Friday, October 11, 2013

Dare I say it?----a glimmer of hope in Afghanistan.

My heart went out to the people of Afghanistan, in particular to the people of Kabul. They were gathered together in a stadium, formerly used but the Taliban to administer harsh Sharia Law punishments on those they saw as transgressing their ideology.
The people in the stadium were living as we in most other countries, take for granted. Men an women were in attendance, together;  a woman dressed just like any Kiwi would do to sing to the crowd; her face was not covered and she was not subjected to ridicule for entertaining the crowd.
The two teams on the field were playing football and they adhered to the 'rules' of the game. There were no bombs, no deaths and the result of the game was accepted by all. Oh for this to be translated into the lives of ordinary Afghans; that they could believe that this occasion in the stadium was 'normal' and the huge helicopter that appeared over the crowd was not necessary. Have they not suffered enough! Could it be that the future holds something resembling normalcy in this war ravaged nation? What stand s in the way of that dream? -----A group of 'men' claiming that they have a God given right to rule in a way that does not include all citizens and a way of life that would not allow for the happy scenes in that far off stadium in Kabul. Perhaps sports really is an antidote for the excesses of politics and religion!

Bye bye big jackets!

I remember buying some really nice jackets over the last few years but now they simply don't fit. I look like a vagabond wearing something he has 'lifted' from' a burglary! No, I am not selling stolen items; I am getting rid of stuff that hangs loose. I gave away bags an bags of other clothing, but the Visa bill got too high when I brought my new wardrobe after the bariatric surgery 6 months ago so I am financing my visit to the shops, be they online or local. I am sticking ridiculous prices on them and making the Trade Me auction last only 2 days and I am insisting that the buyers pick them up. That will annoy those bidders outside Auckland, but for a few dollars, I just don't fancy packaging and posting. They are so cheap I doubt the prices I get will even cover the visit to the post shop. Oh well, I guess I may still be giving them to the hospice shop or the SPCA if they don't sell. Now, what else can I get rid of! Nah---I'm not gonna put up pictures, you will just have to go find on Trade Me.