Sunday, November 23, 2014

Roskill needs reviews!

If one Googles 'Roskill by Neil Coleman, many hits will occur, but what does not happen enough is the reuslts for 'reviews of Roskill.' I would like to change that. You can help me to achieve this in several ways: Firstly by buying a hard copy via my website ( or by downloading the Ebook version. You can also contact me directly at and I can sell you a copy. I know, many people do not want to review a book as they think it takes time. Take a look at what others who have reviewed Roskill have said and you will see that it doesn't take much time. OK, please spread the word and the links and yes, I can take a bad review. I shall just go for a long 'review walk' if it's a bad one! Cheers Neil

This little bundle of 'joy.'

Just over 4 years ago this little bundle of joy came into our lives. She has seen me through my bariatric operation and helped me to maintain a healthier lifestyle. She demands at least one good walk a day and in the weekends and holidays that increases to several 'adventures' each day. Perdy is responsible for me extending my friendship group as I meet other 'mums and dads' of her caninie friends. Yes, dogs most certainly choose who they wish to cavourt with in the parks, beaches and other favourite places. She has brought joy to my life and I cannot think of her 'not' being in my healthier and happier life. Thank you Perdita (Perdy). You are a treasure!