Monday, January 14, 2013

USA has plans to attack Chinese Nuclear assets--RT says this!

RT (Russian TV) is saying that the USA is planning to attack Chinese nuclear assets. I find this hard to believe and if it was true, an absolutely stupid action on the part of the USA. China and the USA are now economically connected at the hip. Why would the USA take such a damaging action; one that would place world peace at risk.

Where does RT get its information from? I see no other news outlets (So far, that is) making similar claims. For RT to make this claim is both confusing and dangerous. I am indeed looking for the USA to react to the claim and lay it to rest. Any other action is beyond even our wildest nightmares.
When RT 'explained it's headlines, it stated that the USA has laways had 'plans' to attack Chinese assets. I see their other headlines (the ones that drag accross the bottom of the screen) as alarmist and dangerous; ones that I had not associated RT with in the past. It seems that somethings never change!

Fellow hoarders---Do you find it hard ot get rid of 'stuff?'

I am pretty sure that I am not alone in the desire to ‘unclutter’ my house. It’s amazing how much ‘stuff’ one collects over the years, ranging from household goods, collectables (well you might think they are!) and old shoes. It can become so bad that the word hoarder comes to mind. Maybe I am, maybe I’m not, but I do have one huge amount of ‘stuff’ to rid myself of.

Where do I start and how do I achieve a state of blissful minimalism? Anyone who knows me will be throwing up their hands in shock. What, me getting rid of his beloved Crown Lynn amongst the other obvious junk I have collected? The latter includes the ‘As seen on TV’ rubbish, because there is not much I have purchased in that manner that is any good.

I started with the obvious and stuck it on Trade Me. Things like the bread maker went for a good price and it wasn’t so hard to rid myself of that as I won’t be eating enough bread once I am on my vastly reduced ‘intake.’ It was a bit harder to sell a really good quality Klinox pot as it had been a present for a birthday from my dear mother. I couldn’t see a use for it, so I managed to overcome the ‘nostalgia’ aspect and I believe that my Mum would have agreed with the concept of ‘decluttering.’

The next step was a little harder; going through the cupboards and giving items a ranking on my newly developed ‘if you don’t use it, then out it goes scale.’ Many items fell in the ‘out she goes rank.’ Sometimes an item would go to the ‘photographic department’ ready for imminent posting on Trade me, only to be returned to the dark spaces from whence they came; then back again. Once the ‘reserve’ had been met on Trade Me, it was ‘get over it time.’ Oh the pain!

I have a long way to go, just for the ‘stuff in the house’ division of my cluttered existence. Then it was onto the outside; you know--- the stuff in the shed. Opening the door had become a problem and OSH (out health and safety PC thingy) would not have been pleased to see me covered with all sorts of bric-a-brac as it tumbled out to meet me. I am sure if these things could speak, they would sing, ‘Please release me to a better home.’ (Sorry Engleburt or was it Tom Jones? --- probably for the spelling too).

I was amazed at the plethora of items from my past and ridiculous ability to collect useless things; useless to me of course but no to other more adventurous souls. Some of it, including shoes that had not been worn; God knows why not, but for those examples of my obsession, I thought the only way forward to ‘uncluttered Nirvana’ was to give them to hospices and the SPCA shop. Others however most definitely had a value to a mystery future owner.

Out came a ‘smoker. I had used it twice and I succeeded in setting fire to the BBQ table on which I had conducted the said operation. One does learn the hard way and I subsequently discovered that I could achieve a safer and most excellent result re smoking fish etc., by using my BBQ. Perhaps I can still sell the damaged table too.

Delving deeper into my shed, I discovered that there was a virtual treasure trove of Aladdin’s delights. I pulled out some fine examples of my past flutters with garage sales and yes, Trade Me items that I had never used. Out they came and I quickly bypassed the emotional phase I had for other more nostalgic possessions.

Where to from here? I wish to attain my spiritual breaking of the bonds by halfway through this year. I have one heck of a way to go, but at least I have started; just so long as I don’t buy more ‘stuff’ in the meantime. Maybe e there is the possibility that I am beyond redemption!