Thursday, February 23, 2017

Roskill---a little road trip.

I should have done this a few years ago. Yes, just sitting, waiting, writing the occasional post just doesn't cut it when it comes to getting Roskill out there. I needed to do something different and that is exactly what I did today. I had laid the foundation for it yesterday---but today was the day to JUST DO IT!
Being a self-published author is a financial drain and getting any real push going for increased sales is like trying to break into a market that is made for the big boys and girls of the publishing world. I decided to make a direct approach to a couple of local book shops.
I made up a little blurb about how shops could take my book on consignment and pay only if they made any sales. I had contact details, pricing and payment method on the handout.
After my usual breakfast, courtesy of Super-Hen and her friends, I grabbed the bag of books and the blurb sheets, plonked Perdy in the back seat of the car and drove to the first drop off in Thames. Roskill is now for sale at Paper Power in the main street; not many at this stage, but one has to start somewhere.
Then, I took Perdy for a quick run in the park and headed towards Paeroa, about 28 kilometres away. I drove down the main street but damned if I could see a book shop. Oh well, I thought. Maybe I can just give one to the library. They were very pleased to receive a signed copy and they can always buy more directly from me if there is a call from library members. (Yes, people---go and ask them for a copy!) They told me about the Post Shop as being the main bookshop, so that's where I headed next.
After a short but very friendly conversation with the managers, they too took a few books on consignment.
So there we have it, folks. If you want a copy of Roskill, then head to Paper Power in Thames or the Post Shop in Paeroa. If you don't want to pay the $28 then go to your library, wherever that is and ask for Roskill by Neil CXoleman and they can always buy a copy from their suppliers. Of course, anyone wanting a copy can get it from my website as a download or hard copy from Amazon. The cheapest way is to contact me directly at If you go via the website for a download (for any of my books) just follow the links from Neils' Books.
Happy reading everyone.