Thursday, October 10, 2013


Ok, this is a scienticiaclly based experiment. Six months ago I had bariATIRC SURGERY. nOW 41 KGS LATER and very much healthier I decided to have a couple of glasses of wine to see what effects the said beverage has on my typing performance. I will not spell check this ort check what I have written . Mmm--casting my glance so far, I seem to be doing OK. I know alfrerady tta I feel good---well a bit ripped to be hinest. I know tyat my typing is not the best and neds a bit of tweaking at the best of times os the result of two standard drinks of a good NZ white Pinot Gris is quite telling.
I am awaiting the wonderful dinner that I think is home cooked 'butter chicken' along with a medley of streamed veggies and rtice. That will be followed by a sponge cake with cocnut icing that I had for lunch with some lovely lady firndfs I met a few years ago while wlaking my dog. Perdy is looking at me now, wondering what I am doioing. Perhaos she things that I am  wrigtin another book about her. Sher knows that she is the 'satar' of my next book to go online in the next few weeks, TALK TO ME. I WAS VERY CAREFUL ABOUT typing thyat title. Does this story need a moral or a  purpose? Caours enot. It is a simple example of   (Damn, how did those italiscs appear?)
As I look back at all the red underlined errors that I said I would not correct, I think I have proven my point. For me, even tow snmall glassdes of a quality NZ wine have a huge effect on my typing -- I challenge you all to conduct the same experiment.
To those dopes who say that they are not affected when they drink, partake of other illegal substances, I say---get real.
I can smell the butter chicken. From past expecribnce, I know that it only takes a bit of food and I return to norm,al whereby the typing isd just a little better!   I typed thast really slowly!

A walk on the 'wild side.'

I looked out the window this morning and wondered if Perdy would still want her walk.  What a silly 'wondering.' Of course she did. After a quick breakfast (yeah, I know, I'm supposed to eat SLOWLY) we headed towards a park/reserve in Blockhouse Bay where I had taken her yesterday. She loves the combination of grassy glades and bush. The reserve also has a stream meandering through it where she can wash off the mud and stains form her usually white body. The reserve has also had a reputation as being one where some whacko dog-hater has left poison to kill dogs but I see the signs have gone now to be replaced by new ones warning of 'dog thieves'  in the area. Hopefully, Perdy's natural distrust of people, unless they have a dog will keep her safe.
Perdy was off like bullet, running and watching for me to chuck her ball. Even though the wind was getting up and the rain starting, the reserve felt clam and serene, despite the busy road on the border. We alternated between crazy 'chase the ball gamers with exploring in the trees and even found a path we had not gone down on previous visits. Perdy jumped in the stream and we returned to the cart, satisfied and at least some of her energy spent.
Now I have dropped her off home and I am going to lunch with two lovely ladies I have met as a result of Perdy. I am not taking her because I would actually like a relatively quiet time at lunch and not be bothered by three crazy dogs---Shush----- don't tell Perdy. She thinks I am going to work.