Saturday, October 18, 2014

Tasty dumbass way to piss yourself off!

We have just entered that wonderful time in New Zealand when Strawberries have become cheap. Now for the next three months at least we will be able to get 3 punnets of them for $5. Yummy, red, juicy, delicious and cheap NZ Strawberries---nothing quite like it, but as with all delectable in abundance fruits, one needs to 'invent' new ways to serve them. I have already arrived at that point so this is what I did. I simply placed two tablespoons of sugar in a stainless steal frying pan with a slosh of vanilla essence. While that was 'heading towards becoming caramel, I topped and halved the punnet of berries. Once it was bubbling I chucked in the berries and tossed them. They sizzled a bit and I poured them onto a plate. They cracked and pooped and looked delicious. BUT----bits of caramel HAD ATTACHED THEMSELVES TO THE PLATE, SPOON AND THE PAN. I IGNORED THAT AND ATTACKED THE 'PRODUCT.' HEAVENIY--JUST WONDERFULLY YUMMY AND ONLY A BIT NAUGHTY. Later however, I paid the price, not in some gastro-related payback---oh no------It took bloody ages to remove the concrete-like appendages of candy from the implements. I scrubbed and chiselled till I sweated. See---nothing that tasty comes without a price. Will I do it again?--yes, but I need some common sense suggestions as to how I can prevent the 'payback!

Blame the fiasco that is the Middle East on Colonial powers, some people say!

I get a bit sick of reading posts that seem to blame all the 'ills' and the spawning of groups like ISIS on the actions of Western powers over the past few centuries. Just go back a bit further in history folks and learn about how the region has always been the focus of invading armies and the slash and burn tactics of tribal, religious and groups seeking to carve out an empire. Europe does not have that on its own. Indeed it has even been the victim of such practices, from within and outside its borders. Let's face it, half of Spain was once under the influence of an Islamic empire! Sure, the discovery of oil in the regions and the resurgence of new empires is just a latter day fact. The same could be said for Africa. To those of you who say that Europe (and now China) should have stayed out of these regions---well they would have found their own way of doing exactly what European powers have done. People are people whatever their ethnicity. People love power, control and riches. It is the timing that just makes it seem that the USA, Europe and China are the villains. Damn---it doesn't say much for humankind does it. I now await with baited whatever, the insults to fly, from people who view history from a mere few hundred years only!

Sometimes I need a reminder to never go back, because I don't want to be 'that' person--the unhealthy one, that is!'

Yes, I know, from time to time I stick up pictures of me--the way I used to be, the big 'happy guy'---yeah right!---the guy who loved to eat and laugh and drink and hardly ever do any exercise. OK, I walked a bit with Perdy, but I sought every excuse to 'NOT do the extra circuit, or walk up a rise that was anything other than short--or gentle. Then it was a big rest and a huge reward in the style of something very unhealthy to eat. I was obsessed with cooking and eating---all day and at every occasion. Guess what---not everything has changed. I still have a love of food and I connect with my mate, Doug, who has also had the Bariatric Surgery, but it is different---in scale and the accompanying walks. We walk for ages and we cook little meals and ones that do not have loads of carbs. We love to spend evenings, walking and then partaking in tiny and wonderful morels. We delight in posting the results. We are both very aware of the 'creep back' in weight, that can result. I suspect I am at that stage now, so it is going to be increased physical activity (won't Perdy ne happy!) and careful choices re food. We need to get our heads around the triggers to eating and make sure that we are never pressured to eat the things by other people, simply because they have put the effort in to the preparation 'old favourites.' For the most part, our friends and families understand our position. I totally acknowledge the support of friends and family in the battle that will never stop'--it has just taken a different focus. Life has changed for the better. I have more energy for walks and the wonderful 'sojourns,' we post each weekend. Driving is safer, because I do not get that sleepy feeling after lunch or a few hours driving. Mind you---Perdy's need for runs and a drink, force us to take healthy breaks. I have more energy for writing and I would dearly love to start another book, but I can't. It is just too expensive, given the trial and lack of tribulations for ROSKILL. If the sales increase--well that's another matter. That is where I need my friends on FB to help me spread the word. I think I have reached point whereby I have exhausted that position--I need the 'friends of friends' to help spread the word amongst their circles. I have had exposure, via radio interviews and a TV appearance, plus an excellent article in MiNDFOOD (September issues---pages 44-45, 2014 issue) but even that hasn't really had much affect. What's next? Who knows. I am out of ideas! OK enough for today--off for another walk with Perdy down at the Bay!