Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Stop lying National and Parata in particular

How dare Education Minister Parata come on TV and lie about the proposed cuts to the Special Education Schools. She tries to justify this move as being better for those who will no longer be able to attend these very effective schools. She states that consultation has taken place. If this is so and we know that she received very strong advice from those who know about the real needs of Special Schools and was clearly warned the ramifiicatons for the kids who will need to be catered for once the schools close.
Everytime she was asked a direct question, she side-stepped and arrogantly ignored the concerns of parents and professionals.
I have rarely seen such arrogance from someone who should know about the kids her Ministry serves. The real reason for these latest moves is nothing more than a cost cutting exercise. They can paint it with bright colours but the sad fact is that it is the kids and families who will suffer and in the long run, the taxpayers who will have to pick up the pieces when we see the failings that this stupid policy will cause. Damn, I am so angry I have commited heaps of typos. Well this Government certainly has not got its fingers on the pulse of the nation. I don't think we can last another two years. Too much damage will be done and too much good work undone.

While the Government cuts 'Special Schools' it allows obscene 'golden handshakes.'

Where is the fairness, rightness or even common sense in a policy that allows two ‘Special Needs Schools’ to close while heads of business, some SOEs, receive payment of $800,000 plus when their contracts end. At a time when we are struggling economically, at national level and individually, such payments are allowed.
There are many other examples, other than the one reported in the NZ Herald today. Whilst I am not advocating some radical shift in the distribution of wealth, because no country has ever been able to achieve that for any length of time in a fair way, I am saying that such payments as reported are a slap in the face to the rest of us who go about our lives in a more restrained manner.
Make no mistake about the on-going cuts in many areas of Government expenditure; they will come at a steady pace, undoing much of what has been built up over the years. At some stage, we shall realize that things have gone too far, and the cost of reinstating such services will be prohibitive. This is just an extension of the actions already taken. We are going to collectively regret such moves by this shallow, penny pinching Government. I wonder how some of their members are managing to sit with their mouths clamped; knowing that what their leaders are doing is nothing short of social vindictiveness.

USA--- It's time to look after yourself for a change.

The Big Storm has wreaked havoc on the USA. Once the waters recede and the fires are quelled, the true extent of the damage will become apparent. Then the USA needs to take stock and begin rebuilding damaged lives and infrastructure. No one should resent the fact that the USA should concentrate on itself for a change.
The USA should look at its involvement in many countries and pull back. The need at home is huge and the resources it expends on overseas ‘adventures’ is needed at home. For many USA citizens, the next few weeks are going to be tough. I know they will dig deep and pull together. Has not history shown that once challenged, the American spirit has few equals when the chips are down?
Is this not a time for a reassessment about the USA’s place in the world? Some of its massive foreign ‘aid’ package could be seen as a form of imperialism, driven by industrial and economic needs, owned by a tiny segment of the American people. Those who pay are the struggling lower and middle classes who have been duped for decades about the real intent of the backers of USA foreign policy.
Now it is time to rebalance and give back to the majority. Rebuild for American jobs and pull back from failed policies. No one thanks the USA for their ‘policing’ of the world. That job belongs to the ‘collectivity’ of nations---- the UN!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tomorrow sometime during the day or night New Zealand will reach 4,444,444 people

Fantastic figures eh!  All the 4's. Is this an auspicious number? I wonder who the lucky person will be. We are still an underpopulated nation, although some say that we are lucky. The new  New Zealander will come into a nation that is still hopeful for the futrue; a nation that cares and a nation where by hard work you can have a great life.
We have much to be thankful for but much to strive for.
Welcome NZer number 4,444,444!

Our Government is hell-bound on testing our kids more!

More and yet more ‘testing’ seems to be the catch cry from our Government when it comes to educational policy. Where do they get these ‘failed ideas’ from? If they took the time to look at results from OEDC countries they would see that such a policy is not a fruitful one, but a damaging one.
Just take a few countries for example. Maths results in the UK, USA and Finland between 2003 and 2007 show that there has been increased ‘testing’ in the first two countries and less in Finland. The results----they got worse in the UK and the USA and much improved in Finland. What can we take from this?
Simple----‘Less is more.’  Ms Parata, do some reading of such research--- not the rubbish that your lackeys serve up to you. Make a stand. Our kids will benefit and we will stop the slide in our standards.  Failed policies need to be consigned to where they belong--- the rubbish heap.
Oh------where does NZ stand on this? Why, with more testing and even more on the horizon, our standards have gone down. You could of course be cynical and say that it’s so damned cold in Finland that the kids love to be inside and working hard with their teachers! Yeah right.

Monday, October 29, 2012

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The USA braces itself yet again for a superstorm.

The spectre of a huge storm about to lash and inundate the low lying areas of New York is being touted as the worst storm for two generations. Did not something similar a year or two ago? The media always takes every chance to cover such events and one has the feeling that they are doing more than satisfying a public safety demand. There is almost an air of disappointment when predictions are not realized.
Despite all of the dire warnings about the magnitude and danger of this nasty freak of nature (or is it something that we must expect with Global Warming?) we will see the usual idiots who choose to ‘go down to t sea to watch,’ or to stay in their homes to battle it out. That these people do this really annoys me, because they put at risk the lives of those charged with rescuing them when the inevitable happens. This phenomenon is not restricted to the USA of course. We see twits here in New Zealand replicating those dumb ass and selfish actions.
At least the two Presidential candidates (yes, I know there are other contenders, but you wouldn’t know it from US media sources) are not making political capital out of the emerging scenario; indeed they are both being ‘sublimely Presidential. Some say that Obama can only gain by acting decisively and not repeating the mistakes of ex-President Bush who was most tardy in his response when ‘Katrina’ attacked New Orleans.
Lives may be lost and the economic costs will be huge when Hurricane Sandy meets up with the two land-based storms. One cannot help but ask—‘is this going to be a common occurrence under the new order of Global Warming? Will we still burry our heads in the sand and ignore Mother Nature’s protestations about how we are treating her domain---the earth?
Stay safe my American friends. I shall watch from afar and ‘will’ the storm to head back out to sea.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Synthetic cannabis manufacturers and purveyors should be---

It is becoming increasingly obvious that products that go loosely under the name of ‘synthetic cannabis’ are harmful. There are disturbing reports coming out of our A and an E department about the short term affects and from those who work with clients who have used these products on a long term.  Knowing this just adds weight to recent moves by the Government to make such products either illegal or difficult to gain access to the legal market.’
I think it is time to stop pussy footing around by passing legislation to make all of these products illegal and to close down the outlets who sell them. I am well aware that we could make the same claim for tobacco and alcohol, but that is just a smokescreen to hide behind.
The claim in the Herald today that the manufacturers and sellers of these products are aware of the harmful effects of ‘synthetic cannabis’ but continue to push their products just makes the issue even more important to address. They are taking the same ‘immoral ground’ that suppliers of other harmful products make. Maybe we need a few ‘heavy lawsuits’ against them. They do not have the huge amounts of money behind them that the tobacco and alcohol giants possess, so possibly they could be dealt a ‘death blow’ to knock them out.
Of course, I am dreaming. We know that other products will emerge to take the place of today’s nasty products. It is a never ending battle.

