Friday, December 5, 2014

Feedback needed re Windows 8.1!

OK---Time for some real feedback. On several occasions, I have attempted to install Windows 8.1 on my newish Toshiba Lap Top. Each time it has made the computer slow, not downloading completely many of the sites or material that I want to access plus a few other issues. I get annoyed about this and generally solve it by restoring the older version and peace resumes in my house. I am thinking that, maybe I have not completed the process of downloading the 8.1 version--well that is the message I keep getting now, with the instruction to click OK and then waiting while the computer restarts several times and not to use it for at least 40 minutes while the 'stuff' happens.' Now--- get over your derisive thoughts about me and my feeble attempts and give me some real feedback. Keep your language 'kindly.' I am of an age that sometimes precludes sensible actions re computers!.