time when such services didn't exist. The nice young man accompanied me back to my room and proceeded to try to make the 'Wi-Fi work---it wouldn't for some reason. Not my fault this time. He patiently tried many things but no---we had to try the cable way and that too didn't work. Once again, not my ignorance---the cable was faulty--so off Kahn ( the nice front desk man--who happened to have a past life in IT) went to get another cable and I spent the ensuing few minutes to start reading the book that the 'presenter' at the conference wrote--I swapped Roskill for his. Khan came back with the cable and then set about making my computer worked. It took him a while but he was determined to make things happen. I was thinking that---OMG--what about the other guests? He just plugged away at his task and finally I was online. Khan--you are legend and the hotel needs to know you are 'tops.' (Employee of the month boss!) Now, here I am, writing hits blog, wafting for dinner. yes, it's the conference dinner tonight and I didn't want to drive home after having a few drinks--so I bit the bullet and paid out for one nights accommodation. Now I can be with my friends and colleagues, enjoying the food. (Hell----wish I could have a doggie bag, cause I ain't going to be able to eat much!) I had a chance to sell Roskill here too, but so far it's only been about 6--there's always tomorrow! I don't want to totally piss off my fellow attendees, so gently it goes. Right that shower and bath look nice and I even hung my clothes up for the dinner tonight. Thanks for all the help Waipuna employees! Catch ya later!

Click on the link for the radio interview I had re Roskill