Monday, April 8, 2013

I am confused by the figures put up by Google for my blogs.

So what, you say. Does it really matter? I guess not, nut it's annoying. I like to look at the hits on my blogs and the countries that are reading my blogs. Here's an example. I check and it looks like a particular blog had a total (all time) hits of 50. I check the next day and the figure changes to 46. This happens all the time. Does that mean that the figures are 'generated' in some way but do not represent 'accurate figures? Who knows. I just wish there was a way of asking but if you have tried like I have to contact Google. it's damned hard. I have been trying to get my AdSense account renewed but it appears that they have banned me for ever. Sad, because when that happened I only had 3000 hits. Now it's over 70,000, so it's not just me missing out! I do wish they would let me contact them direct. Oh well, maybe I have to blog  with another Host. It seems that these large organizations have 'all power' and no way of reasonably interacting when things go wrong. Please MR/s Google, talk to me about my concerns and not just have some 'ready prepared' answers' that just don't cut it.

Ms Krarup continues to talk CRAP!

God help Denmark if the party that Ms Krarup ever gets a real say in Government. Fortunately Danish politics is not in such a poor state that this could happen----surely. This woman continues to talk rubbish. She says that New Zealand 'free rides' on Australia in defence matters. She uses the fact that NZ and Australia cooperate in defence arrangements and that somehow this represents something negative and demeaning for NZ. She seems to be completely ignorant of the history between NZ and Australia and the shared blood we have shed over the years. Of course Australia will always ne the 'senior partner' in any defence arrangements. NZ is not as wealthy and does not and can not spend the same amount of money on defence. She absolutely got it wrong, just as she did re her ignorant comments the other day. She has also tried to appeal to 'like-minded' bottom dwellers in NZ to justify her outburst. Luckily the Danish community here and most NZers see her for what she is--- a bigoted and failed politician with no hope of ever holding the reigns of power in her country. She will still be welcome here, despite her narrow and xenophobic vision and maybe next time, she will take the time to find out about the uniqueness of what a Powhiri represents.