Friday, March 20, 2015

Possible 'P' Lab in Mt Roskill.

On the way home from the 'Bay,' yesterday, I was listening to talk-back radio (yes I do, because I like to hear what 'people are saying about things!)when my attention was 'arrested' by an item that informed me that a street not too far from my home, just off Dominion Rd, was closed to traffic as police cordoned off a house that they suspected was a P lab.' Jesus, Mary and Joseph,' I thought, 'surely not this close to home.' I have yet to hear the outcome but we can assume that here is another home, poisoned by this insidious nasty practice by criminals, who care nothing about the flow-on affects---to the future tenants of the house once it is 'cleaned,' to the owners, who have to spend so much to get the house habitable again, losing income and to the recipients of the drug, whose lives will be affected so badly. We face an ongoing battle against 'P,' (methamphetamine) as is continues to wreck havoc in our communities, taking no account of social status, ethnicity or geographic factors. Read about my take as a family fights to win back their father when he enters the dark world of 'P.' Go to my website to buy or download your copy of ROSKILL.