Monday, June 30, 2014

Luxembourg---talk to me!

What’s happening, Luxembourg? I see you are racing up the charts re hitting my blog. At first, I thought it was just coincidental, but now I can see that you are consistently either second, third and sometimes top of the daily hits. How did you find my blog and what are you finding interesting, that keeps you coming back for more? It is quite difficult getting people to contribute re the ‘comments’ section of my blog, so if you find that’s ‘not quite your thing’ then just email me at and give me some feedback.
Oh hell, I hope I haven’t driven you away! Time will tell. Have you purchased a copy of Roskill yet? Or perhaps you have downloaded one from Amazon at my website,  directly from the Amazon link---
That invite goes to all my readers and to all the people you are hopefully passing the links onto. Roskill is now with, my publicist. Yes, I am tired of trying to push things on my own. There comes a time when you just have to bite the bullet and get professional help; the sort of help that knows the industry---yeah and the kind that costs yet more money. Let’s say I am most thankful that I have a good ‘day job,’ because the constant dripping way of funds means diverting money from other aspects of my life---like eating! Just joking: You would probably know by now that ‘such luxuries as the former are not big on my agenda since having the bariatric surgery 14 months ago, but of course those savings there were more than balanced by the need for a new wardrobe!
Now, having managed to get that bit in about the BS (No----not Bullshit!)---Bariatric surgery (the Mother of all Operations and processes to lose weight!) I can once again thank the person(s) in Luxembourg who now read my blogs (and book?)