I wanna house! I want it now!

Such is the clarion call from those frustrated Aucklanders (and some other NZers) who want a home but cannot even save for a reasonable deposit, never lone paying the huge mortgage. I am not talking elite homes either here; just a normal three bedroom home in an average suburb.
Probably on the same day a headline will be observed quoting the prices of houses in the towns and secondary cities of New Zealand. Great, you say---why don’t these home seekers move to these towns? ‘We would,’ they reply, ‘but where are the jobs?’
Fair point, so they stay in Auckland, struggling to pay the ever increasing rents and attempting to save for the home that is fast sailing into the distant; never to be achieved.
What can we do as a nation? We can’t even keep up with the housing pressures in Auckland, even if people could afford them. Apparently we need to build 10,000 new homes every year just to tread water as it were, so all the possible new moves by the Government are most likely going to add up to diddly squat.
Are we going to hear the cry for ‘regional development again? Are we going to come up with new solutions whereby people receive help to move and firms become eligible for tax breaks if they make the move to the regions? Some of these things have been mooted in the past, but always being dropped as the financial costs scared the politicians away or the government proposing such policies gets turfed out of office.
Is not this whole issue one that needs a bi-partisan approach? Hell no---- they can’t seem to agree on other issues facing the nation like our bourgeoning need to have an across party policy on retirement, so the chances of any real sense being talked on housing, regional development and the subsequent new jobs, is just going to be ‘pie in the sky’ stuff.
If you are young and wish to own your own home, forget it, unless you are prepared to think outside the square and encourage the political parties to join you. It is going to take a major event that imposes new solutions---an event that overseas, like warfare, increased terrorism or some sort of terrible climatic change.
Why wait for that to happen? Come-on politicians--- get off your butts and talk to one another without point scoring. We cannot let our problems just slip to future generations.

New Zealand's Got Talent---you better believe it!

For ALL of my overseas readers, go to UTube and stick in New Zealands Got Talent and I am sure you will agree. Check it out. Makes me so proud to be a Kiwi.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

USA--the two party state? You have quite a connundrum.

The USA holds itself up as a paragon of virtue when it comes to defending the right of countries to have a democratic system of government. It goes way beyond its borders to promulgate that right for other countries perceived as been less than perfect, or to put it more bluntly, are run by despotic regimes. Hell, the USA even went as far as destabilizing a democratically elected leftist government in Chile back in the 70’s. What the hell was the USA defending then; other than the fear that another near communist nation would take hold in the ‘America?’
Of course it is less than about democracy and more about hegemony; oil, trade and other influence that are the real driving forces. The ‘fight for democracy’ is nothing more than a convenient mirage behind which the real more sinister agenda hides.
No country can hold itself up as a beacon of freedom and democracy in its purest form. It simply does not exist. The fact is; that the USA is a two party state; with tweedle dum and tweedle dee as the two main presenters. Very few people for example would even know that there are more than two contenders in the upcoming presidential election. The fact that the Greens have a candidate or the Libertarians amongst others goes under the mainstream media circus.
I had to learn about the ‘others’ through Russian TV (RTV). Before Russia gets all excited about having a free media outlet, don’t forget that it is easy for them to allow open criticism of the USA and the Western media in general. That so-called freedom is one that is Putin-sanctioned, in that it is convenient for him and allow him to hold up Russia as the real purveyors of free speech. Tell that to the demonstrators who fill the streets on various issues, ranging from the Pussy Riot furore through to other issues facing the vast majority of people in Russia.
My point? --- Freedom is but a word. Democracy is something to hold as a right but one that is easily eroded. In New Zealand, we are only marginally better and that is more about our size---we ‘know’ our politicians. They are the guy or woman next door. We can kick them out quite easily.
My final point----- How many of the citizens in the USA and other countries actually take place in the democratic process? How many register to vote and follow through? I know that fewer than 40% of the people in the USA are disenfranchised. They do that to themselves; by choosing not to take part. Their reasons range from distrust of the system to being genuinely disenfranchised. So this election is one whereby one of the candidates (not from third parties) will be elected by a minority of those eligible to vote.
Get out and vote, Americans and look for that third party candidate on the ballot. Ooops, that may mean splitting the vote and letting in a President who has some pretty wacky beliefs. How are you to know whether he is able to separate Church from State?


What a nice surprise to see Albania reading my blogs. I'd love to know more about your country. Welcome.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Good move Tariana----be inclusive

Today The Herald reported that Tariana Turia is calling for Pakeha to become members of the Maori Party. This is itself is a call that has been long overdue. Many Pakeha probably feel ‘threatened’ by the spectre of the Māori Party making policies that may have been perceived to be anti-Pakeha. I do not necessarily see it that way, but perceptions are important.
For years Tariana has been making announcements, along with her co-leader and other members that most definitely tweak the collective consciences of many New Zealanders. These pronouncements have been challenging for many other NZers to say the least.
What’s happened, Tariana? Is this a genuine move or is it purely political and based on the need to garner more Pakeha votes?  To be fair, I must say that Tariana has softened her approach of late and this latest move does not really surprise me. I have always liked her motherly approach—sort of like Mother Gaia, from the Greens---you remember that lovely ex co-leader.
I think back to that famous phrase that ‘we are one people’ and wonder if this move is one that lends weight to that claim. We are actually ‘many people’ but Maori have a special position in this country. Their sad demise, due to past colonial policies is historic fact. I understand that many hold grievances for past deeds, imposed on them. Perhaps Tariana’s words are ones of hope in our continued shared journey towards a happier nation. I shall watch with interest.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I hope the Australians bring their troops back from Afghanistan too!

