Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Here we go again! 200 hits from Austria.

A few months ago, I recived 2000 hits in one day from Israel. Now some of you might say---That's great--I knew it to be a scam of some sort Today I got 200 hits on my site from Austria in the space of a few minutes. Convince me that it is not something 'fishy!' I wish it was true and related to my book being purchased, but---yip I'm dreaming. www.authorneilcoleman.com

Your 'big smart TV is watching you!'

Stop right there! Put some cloths on and stop swearing at the dog, or a loved one. You may be had up for ‘unseemly’ behaviour or cruelty to your pet. You may also be giving away secrets to God knows who. It seems that smart TV’s made by Samsung have the capability to garner information about you, if you divulge anything of importance whilst parading in front of the said device. Gone are days where a person’s home is their castle, uniquely safe from intrusion or being spied upon in any manner. Of course that was a load of rubbish as we all know that various surveillance techniques have been with us for ‘yonks.’ Put aside the hype and the clarion calls from indignant libertarians and their ilk (maybe me, but not the L word!) and get to the facts. Oops, we don’t really have any because the response from Samsung has been rather limp re the real issues of ‘privacy in our homes.’ One thing we can be sure of, the methods used by lots of technology manufacturers are more than likely way above what we think of as ‘safe’ from our point of view. We have all known for ages that every call we make to a business is ‘reordered and may be used for training purposes’ Maybe we should just assume that everything we do has ‘Big Brother’ watching in one or another format. Do we accept this or is has the horse bolted? Just food for thought as you wander around the house naked or gossip in an outrageous manner to your BFFE. Take a moment—and just get on with it. I hate to think what is just around the corner re the possibilities for ‘intrusion’ into our most private place---our home!