Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ukraine---back from the edge----I hope so!

The news that Russia, the EU, Ukraine and the USA have met and possibly de-escalated the Ukrainian crisis is a good sign but can we believe that Putin will play his part and call off his 'wolves' who have illegally occupied the Government buildings in Eastern and Southern Ukraine? If he does not, then he is supporting the chaotic situation. No 'State' can allow such 'occupations of government buildings.
At the same time, there obviously needs to be some sort of 'believable and legal' referendum to decide the position of some of the border areas of Ukraine. If this took place in a manner that is above the corruption and unfair practices we have witnessed so far, as in the Crimea, then all parties must accept the result.
Ukraine is edging towards that position but there is doubt about the legality of that regime too. The mess that is Ukraine cannot continue in its present pathway. Putin will play the chaos for his own aims and unless the EU, USA and NATO make it very clear that the consequences of Putin's actions will outweigh any perceived gain on his part, then the future of Ukraine as a sovereign nation is still in doubt. Lets hope that these latest moves towards a solution are carried through to a calmer and peaceful region. The people deserve that at least.