I wish the Aussies could bring back their troops from Afghanistan, just like NZ is about to do. The Aussies have lost lives there too; just like the troops and construction teams from other countries.
We all know that the Taliban will return and unless the people of Afghanistan call upon their Muslim neighbours to help prevent that happening, then history has told us that no amount of meddling from the West or the Russians (under the guise of the former Soviet Empire) will result in victory.
I would accept our involvement under the flag of a UN team that included a massive contribution from oil rich Arab countries. I would also hope that the Aussies bring back the translators and their families who have been so loyal to their troops, endangering the lives of their families.
My hope is that the Talban evolves into a more benign force but unlike the Vietnamese Communist who have shown a more pragmatic approach, the Taliban are driven by extreme fundamentalist dogma, more like that which resulted in the slaughter we witnessed in Cambodia. It took a powerful neighbour to knock that group off their pedestals. It is not the West that can achieve the same in Afghanistan--- we are not wanted there. The solution has to be found from within and from the region itself. Our part is to support that process. If and only when the situation is safe, should we send in construction teams.
Bring your men and women back Australia.

I didn't want our troops in Afghanistan--but bring back the interpreters!

There would be a good deal of disagreement amongst New Zealanders about the merits of whether our troops should be Afghanistan, fighting what I believe is an unwinnable war. We just don’t learn from history and keep making the same mistakes and for those who think we could ever win---read your history books!
Having said that, I feel deeply for the children and women of Afghanistan as they face the prospect of the return of the Taliban, an evil, medieval throwback. That they use religion as justification for their actions makes a mockery of the religion they purport to hold so close to their bloodless hearts. The Muslim world needs to play a far bigger role in the fight to find peace in Afghanistan; perhaps a contraction in terms.
There is another group in Afghanistan who has worked tirelessly beside NZ troops. They are the translators who have risked the lives of themselves and their families by being so closely involved with our troops.
Tonight we have heard that 26 translators and hopefully their families will be allowed to come to New Zealand. They have earned their place and I applaud the decision of the Government in making this move. Come and enjoy the peace that your own country has been unable to provide. From what I have seen of your fellow Afghanis who have chosen to come here, you will do well and contribute to NZ society. That you could not find those opportunities in your own country is sad. Welcome to your new home.

Herbalife--I don't know what to call this blog!

I didn’t really know what to call this blog. Maybe I should have called it ‘Fat Bugger 10---or is it 11. Either way it is in the same context as the other ‘Fat Bugger’blogs I have written. It is about me and my attempts to get to a healthy weight, without resorting to drastic surgery. I am too old to qualify for the free hospital option----that’s for people under 50 and I am way past that.
So I try to walk my weight off and watch what I eat. The trouble is I watch the food and then eat it. You have all heard the silly ‘sea food diet joke (not). I won’t repeat it here.
I have tried them all and I have come to the conclusion that diets don’t work for the vast majority of people. Yes, they lose weight, quite fast in many cases, but nearly all of them (that means me) out it back on and then some. The so-called yoyo dieting thing is not good for us.
It’s about lifestyle you say. Of course it is but just calling a diet lifestyle and then been attacked by your own body’s reactions to a diet don’t work for most people either. What am I going to do? OK, I have settled for a bit of a compromise. My partner is setting up a website whereby he can sell the Herbalife products.  Once it’s up and running I shall provide a link to his website. You can be anywhere in the world to access the products.
Normally when someone like me espouses the effectiveness of a certain product, they sing the praises of that product. I am not going to do that. I shall simply report on what I have found. I am not going to do the whole programme. Each of us is different and I shall take what I know about myself and do my own thing.
There is no way that I could stick to the complete programme. Separating me from real food is never going to work, so what I shall do is replace my midday meal or sometimes breakfast with the drink that Herbalite provides. I can see that it has all of the nutrients that I need, so that in itself is a good thing. If I take it in the middle of the day, when I am busy, I won’t be so tempted to add- on other food.
I shall do this for the remainder of the school year and tell you what happens. In the meantime I shall try to watch what I eat in the way of portion size and also continue to walk my Jack Russell. Hell, just watching her burns off calories.
If I cheat I shall tell you. Let’s see what happens AND IF I HAVE LOST WEIGHT I SHALL REVIEW WHERE TO GO FROM HERE.
I just had the first drink and I definitely feel full.  Over to me now I guess. So, this is not an advert. It is me reporting on what I find.

We should heed the words of the Russian opposition parties.

There is absolutely no doubt that we are witnessing the dismantling of freedom in Russia. The Russian Opposition parties in their parliament are calling for support and warning Putin’s cronies that they will call for a ‘freezing of Russian Assets in the West if the said Government does not stop the repression of dissent.
Make no mistake; if the current trend continues in Russia, we are witnessing a return to the bad old days, when freedom was but a word in the dictionary. Maybe the new Tsar will even expunge that word. Has everything that happened since the fall of the Soviet Union been in vain? Are we seeing   the rise of a new despot? Yes, we see the odd news report of dissenting protesters, but the vast majority of Russian people either don’t care (sounds a bit like the situation in the USA, where many don’t even bother to vote) or are too scared to vent their real feelings.
Perhaps the struggle to put bread on the table takes all their energy. After all, despite the fact that there is a large middle class in the new Russia, there are still many who have not been able to claim a stake on the new Russia.
The events in modern Russia serve as a warning to all who love freedom, that it is not to be taken for granted, even here in New Zealand.

Tax payers pay for cothing our job seekers!

