Sunday, October 19, 2014

Is 'P' (methamphetamine) your demon? He punched the wall--it was either that, or his partner!

‘You fucking bitch!’ he screamed as he let loose with another flurry of punches, directed at an already much disfigured wall. ‘Why can’t you leave a man alone; what with your smart-arsed replies and bloody nagging?’ Shit, it’s not as if I don’t bring home the money---isn’t it?’ Mary shied away, glancing at a man she no longer knew; not the one she had married all those years ago, the happy years and now---this. A man who had changed from a supportive and loving husband to one who resembled the characters in the movies they used to watch on TV, a shadow of his former self. It wasn’t the physical and verbal abuse alone either; there was also the total breakdown in their finances. Bills had gone unpaid for weeks and they were about to lose the home they rented. Gone were the dreams of a new beginning, since arriving from Christchurch and then---the kids. Watching them turn from their dad was just too much. She saw fear in their eyes and the once close relationship between the father of her children was gone, perhaps forever, but occasionally she saw them watching, a furtive glance, as if to say----‘where have you gone Dad?’ ‘P’ (Methamphetamine) is a scourge on New Zealand society. It breaks up families, destroys businesses and family finances. It put the very existence of families at risk. Can a family ever recover once a parent enters the dark world of ‘P?’ Is there any hope. Who can the teenage children turn to when everything seems hopeless? Find out----read RSOKILL by Neil Coleman. You can either download it directly to your reading AP (Kindle or other devices) or buy hard copy. Go to and if you buy the hard copy from the website you get an E-book download free. The other alternative is to contact the author directly for local delivery. ROSKILL is a hard hitting sorry that is repeated in any city, town---anywhere in the world. It is also a story of hope! Every parent should read it and all teenagers too. Roskill was featured on the good Morning Programme on TVNZ! In the 25th September, 2014. It also featured in MiNDFOOD, September issue, 2014, pages 44-45. Please pass on the links to your circles and share. With thanks, Neil Coleman