Saturday, January 24, 2015

Chocolate covered ice-creams on a stick can be a pain in the arse--hello summer!

Picture the following scenario: You have had a wonderful day, walking the dog, a bit of house work,(OK, I am lying about that one!) cooked a nice dinner, or reheated yesterday's creation and you decide to have one of those ice-creams you were hiding at the back of the freezer; you know ones--those delectable chocolate covered gold mines of creamy sensationally flavoured dollops on a stick. You pull the wrapping paper gently open and take your first bite. You are focusing on the TV as it relates the days events and carry on, not noticing the large chunk of chocolate coating that fallen off, depositing itself on your lap, only to be noticed later. Yes, you do catch on that half the coating has disappeared and utter a few favourite expletives. Later you see the stain from the bit that escaped; the bit that left a nasty stain on your nice new T-shirt. Damn I hate the way this always happens. Was this always so, or am I just a little bit more wayward in the way I consume the said product? Is it that I eat it differently--faster, slower--who knows? This dilemma needs immediate research. This conundrum of satiety not realized, simply because half the coating drops off---is a research project in the making. Put the effort into that instead of trying to win the America's Cup, New Zealand. Use our resources sensibly and bring about the peace we so surely desire! Now--I better chuck the T-shirt in the wash.