I suspect that the report in today’s Herald about the WINZ (in other words, us, the tax payers) paying for prospective job seekers purchasing suitable clothing for an interview will bring some pretty angry responses.
Well I say-- good on WINZ for doing that. Would those who object be quite happy to keep paying for those very same people to continue to draw the dole? It’s not as if they are buying flash high-end label clothing. One can hardly call Hallensteins or Glassons high fashion. Those companies represent good no-nonsense clothing--- the sort that most of us wear.
Do not forget that our Social Services sector is there to give a ‘hand up’ when needed, so this is not about a hand-out; it has a real purpose---to support someone trying to better themselves. Their wardrobes may look a bit like mine, but then, I don’t give a toss about fashion. If I had an interview though, I may want to tart up my appearance.
Good on you WINZ— money well spent.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rodney Hyde loves Len Brown,

I almost had a giggling fit when I read today’s Herald. Rodney Hyde, the former leader of the Act Party and the former Minister behind the ‘Super City’ concept, wrote an article praising Len Brown. OMG---- the ‘Right’ embracing the ‘Left?’ We have seen some might strange ‘bed-fellows’ in the past, but this really takes the cake. What next?
Perhaps Winston and the Greens will ‘strike up a pose,’ or Hone Harawira will invite John Key for a cup of tea and deliberately make sure that the cameras and tape recorders are present. I mean, Hone has the capacity to enlighten us on all sorts of issues, sometimes even surprising me.
OK, back to Rodney and Len. Rodney says that Len Brown actually gets it re the future planning of Auckland. He says that Len has vision. Oh stop---I can’t take any more. Surely Rodney’s words are just a ploy. Is he being cynical? Damn--- I swear the words look genuine. Are we in for some honest non-political back slapping ‘matesmanhip’ as it was meant to be portrayed?
I’m struggling people. I just didn’t expect this. Wait--- I’ve got it! Rodney is positioning himself for a major comeback and this latest effort is just the start of what we may see much more of-----‘neo-collaboration, sneaky accommodation and a little bit of  kiss kiss honesty.’
Bet you are confused now.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Corned beef in a crock-pot or slow-cooker.

I just loved a well-flavoured corned beef or silverside cooked in a crock-pot or slow-cooker. Here’s a recipe that uses up those remnants of bottles of various success you have in the fridge----you know the one’s that you get from the food shows and others you have only used a few times. It is so easy to have a fridge-full of them. Out I say--- out with them (so you can buy more!). This recipe is therefor quite cheap.
Buy your corned beef. I always wait until there’s a sale. Make sure it’s not too big for your pot. Place the corned beef in the sink and pour a large kettle of boiling water over it. This gets that yucky fat off and makes for a cleaner finish to the meat.
Boil the kettle again. That cuts down the cooking time if you wish. Chop an onion (don’t peel it) and any other veggies in your fridge, like celery and carrots. You are not going to eat them so just use up the oldies. Now, go explore your fridge for any of those sauces and bottles. Mix them up. I used a Moroccan sauce with lemon, pepper and cumin. I didn’t like it on chicken, but I loved the end result this time. If you have anything with chilli in it, go for it, but watch the heat for the kids. Almost anything works, because you dilute it when you add the second kettle of boiling water. Just cover the meat.
Turn the temperature to high and turn it down once it is simmering. I cooked mine for about 6 hours. You can tell when it’s cooked when a knife goes easily into the meat.
Once cooked, take it out and wrap in tinfoil to ‘rest.’
Yummy with a mash of potatoes with carrots and butter, salt and pepper. Any green works too.
Enjoy and the next day it tastes even better.

When Perdy says, 'NO!' I know it's a crap of a day.

I know Perdy is growing up when even she says, ‘No!—I ain’t going out in that. I cannot remember the last time Perdy decided to head on back to the car and actually wait for me to open the door so she could get out of the rain. I often tell my mates that I take Perdy out, come rain, shine, hail and snow (OK it doesn’t snow in Auckland---despite some wannabe will tell you) or I suffer the consequences. Off we go, to our favourite haunt, the location of my book ‘Talk To Me,’ the Onehunga Lagoon, Bay; I seem to be quite loose in my description, and even though her enthusiastic whimperings drove me nuts as usual, I let her out and off she went. Her little bum receded into the distance as she bounced along the sand and rocks.
I threw the ball and she then did her usual. She dropped it; I took note, because I am sick of replacing them just because she forgets where she placed them while she attends to more ‘important’ business. Perdy’s a shy girl when she does her business. I love those little glances she sends my way as if to say---‘well you don’t let me watch you!’ Course not, silly girl. You are not allowed done the hall way.
Once her duties are complete, she gives that little kick of her back legs and I go to try and find the doings. (OMG----too much information?) I call her, reminding her to ‘Get the ball!’ She complies and dolphins her way back to where I am standing, trying to ignore the looks that a group of runners shoot at me. I know they are thinking something like---‘Run yourself, you fat bastard and you wouldn’t’ be.’ Well, I never---how dare them-----Ooops, assumptions made on the hoof can be misleading. They were probably just thinking that Perdy and I were mad, because the rain was starting to right on piss down. My ‘water-proof’ jacket was not living up to its name. Damn it--- I could feel seepage.
Perdy looked up at me. She was drenched and it was feeling like winter all over again. I said, ‘Car?’ She said with her feet what I wanted to do. She ran back to the car and was waiting while I plodded on over. I opened the door and all I need to say is ‘Bloody perfect girl; we are on the same wavelength, finally.’

Friday, October 19, 2012

The 'third choice,' in the USA Election?---the Greens

The USA is often held up as a shining example for the democratic process. If that is so, then surely any candidate for the Presidency should be able to get wide exposure in the run-up to the election.
I was quite surprised today to hear that the Greens in the USA have what could be described as a ‘credible’ candidate. Why was it then, that I only find this out by seeing a news segment on RT? (Russian TV)
I guess it’s a case of the old-boy network, and I include the Democrats in this unholy alliance. The two ‘big boys’ have got it all sewn up. Add in mainstream media and you can see why the Greens completely lack the means to get their message across.
Am I correct in assuming that the Greens are labelled as ‘loonies’ much as they are in New Zealand and Australia? The difference may be that ion both countries the Greens, along with other smaller parties are guaranteed a certain amount of free time on TV, according to the proportion of the votes they gained at the last election. In this way we are able to hear the voices of the ‘alternates,’ albeit it in fairly small doses.
Maybe the USA should become more open to these possibilities and not leave everything up to the old, tired and clichéd clique with their ‘here we go again’ polices. The USA is in need of a ‘shot of new blood.
Thank you RT---once again. But---don’t get too proud---you are no doubt under the influence of Uncle Putin!

Manuka Honey---I want what I pay for, nothing more, nothing less!

