Sunday, November 22, 2015

New Zealand Health system works---for the most part.

One often hears people decrying the NZ Health system, complaining about long delays for 'non-urgent,' but chronic conditions. This is a very real issue for those who are needing procedures that are covered by the free state system, but having very long waiting lists, hence the increasing number of people buying into the 'health insurance support system. For many, the latter is just not possible and as you age, the less likely you are able to afford it. I dropped mine three years ago. There is a widening gap between those who have insurance and those who don't and end up waiting for quite some time for a number, perhaps an increasing number of medical interventions. It comes down to how much a Government is prepared to invest in a Free Public health system; that requires higher taxation, always a vexing issue for a political party, that clamours to gain the votes of people who continually ask for lower taxes. You can't have it both ways, folks---either pay the taxes, or take the money from other competing government services , or watch the system deliver less and less. The past few days firmly places me in the camp that supports taxation to deliver to the widest range of the population and for as many procedures as possible. The support I received from the public health system, was efficient, caring and will continue. I feel comfortable knowing that everyone in New Zealand can avail of such support when things go wrong re a wide range of medical issues, but I am very aware that there is a tendency for Governments to play to that part of the 'electorate' that 'can afford' alternative arrangements. That 'movement' is apparent in other areas of our lives, namely---education. I believe in a system that is supported by taxation, one that delivers to all sectors of society. Take that away and we enter a space that is 'UN-New Zealand. Now take a look or listen to the words of aspiring politicians and then decide how you want NZ to be.