Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Looking back on this now--- well

So how do I avoid getting tumbled by rampaging dogs? Mmmm-- not sure. I know that I will not stop walking because I think I am additced and that's one addicition that's OK with me--- and my doctor. My mates say that I bribed the dogs to knock me over so that I could get time off work--- don't think so cause the holidays are coming up anyway. I went to the doctor and have started physio---sprained ankle and ligament in right knee. One session has me straightenned me out (don't laugh) and another one on Monday. I can still go to the NZAC conference next week, so all is looking up. I shall revisit the beach and let Perdy go for a run, with me watching. I don't want to get knocked over when the other dogs see me--- they are only being dogs after all.
I have started another book (my editior says that being prolific is good because then I have heaps I can cut). You may have gathered I am never lost for words LOL. Here's a synopsis so far.
 In the story TALK TO ME, I am a radio talkback host. I also walk Perdy at the park--- yes she and my lady freinds are in the story but with much changed names and characters--- shit--- I don't want to be sued. Let's say--- they have inspired my story. It is a send up-- satirical you might say. Well--- one of the ladies ( I have called her Marge) finds a body whislt on a walk. It hits the news and a guy rings into the radio show I host and tells me it is him. From there the story gets  more weird on every page. It has twists and turns and lots of surprises. I will try to get it published rather than go down the self published road--- too expensive. I will just have to get used to alll the refusals eh.


Yeah, things change and the water doesnt go 'flow' under the bridge----it tumbles and eddies and at times is a bloody whirlpool. One learns and looks back, alost embarassed at the naivity. I look at mylsef and think-'damn---I know nothing---it's not like abook that you're reading aut somone esle---it's for bloody real and there are no easy breaks.'
My decision to do my own thing could be yet another big financial flush pool, but if I don't do it, I will never know. Youn know those films where  the 'about to be departed are sitting looking out some window over a ramshackle garden, where the flowers have stopped blooming and the weeds are taking hold. I don't want ot be like that.