Friday, November 28, 2014

So either 'things' have resolved re the hacking, or it's a quiet day on the 'Eastern Front!'

I have not had a repeat of the massive hits from 'Israel' (I somehow doubt that they originated there anyway, despite what the 'stats' tell me!)for the last 36 hours. Maybe the moves I took stopped that, but perhaps I should not be too confidant as you all know what a techno-deficient individual I am. Maybe I was wrong and the hits were genuine but if you saw what I did re the 'anti-Israeli' demagoguery that I witnessed, then perhaps you would have come to the same conclusion as me. OK====may peace be restored to my 'Net-world' and you all have a wonderful weekend, hopefully reading my book, ROSKILL which you can either download, or buy the hard copy, from my website. Just follow the links and don't forget to buy a copy as a present for a loved one.

John Key forgets ----again!

At what stage will voters become as bored with John Key as much as he 'forgets,' yet again? Is this a sign that he is about to be replaced or will he just disappear and the end of a few very 'unfortunate days?