Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Just when I was wondering what I could eat!

Half way through my Optifast journey, prior to my operation, I was getting really bored with the ‘shakes, bars and veggies.’ Nothing seemed to taste good until I worked this little gem out. As part of my veggie allowance this is what I made.

Two little ‘balls’ of frozen spinach (I made them myself).

One grated zucchini

One green chilli

A dash of oil (my whole allowance—which was minuscule)

Garlic paste

Ginger paste

Salt, pepper and a teaspoon of garum masala.

Stir-fry the lot and wow!

I most definitely did not feel deprived tonight. It was so tasty that I shall replicate it at my brother’s place on Saturday for all of us. It was Ngaio who told me to use zucchini, bless her.

God--Hates----Faggots----Shock---all in one place!

Now what’s he on about, you say? Well, of course an explanation for my provocative ‘header’ is needed. A 50 year old possibly born-again Pentecostal Christian singer has managed to offend a good deal of the gay community and many others, by her latest utterings. Michelle Shocked, the singer in question is reported (it’s on YouTube, I hear) to have announced at a recent concert that ‘God hates Faggots.’ Most of the audience walked out.

Such an event would not have drawn so much reaction a decade or two ago. This was not some placard wielding loony, jumping up and down outside an abortion clinic or at a venue for a ‘gay marriage,’ but a concert where quite a diverse audience took exception to her ravings.

Her words of hate have caused about ten of her concerts to be cancelled. What drove her to such an outburst? It is said that she has been attending a Pentecostal church and various other rumours have circulated about her ‘sexuality.’ Maybe she was pissed off (not pissed, given her new ‘understandings’) about life, but she has most certainly paid the price.

In this day of ‘growing diversity and increasing tolerance, maybe the days of ‘hate and bigotry’ are on the decline.

I wish!

Optifast---day 15----what have dairy prices got to do with Optifast!?

Great for the farmers, if only the rain would fall but not so great for those who love dairy food. Milk etc. will go up markedly along with everything ‘diary.’ For me, that will not be so bad as I shall be having very little of it after my operation. Not only will dairy go up, so will meat of all description s imply because of the prolonged drought in New Zealand. Once again, for me it will be no big deal as I shall be eating so little after April the 5th---my operation date.
This is a mixed message today. I am well over the boring shakes and bars. I doubt that I shall want to eat chocolate again. I have stabilized and don’t have nasty tummy syndrome anymore. The weight is still coming off, but slowly she goes—about 300 gms a day. That’s cool. I am so bored not being able to cook. All I do is make salads and the odd steamed or stir-fry veggie dish.
Back to the plight of the farmers and those who love ‘dairy’----NO---- I am not suggesting we all have Bariatric surgery in order to make the budget balance but I am hoping for prolonged rain to help out our ever suffering farmers.

Charity and Trust can just be other words for greed!

Sometimes the words ‘Trust’ and ‘Charity’ can be well abused. How often have you wondered when you give to various ‘trusts’ and Charities’ whether the money will get to the so-called beneficiaries of those organizations? Let’s face it, there are so many of them vying for your precious dollars. I am sure you have all heard reports of some quite well known organizations that collect large sums of money, only to hear that quite a small proportion of the money actually gets to those who need it.
‘Administration costs’ they say. Other costs are also quoted including very generous salaries to agents who work on behalf of the ‘charities. The example in the Herald today took the cake; well actually it did, literally because most of the cake went to commission and various other ‘expenditure.’ The recipients, those needy researchers, working to find for cures for cancer, received only 5% of the money raised.
This has to stop; plain and simple. We need to find a way whereby there is a central collection agency for such causes and then the money is divvied out after an application is made to this ‘body.’ Sure, people can designate that they want money given to their ‘favourites, but the rest can go into an interest bearing fund, administered by a non-political body, (if that is possible) who will have the responsibility collect and distribute the fund. This sounds a bit like the commission that distributes profits earned form Lotto and the like. Just extend this.
I know people will be questioning my logic, quoting all sorts of reason why this should not happen. Well, I am not suggesting that people cannot give unsolicited money to their favourite organizations. You would still be able to give directly to the Startship Hospital for example.
Get through these issues and let the money go to where it should, without massive ‘deductions’ for associated costs. One body, not many and the money will start to make a difference.