Saturday, November 29, 2014

Why did Doug say fuck?

That's a question most needing an answer. Well......we were trying to disassemble the BBQ so that it would fit into his van.  We  took the cover off the BBQ and ........'fuck!   Cockroach. ...fucking huge....he ran....Leaving me to  squash it.  Thank God there was only one. Thank God  the BBQ is now at Dougs  place.  Hope he doesn't read this.

Dougs haven.

What to do on a Spring like day. Why,head  for the hills of course or more  precisely , to  Doug"s  place and the secret garden, the gardens that sustain, that reward his efforts with bounty.  Then the kitchen stars with Doug as the support act. What more could one wish  for.....

Austrlalia has a huge issue with Methamphetamine. Massive drugs haul in Australia! 1.5 A$ billion of misery!

The news today of a massive drugs haul worth one and a half billion dollars just highlights how this scourge is worldwide. In this case it was for the drug 'P' (Methamphetamine) as we call it in NZ. If this 'cache' had hit the streets, imagine the damage, the crime, the families ripped apart. Strong words, but no words can adequately describe the terrible damage caused by this substance. Read about my take on how a family is taken to the 'edge' by the behaviours of a parent; someone who the teenage children look to for guidance. What do you do when a parent enters the dark world of 'P?' Read about it in my book, ROSKILL.> Roskill is a book about hope when there appears to be no way out! Download it or buy the hard copy from Just follow the links at the bottom of the page.