Sunday, November 16, 2014

ISIS strikes again. Bombing 'innocent' people or barbaric beheadings---which is worse?

Most of the world will be horrified at the latest mass beheadings carried out by ISIS. Even Muslims around the world are roundly condemning the latest ‘horror show,’ put on for the benefit of the cameras. Supporters of the said group would point to the mindless killing resulting from Coalition forces bombing and killing people that is often described as ‘collateral damage, is far worse re the numbers involved.’ It is the intent that differs, even though a massive number of ‘innocents ‘have died as a result of the bombings, often from drones. It is the orchestrated violence and messages of hate that differentiate the two actions. Both of them are wrong but the actions of ISIS fall into a category that numbs ones imagination. It connects with something that we all fear, something beyond our control. The ISIS powerbrokers know what they are doing. They do not see the short term gains but something that has an end-aim. They hope to bring about a ‘State’ controlled by their narrow view of how things should be. That the people they wish to rule do not have a say, matters little to them. IN this aspect they differ little from other individuals and group in history who have resorted to extreme and abhorrent methods. Isis is in no hurry. They are prepared to hide, hit, run and come back, again and again. It is this wearing down of the opposition that is most telling. Their actual beliefs are perhaps a little hard to ascertain, other than the wild expositions we hear from time to time. Much of is delivered by chosen Jihadists, prior to or after an ‘action’ has taken place. This always causes cries of outrage in the media. For ISIS it is almost as if ‘any publicity is good publicity. They are after all, aiming at garnering support in the West, amongst easily swayed marginalized groups and individuals. Thus, whilst terrible inequalities exists in the ‘West,’ there will always be a target group for groups like ISIS. They will certainly not be the last of such groups. In the meantime, expect more of what we have seen for the past few years.