Sunday, December 15, 2019

Sons of Orpheus

Book  1  The Arrival

By Neil Coleman

Sons of Orpheus is available NOW!   What are you waiting for?

Two young men, from two different cultures, thousands of miles apart, leave their homelands. Jack seeks a new life, after the terrible Potatoe famine in Ireland leaves a destitute land.
Adi in Sumatra has his life altered forever when an earthquake destroys his village ... and his memory.
Meanwhile, in the young Colony of New Zealand, settlers demand land; land that is already inhabited. Warships are needed, whales abound in the Southern Ocean. How will Jack and Adi become involved in the changing situation in New Zealand? 
The clash of cultures, adventure, love ... all play their part in this fast-moving, Young Adult novel, a book that all ages will enjoy.
Don't have a Kindle. No matter. Go to Play Store (Android) or App Store (Apple ) and download the free APP, then register to download onto your phone, Laptop, Ipad or Tablet. Search for Sons of Orpheus, (Book 1 - The Arrival on Bookstore (Amazon e-books). While you are there, download my other two books, ROSKILL and Talk to Me.
Happy reading.