Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My readership is a strange old thing---Russia rules supreme re my blogs for the past month.

If only the numbers of Russians reading my blogs, translated into downloads for Roskill (soon to be joined by Talk To Me). Indeed if that were so, I would be on a a plane to see that huge country. It would take a bit of 'getting around! I think NZ would for into some of its lakes!!!! How about some feedback, dear Russian friends. How about some discussion. I had that with a young student from your country recently and he expressed sadness about what is happening in Syria. It seems that Russia is falling into the same trap that the uUA has exhibited over the years. The Middle East is a quagmire, that big powers seem to get sucked into, all in the name, although not overtly admitted, of geo-politics. Do we ever learn from history? In the meantime, for a little light relief, keep reading my blogs and downloading my books.