Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mayor, Len Brown is in deep trouble!

Without a doubt, Len Brown is in trouble over the ‘allegations’ that he conducted an affair with a council employee. If this had been ‘out there’ during the election campaign, there is little doubt that the final result would have been different, not necessarily re the winner but most definitely in the margin between the two main candidates.
I can see both sides of the ‘post-election’ argument. I hear the moralistic overtones and the ‘judgment’ as to Len’s character. I also understand the doubts that many people now have about Len’s suitability for this job. I ‘hear’ those who are angry that they gave their votes to someone they now see as ‘damaged goods.’ However, I have a real issue as to what is driving the clamour to have Len removed or for him to resign. There is little doubt that some of the ‘noise’ is coming from those supporting his main rival in the run for Mayor.
What gets me is that many of the ‘denigratory’ comments are coming from those who didn’t bother to vote anyway. To those in this 60%plus sector of the electorate, I say, keep your comments to yourselves. If you didn’t bother to vote then you can hardly claim the right to have your say now.
I say the main victim in this sorry saga, is the family, not the electorate. Len can do his job (and I have heard the plethora of utterances on talk back radio from those who say he can’t) regardless of his other activities. If his family ask him to resign, then fine---follow through. We have seen many leaders, in governmental positions and in private companies, transgress on moral grounds, but they still continue to deliver re their tasks. Len can do the same.
Let us not hear only from those who may have a political or moral agenda. Let us wait until Len works through this and if he arrives at a position whereby he wishes to take us back to the polls, then (apart from the expense) so be it. I hope that it does not come to this.
To his opponents who seek to gain from the sorry affair, then they should take a look at history; it does indeed repeat. If they cast their stones Len’s way, there is a strong tendency for a ‘rebound effect.’ I have a very uncomfortable feeling about what is driving some of the stridently judgmental opinions. When mud is thrown at the fan, it tends to ‘come right back at ya!’
Let us all take time to let the family come to terms with what has happened and then, go from there. Nothing is going to silence those critics of Len Brown, but hopefully we shall get the bigger picture over the next few weeks. Auckland City can wait until that has happened.