Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Spring is here----can't you tell?

I know that spring is here when Perdy decides that she will get an extra 20 minutes down at the bay. She just looks at me when I call her and she demands that I throw the ball for her to run off and return—again and again and again. She has a spring in her step and looks like those Australian Terriers that jump like a dolphin---so cute. She is full of energy and that’s saying a lot about a Jack Russell.
Just when I thought I had her sussed re returning to me, she pulls that one out of her little bag of mischief. Maybe I will need to bring extra flash ‘goodies’ to reward her when she returns, but for the moment I just better give her time she wants-----good for me too.
So enjoy spring everybody. It’s a time for renewal and recharging. Just love it.
As for Perdy--- what the hell--- we shall both enjoy the time together with all of her crazy mates down at the Bay.
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