Sunday, December 27, 2015

USA---you can get the hard copy of ROSKILL much cheaper than we can IN New Zealand.

I know that my loyal readers who click on my webpage in NZ get 'stung' when they order hard copy from the Amazon site. I think it was NZ$54 for the last person who contacted me. That is pretty steep! Such readers would be better suited by contacting me direct for their copy of Roskill, which I can send for $N22---how? Just contact me at and I will send you a copy for that lower price.The download for your Kindle or other reader is of course much cheaper. Check out that option from my website. Follow the links. Could someone in the USA let me know what you would pay for Roskill, including postage? Much appreciated. Have a happy New Year, everyone.

Talk To Me, the book, is getting the 'treatment!'

I have been informed that it is best to have more than one book, available for people. Perhaps it adds to some sort of illusion that there is 'more than one book' in an author! being 'informed' of course does not amount to being 'knowledgeable. I can say without out a doubt or being 'misinformed' that Talk To Me,' is going through a thorough process, whereby, it is re-checked, proofread and vamped up a bit, then it will be 'launched' with suitable publicity online at first and then if warranted--be issued in hard-copy format for those of you who prefer that 'style.' So what is TTM all about? Without giving away too much----'Talk To Me,' is a gentle swipe at the talk back radio industry. How many of you have become exasperated, whilst on a drive, when a enraged caller, rings in to the show and lets rip about a range of issues, sometimes all at once. There is not always a great deal of ;reasoning' behind their diatribes. It's almost like 'Face Book wrapped up in a show,' bringing out the best and worst of us, skillfully (not always) controlled by the host. How many times have YOU been tempted to contribute to the 'show?' OK---keep an eye on my posts or my Roskill Page on FB and you will know when that action kicks off. I have plans for other books if TTM gains traction. We see April as being the laucn date at this stage. Happy new year people!