New Zealand’s Manukau honey is well known far beyond our beautiful shores and it has been lauded as being a clever little ‘healer’ for a range of conditions. It is expensive so most of us don’t slaver it all over out hot buttered toast in the morning. We may add a smallish teaspoon to a hot lemon drink when we have a sore throat though.
Today we hear that a study has identified that we may not be getting everything that is claimed on the bottles. To be fair, it must be difficult to be able to make a claim that their bottle, jar or any other container contains nothing but Manuka honey. Well, the manufacturer can’t make that claim with certainty because his or her little bees have a ‘wandering’ habit that means they visit other plants in the collection area then don’t make the claim.
Some of the products that were tested at the University (Lincoln) came out as pristine and accurate in their claims and it is a pity that these products were not named. The industry and lawmakers must sort out this issue, or New Zealand exporters will suffer and the public of NZ will have little confidence that their jars of gold are the miracle workers that they claim to be. Come on, you lot---until you fix this, we will turn to other healthy alternatives.
PS. I expect the industry will come out batting for their cause and we will all be in a position to not know who to believe.

If youhtink you are a good proof reader, then join my little group.

I do not purport to be a quality writer. I reckon I can tell a good yarn or two, but the actual craftsmanship behind the story; the accuracy in writing that includes good typing grammar and spelling, along with formatting are quite beyond me. Well lacking in those skills never stopped good books from being written.
Thus my cheeky idea. I have given a few of the first printings of my books to friends and colleagues and asked them to underline or circle any obvious mistakes. Wouldn’t you know it?  Even after editing, they still find many mistakes or simple typos and formatting glitches. They give me back the book and I send it to my printer, who then makes the changes on my files and send the book back. I then get another person to have a read and they do the same exercise, in a different colour--- the process repeats and theoretically, after about five steps, my books are ‘presentable.’
My invite is to join this little group and you get a free ‘cleanish’ book. Hell, it’s Xmas soon, so maybe I can chuck in another of my books as extra incentive.
Any takers? Contact me through my website----follow the links.
Yeah, I know--- I’m a cheeky Kiwi.

Don't shut all the Terminal Kiosks, Mr Key. They could be--useful!

I’ve had a thoroughly incredible idea, Maybe it’s a brain fart, but let’s try it out. The news keeps coming about yet more computer terminals placed in Government service offices being ‘compromised.’ What that means is that some twerp manages to log on, hack, break in; call it what you like, but the end result is some poor bugger’s ‘private’ details being out there for all and sundry to peruse.
We as citizens don’t seem to be getting through to the government, our collective disgust at some of their policies. I’m talking about asset sales, school closures, League Tables (I’m not talking about sports here folks) to name a few of the issues. Well if the buggers won’t listen to our united voices, then lets all hack into National Party Headquarters, from one of the terminals placed so conveniently for us and get their policy changed. It can’t be that difficult and the government can claim that the Labour Party hacks did the hacking.
The government won’t suspect a thing and they will merely amend their policy and claim it was all just a bad dream.
See, life ain’t such a bitch after all eh!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Goodbye Pork Pie--James Cook HIgh School style!

The Mean machine before the class 'pork pies' it.

Goodbye Pork Pie, James Cook High School style.
The students in James Cook High School excel in many areas, ranging from academic performance to sports, music and dance. Top study awards are going to some those students who work hard. For the most diligent students who achieve academically, there is help available so that they can continue to build on their successes. Of course, we would love to see more help from companies and other support structures to build on this progress.
For those who excell at sports It is not a ‘pie in the sky’ dream  anymore for them to aim for placement in regional, national and even Australian sports teams, as members of development squads or junior selections.
I remember students coming to see me in the past (in my role as counsellor), talking about becoming ‘professional’ sportspeople and wondering if they would make it. What I am noticing now is that they have the dreams and are already on the road to success by being selected for some of these development squads.
Our students love to dance and sing. Some are getting recognition for that. I am not just talking about James Cook High here, but many schools in the ‘South,’ where students are achieving at a high level on the international scene. Hop-Hop dancing comes to mind here.
The Students and Staff at James Cook High School are shining in another area too. They are involved in a project that will see a re-enactment of the journey made by the famous yellow Mini from the film, Goodbye Pork Pie.
The schools Caretaker, goes way beyond his job description in this latest venture. A clapped-out Mini has been purchased for $500 and the students in the Technology Department, along with Cameron (the Caretaker), Stephen Shand and Richard Wood (Teachers) are doing a major fix-up. They are giving this ‘ugly at the moment' car the 'Full Monty.' Yes, they are stripping it down and will transform the beast into ‘a time-gone-by' apparition.
PPG, a local auto painting company are training the students in the skills needed to make the car shine, bringing it to a pristine finish.  What better way is there to involve the students in the world of real learning? The cross-curricular possibilities are huge here; something the school’s new principal is particularly keen to explore.
In the next month or so, this car will be readied for a re-enactment of the journey that the original car made so many years ago in the film that made it famous. Money will be raised for Leukaemia research.
The students are transfixed by the project. I am hearing that they are arriving home, tired but incredibly switched on. They are learning a range of real skills by being involved in this work. Just think of the ‘parallel’ learning that is being achieved, using mathematical, practical skills and a smattering of science. Then, there’s the working in a team and the huge amount of pride that goes along with success.
Look out for a new-looking Mini travelling the streets of Manurewa; once of course the car gets its necessary documentation. The kids will have driving licenses too!
Watch this space for more reports on our big project. Yeah, our school rocks, along with our brother and sister schools in the South.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My books are now with some distributors.

If you want to read my books, don't forget to check out your local library, especially if you are in NZ and Australia. Go to my website for the titles and ISBN numbers. Then request the books. If they don't know, just ask them to Google them or to look at my website.
Things are starting to happen....?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Yellow Submarine---no---a Jack Russell!

