Saturday, July 5, 2014

Wellington=====I wanted to be there this weekend but I had to settle for this, with Perdy!

Sometimes we 'want' something but don't actually get it. For a range of reasons, mainly because I didn't get my act together, I wanted to go to Wellington for the Labour Party 'Congress,' but----oh well--I didn't. Maybe it 'would have been a bit miserable if I had rushed things and then driven down, complaining to no one in particular about an 'impending cold (You know the ones, that are sort of creeping up on you, but still haven't quite--'presented.')and then being a big sook for the rest of the weekend. I woke this morning, feeling OK, so I decided that I should take Perdy somewhere 'nice.' WE drove--well actually, I did, because even though Perdy thinks she's a clever Jack Russell, she hasn't got her full licence yet. Yes, People, dogs are allowed to drive in NZ! Put that down to our agricultural background. I mean---everything's about the 'farm.' After driving around, quite randomly, we arrived at Mission bay, the closest I get to anything 'spiritual, today. Well, in a sense nit was---just let the picture 'speak for itself.' Tell me this wonderful vista in the middle of NZ's biggest city, isn't 'spiritual!