Tuesday, May 15, 2012

There is an issue with my blogs now

I am sad to say that there is an issue with my blogs ate the moment and you see a lessening of my activities around the releasing of my books. The adverts will have disappeared as Google has disabled my AdSense activity. Apparently there has been a problem with the clicking. In my naivety I may have encouraged this, so the price is--- suspension of the account. This is a pity as I was seeing the release of my books and the consequent monetization of my blogs as being a small income stream; one that allowed me to put my books out there. Obviously, Google doesn’t see it that way. I have appealed but I do not hold out much hope for a resolution.
I will contact a web designer and find ways of having my blog go through that and if people want my books they can either pay per chapter (a small fee) or download the whole book. I shall also get them on Kindle via Amazon, but will need help to do all  that.
  I down but not out!