No, I am not smashed, high or in any other altered state. I am sure you all know about yellow submarines, but less of you would be familiar with yellow Jack Russells. It does not mean I am about to describe a new breed of Jack Russell but I am going to tell you a tale.
Yesterday was my first day back at school for the last term (Yippee). This entails Perdy being back on her own for the day. I may bring her to work for the occasional treat but she’s actually fine at home now. However when I do arrive back after work she is like a wound up spring, ready to unleash all sorts of horrors on the unprepared. I of course am prepared.
I’m out of my car and inside while she runs around like a demonic hairy ball, jumping at my legs, propelling me towards the toilet---yeah she seems to know the pattern. Then she lurches onto the couch waiting for me to gather the necessaries. That means her ‘rewards’ and anything else I may need, like my so-called weather-proof coat (that’s another story).
Perdy stands on the top of the couch facing the door in readiness for me to pick her up and move on out to the car. Her tail assails me relentlessly and her whimperings begin. All the way down to the Bay she alters between running from side to side of the back seat (she is restrained, otherwise she is quite capable of placing herself on the windowsill of the front of the car) and watching traffic and dogs on the footpath.
By the time we arrive in the car park, she is at fever pitch. Out she jumps, once I release her and she shoots across the sand, casting her backward glances to see if I have unleashed the orange ball. It bounces; sometimes just in front of her and her little body contorts in mid-air as she tries to gather it in. She is often successful at catching it before it commences a bounce that mirrors her pent-up energy.
After about three throws, she heads off into the grassy part of the park. She likes her privacy when she needs the toilet. Luckily for me, that means she goes way off the beaten track. Unfortunately, that means dropping the ball somewhere along the way as nature’s calls and demands total attention. Yeah—sometimes she forgets where she dropped the ball and at about $12 a piece, I don’t like her losing them.
Today’s excursion took on an unfortunate twist. She couldn’t find the ball even though I exhorted her to try harder. I’ll give her credit---she doesn’t easily give in. She circles, runs in grid patterns and noses the ground. She didn’t find her ball, but she did manage to find something exciting---for her.
When she appeared back at my side, having given in, she was a changed Jack Russell. I have never seen one like her in the literature. My God---evolution is a wonderful thing, when achieved at breakneck pace. The white was heavily disguised and the black dots all but gone. Perdy was a ‘changeling’----she was yellow. Then it hit me---- the stink! ----Imagine falling into a vat filled with rotten fish and other decaying matter. Multiply the effect and add on a memory of a truly revolting smell--- the kind that you would rather forget.
I could smell Perdy from five plus metres away. Action time! The tide was going out rapidly and I needed to get the miscreant yellow creature into the tide fast. I threw the spare ball into the water and she retrieved it. She was still yellow. I threw the ball out further, risking the possibility of the ball going out under the motorway, hopefully not with Perdy.
She was still yellow and the stink was undiminished. What to do? I resigned myself into continuing the walk and hoping that she would roll in the clean grass and take the evil smell and yellowing filth away. We met two of our friends who had arrived earlier. They took one look at Perdy and told me that one of their dogs had found the same pile of---whatever it was. Our theory was that a dog had found some rotting stuff, probably of a fishy nature and then thrown up. Perdy and the other dogs had found that and rolled themselves silly in it.
I made Perdy jump into the receding tide several times and encouraged her to stay well away from me. It all made little difference. There was only one solution. Bath night Perdy! The other walker shad gone and I made my way towards the car park. Perdy did her usual sniffing down holes, hoping to discover a rat. Hell, any rat would have been very safe. The stink would have warned of Perdy’s presence from many meters away.
I opened the door and for once, Perdy just jumped in. As far as she was concerned, she had Channel No5 on.  I decided that I needed a good pet shampoo. Off to the Pet Shop. I came out with a shampoo and a herbal soap. The drive home was like a journey that couldn’t end quickly enough for me. No stopping at the shop for an ice block! As soon as I arrived home, I put her lead on and took her to the bathroom. Perdy quite likes baths so that was no big deal. I washed her thoroughly----once with the shampoo and then again with the soap.
She stood calmly while I blow-dried her. Then it was that crazy thing dogs do when they have had a bath. She ran like a Jack Russell---around and around. I’m sure she felt good. But--- there was still a lingering stink. My partner came home and insisted on repeating the whole process. Perdy had another bath. It was then that we realized that she had inadvertently passed the stink to me. It had somehow transferred as I was bathing her. Off came my clothes and into the washing they went.
Yuck----and guess what. The trip to work the next morning was so bad; the smell was still in my car. I think we shall be going to the Car wash to get an insider-job done this weekend.
Yellow dogs are not my cup of tea!

David Shearer has been criticized because he is not a muck-raker.

Such a label is not one that David should worry about. There are enough muck-rakers in Parliament from all parties. One would hope that the ‘alternate government leader’ would present with a little more dignity and in that sense, the Leader of the Opposition has done just that.
Calls for him to take a firmer stand over the Kim. DotCom affair should remain just that---calls which can be ignored. We don’t need him involved other than at a support level for his henchmen who are more than capable of taking it to the Government.
If David Shearer has anything to contribute on the above matter, he should keep it to issues that the sorry sage brought to light---that is the position and actions our security services have taken. There is enough ugly debate out there that threatens to take the lime-light off more important issues, like unemployment, Foreign Policy just to mention two.
We have seen fractious and nasty leaders in the past, and going back to behaviours that belong elsewhere will do nothing for NZ politics.
So David, yes you need a higher profile, but not at the expense of decency and providing a credible choice for us in 2014.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

40,000---I want a million!

 am very happy with the number if hits on my blogs, but that one million is way into the future. The number of countries is incrfeasing too. How about South Africa joins eh. Now i just wish it would translate into book sales.  

Are secondary students going back to school with a feeling of hope?

Some may be, but I question that hope by saying that all the move to youth wages will do is shift those looking for work back onto the older workers as they lose their jobs to cheaper workers. The latest move by the Government is a cynical ploy to remove young people from the dole figures. Where are the jobs going to be coming from?

There is nothing new about this new policy. I see people quoting figures from before 2008, but they neglect to tell us about the consequent figures for those older than 50 who were unemployed. Playing with the 'deck chairs' is nothing more than 'Titanic politics.'

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Columbus in Onehuga has changed hands---is it as good?

I think that you can say that with the Columbus franchise you can guarantee that that you will get a good value meal or snack. The Columbus café in Onehunga always was good, with a hardworking and friendly staff. I noticed a few weeks ago that the personal were different. I don’t know when the ownership changed; it could have happened ages ago for all I know.
Today, it was a bit windy and cold, so we decided to have a brunch at a cafe that has a nice sheltered décor, in other words inside. That meant of course I couldn’t take Perdy---she’s fine in the outside back part at Columbus on a nice day.
Now, to the main point---is Columbus in Onehunga as good as it was. In short, yes, it is. The choice of food is always good at all Columbus establishments, so I guess there is a fairly standard menu. It did feel like there were a few additions, and if they were unique, then good on them. We both enjoyed our food although there was a slight muck-up, possibly through our lack of being clear about the gluten free toast (I got it and didn’t notice, while my companion missed out). What stood out was the length the staff went to fix the problem. They brought some gluten free toast and didn’t charge the extra they could have.
Onehunga is a fabulous place to search out a café for the weekend breakfast as there is so much choice. There are maybe ten to choose from and its growing. Columbus is a choice that you should never regret. Well done!

