Monday, March 16, 2015

Where is Mr Putin?

While the whole world was watching the drama of NZ’s version of X Factor unfold (NOT!) and the subsequent firing of two of the judges, an important event seems to have been missing the headlines. That of course is the strange goings on in Russia and the complete absence of Putin from daily events. Normally this macho guy is on the news, lambasting the USA and anyone else who disagrees with him or he is trying to put his spin on events in Ukraine. He has a particular way of appearing shirtless, hunting or partaking in an outdoor ‘blokesy’ past-time, further endearing himself to the Russian masses (and a few overseas fans too!) who seem to love this image he projects so ‘ably.’ But this has all been missing of late, for at least 11 days and counting. The rumour machine has been very busy, projecting all manner of explanations, ranging for the absurd to the even more absurd. Abduction by aliens of course being the most possible of impossibilities. There has been a ‘love child’ mentioned and one source (the Israelis) saying that there has been a coup! I cannot remember a Russian leader who has gone completely off the radar, in the time on this earth. Even if Putin was taking some time off, he would have taken the chance to garner some publicity, in his attempts to connect with the Russian people. Something is amiss! Has he been forced from power, or died---either murdered or through an illness? Not announcing an event as suggested, can only world for a short time---before the rumour machine goes to even more giddy heights. For someone who has held power for so long; for someone who had the law changed to allow tis and for a person who ‘removes’ his opposition and controls the media so ‘effectively,’ this is all so strange. Surely he would have been able to come up with a plan to keep himself in the public’s eye; after all, each day without him ‘obviously at the helm, weakens any possible comeback. Putin has most certainly collected enemies in his rise to power and his subsequent domination of Russian politics. One of these people (those whom he hasn’t managed to expunge permanently, must have been gathering their forces for a possible overthrow of Russia’s version of a nearby leader on the Far East! In the next few days we are going to hear about his return and a reasonably believable excuse will be ‘laundered’ by the Kremlin or---Russia will announce a new leader and God knows what for the future! It may even be enough to remove The X-Factor from the headlines. I bloody hope so!