Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I Think I have offended my Russian readers!

Yes, my criticism of Putin and his abuse of power must have struck a raw nerve with my Russian readers. I have been unfair and painted him as a tyrant and a power- hungry throw-back to the past. That is so wrong of me and my prediction that Russia is going back to the past is entirely unwarranted----NOT!
There may be another reason of course. Perhaps those lovely Russian ladies seeking partners in NZ have realized that I am not the ‘catch’ they thought I was. Gosh, life is full of disappointments.

Please tell me I have heard it wrong--NZ's SAS troops heading for a revenge attack in Afghanistan!

I have got the wrong end of the stick, haven’t I? New Zealand is NOT going to send our elite SAS troops on a retribution attack on the insurgents who killed five of our soldiers in Afghanistan. OMG---it’s true! What is the bloody point? Our troops died there but what will be solved by going on this mission?
For a start, it is us who is in their country, (yes there are many in the Taliban who are not Afghanistan citizens) so it could be argued that a section of the population sees us as the invaders. Secondly, revenge is an ugly word; one that smacks of everything that is wrong in this world. Payback will never resolve anything and that comes from ‘one’ who does not espouse any particular religion.
The whole exercise is one that is futile. For the PM to actually talk about the fact that we are sending these soldiers on this perilous mission has in itself put the men and women at risk. It is like saying---‘Hello, Taliban. We are coming to get you and you have plenty of time to get ready for us.’
We should be trying to get out of that Godforsaken country. Just look at the history and learn. NO ONE CAN WIN. It is a complete waste of the lives of our men and women and serves as nothing more than appeasing the Americans. They too are finally learning what the Soviet Union did--- the hard way.
Now that the Prime Minister had opened his big mouth yet again, we could well be facing more funerals and sad families. It is all so unnecessary. I truly wish that, firstly out troops were not going and secondly that our fool of a PM has spoken so prematurely.

Are they becoming a sick joke?---The Government.

Actually no, they are not. Yes, some sectors, including the Education Sector are actively engaged in survival mode, especially in the Canterbury region, but the Government still has a good deal of support.
Rubbish, you may say. I think from the tone of my previous blogs, you have figured that I am not a card-carrying member of the National Party, but many people, silently support the issues that John Key has raised.
Have a conversation about Educational issues or ‘water rights,’ for example, and it’s what people don’t say that tells you that he still has support. So, what I am saying is that although some of the things that JK and his various Ministers (like Parata and Bennet), are ringing true for a huge number of NZers.
The battle is way from over and even further from being won, on so many issues.
The last few weeks has seen JK and his Ministers looking pretty damned stupid in the light of serous opposition from Maori and teacher/parents alliances, but the body language from the above mentioned is still one of arrogance and sense of ‘we know that we are doing.’
We are not going to shut up and take it; we need to mobilize that group that sits and says nothing, even though they have a growing sense that things are going in a direction that is not good for New Zealand.
If you have read this short blog to the end, then you are on the right path. Now, go and respond---keep the discussion going.

Is your right to 'free speech going to be 'right' for others?

At what point do we say that your right to free speech is superseded by the right of others to ‘live?’ I am of course speaking about a French magazine and the fact that it has gone ahead and published cartoons denigrating Islam and the ‘Prophet.’ As a result, the French Government has had to temporarily shut some of its embassies and consulates along with some schools.
Not only has the action of the magazine caused inconvenience to many people, it has possibly placed those individuals who work or study in the above institutions; it has actually put them at risk, given the over-the-top reaction from some in the Islamic community.
I am sure that our forefathers who went to war, with the words of politicians echoing in their heads about ‘fighting for freedom’ and various other catchcries, would be turning on their graves at the actions of this French magazine.
Freedom comes with a duty to use it with ‘understanding’ and sensitivity; but nothing re the events of the last few weeks, be it ignorant film makers or magazine publisher would indicate that thought has preceded actions. No way am I condoning what has happened as a result of these stupid, insensitive ‘publishings,’ but has not history taught us that such ‘reactions’ are inevitable?
Now, we must wait until ‘Friday Prayers’ to see if the feared outcomes eventuate. I say the price is too high, just as much as I say that the riotous behaviour is way out of proportion. The bottom line is that we all share this world and we have a range of beliefs, some held to the extreme. It seems logical and right that we do not insult one another. It is also obvious that those religions who talk about turning the other cheek, do not practise what they espouse. Hopefully level heads will win out in the end. A forlorn hope?

Sweden---the land of the midnight sun joins us.

One more country joins us. You are so very welcome. I hope you enjoy my blogs and books.

I have recieved the first run of 'Talk To Me.' Now all I need is for you to buy  them.