Monday, August 26, 2013

I saw the surgeon today!

My visit to the surgeon was a very short one today. Usually I pay $120 but he said, he felt fraudulent taking my money so it was FREE! It seems that he was very pleased and the only thing he wants me to do is drink more water. 'Yes we can,' I said. I won't be seeing him again for another six months. I doubt that I will be losing much more weight. I am actually quite happy with the 40kgs I have lost. Now it's time to up the walking and exercise. I was also thinking that I need to start another book. I had thought that maybe I should write one using my recent journey re bariatric surgery as a base. Then I thought, 'FECK THAT!'  unless I make it a totally un-PC and over the top story. I actually need to generate a lot more sales re my other three books two, before I contemplate spending yet more on other dreams. So, if you want to see a new book, make sure you download ROSKILL.  Just go to my website and follow the link to the Amazon Kindle version. Of course you will need a Kindle or a Tablet to complete the process, which will cost you the princely sum of $US4. My other books, COASTAL YARNS and TALK TO ME will follow soon.

"I will resign if the age for 'Super' goes up," says Mr Key. Really?

Mr Dunne’s ‘flexi-super’ will let Key off the ‘wiggling’ hook! The idea that a part payment for ‘Super’ could be available to those from 60 on seems to have thrown a lifeline to John Key. Remember his statements from recent years about resigning if the ‘pension’ age went up? The roundabout solution as proposed by Peter Dunne (I am not disagreeing with the concept) is a perfect opportunity for John Key to go back on his word and he will manage to sell the idea as one that does not go against his original statement. I shall watch as he wriggles and turns in order to hide from his words. We will see more of the body language he has exhibited in the last year or so as things don’t always go his way. Watch him closely; you too will come to your own conclusions about the real John Key as he squirms his way through the next year. It is fascinating watching a politician, who was so self-assured, dropping his composure as the real questions are put to him. Time is not on his side this time!

If you are stupid enough to pay$NZ7 for one capsicum, then don't bitch about it!

Sometimes I want to be wrong---very wrong, but if reports that people are paying up to $7 for one capsicum are correct then I can only say, ‘more fool them!’ I do not feel sorry for such people. If they really want to have the delights of a fresh, green, red or whatever colour capsicum, then at least get real and go along to the markets like the Avondale or Otara markets and purchase the same item for much less.
For goodness sake---be you a restaurant owner or the ‘cook at home,’ just use whatever brains you have and adapt your menu to reflect seasonal prices and availability. If you have demanding customers, intent on having out of season produce, then they have to pay the price too.
I will on occasion buy Northern Hemisphere fruit but I fully expect to pay more. Actually if truth ‘leadeth’ the charge, haven’t you noticed that some stone fruit from the ‘North’ is often cheaper than our NZ versions, in season? Makes you wonder eh.
So, in conclusion, NZ Herald, don’t waste your space by reporting what is not actually news; it’s just page filling unnecessary crap!

Try this cheap soup---lunch or dinner.

I love making soups and this one is a variation on ones I have put up in the past. The accent is on health and being economical. First off, go and buy some bacon bones (or any shin bone). I usually make gluten-free soups so if that is an aim just don't use the pearl barley or make you own dried soup mix.  This soup made a small pot full (or a smaller slow cooker). It would serve about 4-5 normal adults. Yeah, I know, I am no longer 'normal' when it comes to eating, since the Bariatric surgery.
Here goes. Place the three bacon bones, a cup of soup mix (from the bulk bins) a cup of split peas (lentils are fine too) and any vegetables you have in the fridge. I put in a head of broccoli because it was cheap. Add some pepper, a couple of cloves and top the mixture up with water. Gently simmer for about 2 hours and then once the meat falls off the bone, turn it off and you have lunches for a few days or enough feed the family, with home made scones (Biscuits in the USA and Canada).
Optional extras: I had at tray of tomatoes I had cooked down and frozen as ice cubes. (I put in three) I made them when tomatoes were cheap and in season. I also added a clove of garlic and some dried capsicums that I had dried myself in the summer, using my fan oven on a low setting.
Nourishing, healthy and super cheap. Who needs takeaways?