You get what you pay for---generally.

I am sure many of us have been ‘guilty’ of grabbing a bargain when we can. There are lots of them out there and the big retail chains are very good at sucking us into their shops. You have all seen the signs---“50%-70% off.” Off we go with our credit cards warming in our wallets. We have forgotten the warnings from the various watchdogs (e.g. Consumer magazine) who tell us that some of these claims are spurious to say the least. What’s that you say? Give us an example.
OK, off I go to a nearby well-known house ware and goodies store. It has been in the news quite a bit for misleading advertising. I won’t name it in case they come and chase me. I was looking for a decent umbrella or shade device to protect me from the hot sun, especially in the summer.
The store was busy and as usual it was quite difficult to find anyone who could help with ‘expert’ advice. Perhaps the reason for the much reduced prices is that the store makes savings by having very few staff. Add on the fact that most of their merchandise is made in China and the mark-ups are actually huge, so there is a great deal of leeway when it comes to pricing.
There were a few umbrellas but what caught my eye was a one where it swung out and made for easy arrangement of deck furniture. Can’t you feel a Titanic statement coming on here? The price! Wow! --- $79 down from nearly $400. I just had to have it. I paid for delivery and shot off home. As it turned out a few days later it had still not arrived. They had stuffed up the order. Don’t go thinking that just because you have paid for it and you have seen them write down the facts as needed, that you will have a seamless business deal. Eventually it arrived.
I so wish that I had kept the receipt. As I often do, I lose it---- yip that’s my fault. It could have given me the facility to get a refund or a new umbrella. In barley a week it had come away from the top, meaning that it was more difficult to run out and I had to work my own little miracle just to make it sort of work.
Now looking back, I wish even more that I had done what I should have---taken the bloody thing back and throwing it on the floor in a fit of rage. Some ion my family could have manage that, albeit it in a ‘polite’ fashion. Looking back I have to say that this umbrella was the biggest piece of shite I have ever seen. If the wind was more than a gentle Zephyr, I had to quickly take kit down, because I could tell that it would disintegrate and [possibly end up in the next suburb. The said device now has pride of place, ripped and broken to shreds, on top of my shed, awaiting the next Council collection.
The moral of my little ditty---‘You usually do get what you pay for.’ I shall go out and seek a quality product and know that it will last more than a portion of one season. Any suggestions?

Friday, October 12, 2012

Frankfurt Book Fare--I should have been there!

The Frankfurt Book Fare was a highlight for me last year, when Coastal yarns was exhibited. Unfortunately I could get Roskill there this year because I just didn’t have the time to get the book re-edited and issued with the ISBN number. I have learnt a huge amount about the hard world of self-publishing, so at least I have that to be thankful for.
The road will still be rocky, but with luck hard work and sheer bloody mindedness, I shall be there next year with ‘Talk To Me and maybe the first part of Sons Of Orpheus. Thanks to all those people who are helping me and for not tiring of my in-your-face pushing of my books. Hell, if I don’t who will!

Welcome Pakistan---our thoughts are with you!

Great to see you Pakistan! I know I have been talking about Malala alot latley, but that is because her story has really moved me, as I am sure it has many in your nation and around the world. NZ and Pakistan are friends in our shared love of cricket and hockey. Now we can add another importnat link; the love of freedom, both within our countries and from those who would try to dominate our Governmental policies. My wish for you is that you get through this hard time and come out the other side, stronger and more resilient in your struggle to build a fairer society, free of extremes and inequality.
Kia Kaha---(all strength to you)

Pakistan---this is the 'turning point.'

A brave young woman, names Talala has taken Pakistan to the point where no one else has managed to do---the actions of this individual has galvanized a section, the majority section of Pakistani society to take a stand—for decency, tolerance and opportunity for the females of Pakistan.
Even your famous Mrs Bhutto paid a price and didn’t manage to raise Pakistan from the mire of religious extremism. Talala has put her life at risk, all in the name of fairness and empowering one half of a county that has not partaken fully in the life of this proud nation.
The block to a new beginning is the very existence of the Taliban; an organization that would doom Pakistan into the Pol Pot-like country of Asia. Until now, the majority of Pakistan’s population has been too frightened to take on the power of this insidious group. Whilst it is not alone in its opposition to progress in Pakistan, the Taliban is nothing more than a blight on the aspirations of not just Pakistan, but its neighbours and beyond.
History has taught us that these organizations do not fade into the background--- they actually replicate themselves as forces that are anti-humane, whereby the power is held in the hands of a despotic elite and anti-female echelon.
Pakistan, you are part of the Commonwealth of Nations, an organization that at its best purports to hold the dignity of all as its main premise. The existence of such groups as the Taliban does nothing to hold this ideal paramount.
The day will come when Pakistan will be able to hold its head high amongst nations.

New Zealand book-lovers---Do you want a good deal on my books!

If you want a good deal on my three books, Check out Trade Me. I have heavily discounted the first printings of ‘Coastal Yarns’ and ‘Roskill’ because I have newly released (With new covers and ISBN numbers) these titles as part of my taking back control of my books (A very necessary action). My new book, ‘Talk To Me’ will also be discounted soon. It is available now on Trade Me.
Go to ‘Books---Fiction—Author A—C—Neil Coleman and check them out.
1)    Coastal Yarns (New version available soon)
2)    Roskill (Both versions available)
3)    Talk To Me –available now.   Go check that out too.

Broadband price wars---feedback please!

I note the headline in the NZ Herald this morning about Broadband price wars. Is this really true? Have any of you made the move in response to claims that it is possible to get a better deal. I went to the Orcon website and looked at the plans. At first glance, it looked good, but as I scrolled down the page, I notice ‘add-ons’ that of added up started to look like what I have already got.
I have been with the same company for many years and I have to admit that I have always found it hard to jump to another company. This goes for banking and other services as well. I did ring up my back a few months ago and managed to negotiate a reduction in my mortgage interest rates, so I guess I can make the moves when I need to.
What I wish to know is----does Orcon provide at least as good a service as ‘Telecom?’ Can one get that discount for SKY TV (it is rather small though, and it makes paying the bill sort of fragmented---why don’t they just take the complete bill and give a discount rather than just for the ‘start-up’ part?)
OK, I think you have an understanding of my main concerns. I would want to know from people who have already made the move, if they have found it to be cost-effective’ and one that provides excellent service.’
Please comment in that section for my blog. It won’t just be me wanting to know and I am sure I am not the only ‘old fuddy duddy’ who finds it hard to break the so-called ‘loyalty yoke.’

