Monday, September 15, 2014

The big 'expose:' the one that would be a bombshell!

Last night we were promised a huge event; a bombshell about the activities of a Government agency, with the knowledge of the Prime Minister, which would lead us all to believe that the latter should immediately resign. I hooked onto my computer and found a live link the Auckland Town Hall where over 1700 people had filled the gracious ‘old lady’ and more than a 1000 were turned away. Maybe they went to bars to commiserate re their exclusion from the event taking place up the road. Had they been admitted, they would have had a reaction that was aligned to the position they had already taken before the ‘meeting.’ National Party supporters would have guffawed their way through proceedings, saying that there was nothing new and that it was all a ‘conspiracy from the left.’ Those who already believed that New Zealanders have been ‘duped,’ by our PM and others would have taken what they needed from the meeting; that their beliefs were justified. So did anything change for those genuinely in the middle; those who wanted to hear a real truth? I don’t know, because we all make up our minds based on our own inherent beliefs and new information is needed to change that stance. Did that happen? Maybe for some and perhaps not for others. I was impressed by the energy of the speakers, both the two who were physically present and those two who spoke from afar. They were genuine in their espousal of what they perceived to be real problem re the NZ Government agencies being part of a wider group that allows and assists the spying on of its citizens. If everything is to be believed, this has happened on a massive scale. KDC himself did nothing for me. He uttered a few sentences, but it is my belief that he is just not in the same league as the other speakers. Unless he is facing a rampant student audience, many of whom are drunk, and who are easily ramped up to scream and yell, ‘F— you John Key,’ then he is out of his depth. That is when one gets the feeling that he is in this ‘for himself.’ Ms Harre spoke well and one gets the feeling that she is not totally in KDC’s camp. After all, this person has a rich experience in NZ politics and the union movement and she is committed to improving the lot of those who miss out so much in NZ society. She speaks with passion and an intelligence that is missing from KDC’s performance. I wonder how the audience perceived the experience last night. I wonder if they went away with new knowledge or just a fleshing out of that they already possessed. It is going to take a few days for us to assimilate what has happened or purported to have happened re politics and the actions of the GCSB and Key’s part in all this. Without a doubt he is at least playing with the truth, with the express aim of retaining power and also kowtowing to the USA. We cannot be at least a little cynical at the timing of all this. Sure--- we had advance warning that ‘something was going to occur,’ at a fixed time but the question is going to be asked many times in the future about just what it all achieved. One would hope that at least the focus has gone onto the actions of ours and other governments, in how they ‘observe us, and for what purposes. In a sense I am grateful that there are people out there who would challenge this and help to make us aware of what is occurring. But—I shall always wonder at the real reason for KDC’s involvement in this saga, even though he claims to be supporting the ‘little people’ and the rights of those who want an open society, especially in regard to what ‘could happen,’ under the auspices of Governmental agencies. Maybe I shall give a nod in his direction for at least being part of that movement, albeit for dubious ‘side-reasons.’ Will this affect the election on Saturday? No doubt political scientists will analyse this for years to come. If even a small percentage of people change their votes as a result of the ‘new information,’ emanating from last night, then those behind KDC will have achieved their aim---to get rid of the current PM and his government. Time will tell---at the election boxes----the poll that counts.