Thursday, April 11, 2013

I am an MP. Thus I have achieved my goal--- you better read on!

Yes I am most definitely an MP now but I need to add a 'qualifier.' MP means 'Modified Person' in my books. Yes I have undergone a transition and reached the status of MP without even having an election or needing to join some of the 'trough dwellers' in Wellington. I do not have to build my life around the 'three year cycle' when my contract comes up for renewal. I do not have to lie and cheat and mislead in order to garner the approval of prospective voters. I do not have to be 'everybody's' man or woman in order to gain yet another three years in the sanctimonious 'corridors of power.'
I am in control of my own future as a member of the MP club and I am also open to sharing my experiences, past, present and as an unfolding future with others. There is no charge (unless you buy one of my books at and you do not need to vote for me in order to enjoy communicating with me.
Being an MP presents many challenges, but with the support of my family and friends and then some, plus my own sense of empowerment will be enough for me to survive any future storms.
Now, what shall I wear for my 'inauguration?

If you want to read my blogs about the Bariatric surgery now you may need to join mt 'Bariaitric Support group or---

Yes, I am sure that most of you are sick of seeing my blogs about how I am feeling and what have eaten or how my bodily functions are such an important aspect to my new life. OK, if you are at all curious about where I am going with this then I shall post my ravings on my home page, Facebook, Twitter and on the groups I started---Bariatric support group. I won't repeatedly post the blogs on the other groups I belong too, so if you want to see what's going on or 'not' happening, then go to my home page to access the group. Now on to my day seven post-surgery and you may wish to stop reading.
Phew, they've gone. I know that if you are still reading about my obsession with what has been the main focus of my life, then you are genuinely interested or maybe you know someone who is considering embarking on a similar 'journey. I am completely open to being contacted directly if anyone wants a chat. Just so long as you don't expect 'expert' medical advice and just want a chat, then that's OK with me. I can only talk about what led up to my decision and how I have coped with the decision to proceed, the month long 'trial by Optifast and what has happened since. Now, if you need or wish to make that contact, go through my website and follow the links to my email address,
Day 7 post-surgery has been great. I have tried to be as active as possible, because I was told to have two to three walks of about 20 minutes each day. Being at home of course stimulates Perdy, my Jack Russell into 'preforming' until I take her out. She knows all the tricks so I can't ignore her.
I am really enjoying the porridge I make each morning from Qinoa Flakes, a product that my sister put me onto. Qinoa is a ancient seed that comes from South America and as far as I know it is one of the few that has such a high protein component.
I mix about a tablespoon and a bit with boiling water until smooth then add more to make up a mixture of about two to one of water and Qinoa. I cook it in the microwave on about 30% for around 6 minutes. By the time I finish my shower it has cooked and cooled enough for me to add my favourite home cooked mixture of feijoas (from my garden) and apples, stewed without sugar, but with the addition of some cinnamon. I then add a small dollop of unsweetened yogurt. The result is a very satisfying and easy to eat breakfast.
After breakfast it is 'walking Perdy time, down at the Onehunga Bay Reserve. While I am recuperating, I don't push it too hard. Once we return I have 'quiet time' until lunch. Today I had the mix I referred to in my previous blog. I am noticing that I have visitors each day and mostly they bring their dog, so Perdy is beginning to think that the only visitors she really likes are those who are accompanied by their canine charges. Life becomes a little crazy at these times as Perdy and her friends try to take the house apart. BY the time my friends leave, I take a nap and then muck around catching up with emails, blogs and Face book. Then it's out for another walk, before checking out dinner. That now is very easy as the freezer is full of little meals. I rest again as I have noticed that I become quite tired. I still have another week off and by then it's the school holidays. My planning has really worked out well. By the time I return to work, I shall not only be significantly lighter, but also well recovered. I am missing the kids and my mates at school, but they are keeping in touch by phone, emails and texting.  Thanks heaps guys.
One last point: My sleeping has really improved. I am most thankful for that. Heck, at this rate the next thing I shall discard (along with my medications) will be my sleep machine (CPAC--or CRAP machine as some of those close to me call it. I just call it ELLE!
Right it's time for as real coffee in my coffee machine. Yes, my life is dominated by machines of various types. I found a quality supplier of good coffee beans. That is for another blog!