Malala---it is not just the non-Muslim world watching!

A small brave young woman has stirred the consciences of millions around the world. This incredible person has shown us that despite being gunned down, her cause will continue. Her stand for ‘girls’ education in Pakistan, and by extension for all girls, no matter the religion, is a powerful one.
The Muslim world has been stung into action and given a challenge. Leaving a huge section of the population of a country uneducated is crazy, illogical and has no standing in any of the ‘Holy’ books. That the Taliban says that such a stance is anti-Islam must sicken the vast majority of Muslims. The sacrifice that Malala has made is and must continue to inspire other young girls to strive for an education; one that is free of extremist views.
The responsibility of the majority of Muslims to turn against extremist mediaeval views of certain sections of Islam is a heavy one. Tolerance and peace are qualities that must reassert themselves and that can only be done when Governments in tandem with the people join together to make it happen.
It is not up to the USA and ‘friends’ to force change. Such change can only happen from within. It is then the task of the nations of the world to reach out, not impose foreign solutions. There are many millions of Malalas out there. It is their bravery that will stimulate the change from within, played out on a national scale and supported by the world community.
All strength and best wishes to Malala and her family.

Could Labour really stitch up a deal with the Greens and NZ First?

My goodness, things really have changed. Who would have thought that the Greens, Labour and NZ First could co-exist in Parliament, to the point that they are almost looking like a credible alternative Government. Only time will tell whether Winston can hold it together and not lose it by clenching to old grievances or letting his suspicions of left-leaning policies make it all become unstuck.
I have been surprised at the way the three parties seem to be working together in a manner we have not witnessed before. I wonder if a ‘logjam’ will be let loose and the ‘good old days’ of internecine warfare will prevail, chopping the ideals of co-operation down and returning us to what we had come to expect from the three parties. That they have gone for so long without major problems is indicative of a ‘Government in waiting.’
Key has done nothing to stop this growing spectre and if he does not come up with a plan to thwart the ambitions of his opposition, then we may be on the verge of a ‘worm-turning’ event in New Zealand’s political scene.
One wonders if the three ‘friends’ will be able to hold it together. Now is the time where we will see the ‘real Key’ and it may not be pretty. Watch out for some nasty examples of character bashing or other devious plots. Mind you, National alone does not own that particular ploy!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

A time for all to grieve and hope for a better time.

To see all religions, working together, showing tolerance and understanding in Bali on this special day--- what more can I say?

Bali--ten years on--extremism at its worst

Today is the day to remember the tragic events of ten years ago when so many Indonesians, Australians and people from other countries lost their lives. The culprits behind this attack have all either lost their lives or are in prison. That does not make it any easier for those who lost their loved ones.
The world in 2012 is no safer from the ravages of acts of terrorism and no amount of military action by the USA and its allies will make it so. If the causes that feed terrorism are not addressed then we will continue to witness acts of violence against the West and anyone perceived to be supporting the USA.
We will have more Afghanistans and we will equally be unable to win those wars. The USA and its allies will throw huge resources at the terrorists and the Muslim world will be unable to control those elements within their societies that are willing to lay down their lives for their cause.
The sad fact remains that ‘moderates’ do not undertake extreme measures to protect their faith of maintain ‘order.’ History, both from the point of view of Christendom and the Islamic world has shown us that such struggles do not result in lasting peace.
Islam is supposed to be a tolerant religion, just as Christianity in its moderate form is, but both religions (and others) contain elements that are hell-bent on following a pathway that threatens world peace. That they are fed by despotic regimes and inequality for many of the populace is a given fact. That is where the USA should look carefully at its foreign policy. That policy in itself is a root cause for much of the hate that fundamentalist groups use to wage the wars of hate.
If the majority of people in both religions communicate and create deeper understandings and tolerance, then only that will bring some hope. But will the majority speak up---? ---- Like that wonderful young Pakistani girl did? I wish that could be so.

Hone Harawira's latest ---well, what was it?

I do my best to try to see Hone Harawira as a sane and passionate politician and defender of the Rights of his people (and others now that he has tried to widen the base of the Mana party). He has sort of softened some of his actions of late and apart from the odd outburst or two, he has gone along with most of the traditions of Parliament.
I am not at all sure what he was trying to achieve by sitting in his car last night, ‘listening to music,’ while supporting the rights of the residents of State Homes in Glenn Innes to stay put. I would have thought that he would have been a bit more ‘vocal’ and put himself a little more to the front of the action. Maybe he was tired.
Either way, he became the target of police action and his front window was broken and he was arrested--- what for? Was his car obstructing the work of those wishing to ‘move the house?’ I don’t know why he just didn't get out and lambast the people and police who were intent on taking the house away.
I would like to know about what is driving Hone’s and others’ actions. My understanding is that Housing NZ is completely changing the area where the homes are being removed from. It is pretty obvious that the area is going ‘upmarket,’ and that the former residents are being moved on. That their community is being torn apart is an accurate description of the actions of Housing NZ. What I don’t know is what plans are being made to re-house the residents? This is where I may lose some friends about what I say next.
Many of us have to move form time to time, for a variety of reasons. It can be for work, for financial (like we can’t afford the rent or mortgage) and for a myriad of other factors. Some would say—‘get on with your lives like the rest of us do.’ The underlying reasoning here is that—why should one sector of society (i.e. State House residents) be able to expect preferential treatment?). I feel for the residents and acknowledge that some of the residents do not have as many choices available to them as most of the rest of us do. I also ask the perennial question—‘Do State House residents have the right to expect that they will be housed for life, in the same house, or should they have to take the same choices we all make as life changes and socio/economic considerations change around them. For example; the needs of other people to have the same access to State homes and therefore a juggling of that resource to accommodate these new residents, must be taken into account.  
So, the answers are not simple. What Hone was really doing, only he knows?
I do have  a nasty taste in my craw though about the 'profiteering' that is driving this.' The land these homes are on is 'gold' to developers. Perhaps they should pay for the new homes that the residents will need. They would still make a profit and the residents would be housed. OK, so the world doesn't work like that!