Friday, May 18, 2012

Australia-- you are reading my blogs

YES---finally, Australia is starting to emerge from the mist--- you are reading my blogs. Hell, if you can’t, then who will. I tried everything to get you on board. I teased you, I almost insulted you, I appealed to our shared history of spilt blood for lost causes, to someone else’s cause and I almost let you think that you were above us----lol. I don’t care what the reason is. The fact is that every so often, I see a big hit from you. It is either one person reading a lot, or a group. Once again--- don’t care. Just spread the word for me my friend(s).
You can see form the blogs that the adverts have disappeared. That is because I have been disabled--- My terms and conditions were breached and I suspect that it was caused by my naivety--- loyal friends had clicked and clicked their tits off and then Google was unhappy with me and dissed me.
 Oh well--- good things come to us when we change directions and this is where I need your help. I shall keep putting my books up but I will stop short of the whole book release. When my website is up and running, I will ask for a payment using PayPal—I was thinking of releasing about 5 chapters at as time and charging a small amount. The alternative would be getting the whole book in either E-form or hard copy.
OK Aussies--- thanks for your support. I will get over there next year because a good mate has just gone to work in The Alice.  Cool--- Ooops hot!!!!

The USA takes over

Yes the USA is now outstripping my NZ readers-- they are consistently beating NZ into second place, with Russia a distant third. I like it--- hopefullly they will support my books when I are release them on my new website in a month or two.


What would I be doing on a marginal weather Saturday morning if it wasn’t for Perdy? Well I would be sitting on my FAT BUGGER (ALL PARTS—1-10) ASS, eating and watching TV and reading--- yes all at the same time. That may do heaps for my knowledge and enjoyment, but nothing for my health.
So, even if it is pouring ‘cats and dogs’ I am still out there at the park. I may not present sartorial elegance in my choice of garb, but I am OUT THERE! Yes, I have my new water-proof (quite fashionable to be honest) Jacket on, along with gumboots with thick socks and my cheap tracksuit. If it is really pissing down, I shall wear my ugly heavy plastic leggings, but it has to have the added sound and visionary effects of thunder and lightning. Would I really go out in a storm---? Well yes. Sometimes I am even joined by my equally crazy lady friends. You see, we have a choice--- domestic bliss (with our dogs) or canine terrorism when we don’t.
There you have it--- a picture of my Saturday mornings--- and then there are the afternoons! Along with my friends, I no longer care about the picture I present down at the park. Even my doctor agrees with me. Simple sufferings or basic pleasures--- take your pick.

David Fisher-- you do not speak for 'whites.'

I thought that the article in the NZ Herald this morning was a tongue in cheek write-up because it was a no-news day. Of course I am being cynical. That the Herald even bothered to publish his off the wall comments is extraordinary until I acknowledge that we live in a democracy and sometimes people having their say has a nasty undertone. I guess I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Now that the Herald even has John Key (our Prime Minister) amongst its critics, proves the point that maybe we should look at the newspaper in a slightly more kind light than the ‘granny Gerald’ label it has attracted from the also slightly left of centre readers.
The claim that Mr Fisher makes that all Maori are either in jail or on welfare is rubbish. He can’t add the up the official figures. I do not dispute the figures re the proportion of Maori in prison but he really should go back to school and relearn his maths.
He needs also to look beyond his narrow confines and get out there and see what Maori are achieving. He needs to go to our universities and other institutions of study and see how Maori are beginning to achieve and enter the workforce at higher levels. There is a way to go, but the will is there to make it happen.
 I am not saying that Maori represent numbers in all levels of employment in the numbers they represent in the population, but they are on their way. I work with and come into contact with many Maori who would quite rightly take offense at Mr Fisher’s assertions. But then again, maybe they will see his utterings for what they really are--- the words of a bigot, claiming to have support of most ‘whites’ (using his terminology) and using downright inaccurate figures to make his point.
He completely ignores History and the ramifications of a people losing their land and all that entails. We cannot ignore history. I am satisfied that most New Zealanders want to put behind the wrongs of the past and to ‘move on,’ but we can’t so that without ‘bridging the gaps’ in our society. As more Maori share in an equal manner in all aspects of our nation’s wealth, the reasons for the ‘special treatment’ that Mr Fisher accuses Maori of receiving will remain.
The fact that he makes his wildly inaccurate, mathematically ridiculous claims is testament to his own bigotry and IGNORANCE. His claims to feel the ‘discomfort’ of the individuals ‘he speaks for’ is just another example of his misreading of where New Zealand is and where it is going. His utterances merely divide, not unite us as a nation. What does it say about ACT politicians? Do you want a future with that party, if they willingly accept donations from the like of Mr Fisher?

Website coming

I have an appointment with a web site designer next Friday. From there I hope to have it up and running with my books available using PayPal. I have also been in touch with a printer who will supply me direct, minus all of the middle-people who have taken their cut in the past. I shall be relying on word of mouth advertising (read you!) to help get my books out there.
My blogs will be a way of advertising my books too. I may not be writing as many blogs but for the most part I have enjoyed playing around with them. Of course the tiny income stream has gone as my appeal to have it reinstated was turned down.
If you are ever wondering about the ‘big brother aspect of Governments,’ well look no further than other large corporations, many of them far larger than the afore said governments. You may even see a tinge of my thoughts on this in THE RIVER ALWAYS FLOWS---Go read.
One thought though--- How are some of you reading chapters 7 or 8 of my books but seem to have missed the earlier ones? Maybe it is because of the new direction that THE RIVER ALWAYS FLOWS  has gone.