Tuesday, April 26, 2016

It seems that I have graduated from being a JAFA to to JAR!

It seems that I have never really made good decisions when it comes to buying real estate. Oh well, the cosmos has other plans for me when it comes to making money. I guess I will have to measure my 'happiness,' using other factors. Yeah, I know, some of you will be saying I that just making excuses for being a 'financial non-entity!' BUT--I have reached a sage in my life, whereby i can say---WTF! Do I care-----NUP! BUT, again! This time, perhaps I have made a 'good move.' It certainly ticks the boxes for factors that matter to me---'lifestyle, less stress, contort and shear bloody beauty! About six weeks ago i signed up for a little cottage, not too far form the sea, in Thames. It costs about 40% less than the property i out on the market in Mt Roskill, Auckland. This is the result of several years of researching, thinking and finally coming to the point where--'I wanted out of Auckland, but live close enough to return for a few days a week re work and retaining close ties with all that is good about Auckland. I made another very risky decision---I went through the auction process re selling my home in Auckland. That is very 'different' for me. Yes it was a bit frightening, but i had an agent, whom I trusted (Ian from Mike Pero, Blockhouse Bay) and reached a price that I felt OK about. It was good knowing that the purchaser was happy too. Now, looking back and watching the Seven Sharp item last night about JARS, (Just Auckland Refugees---or is it another?) and the positive spin Thames people put on us invading their domain, I feel quite good. I suspect the prices in Thames took a turn for the heights, given the momentum that is building for the diaspora of a certain group of Aucklanders,' the 'provinces.' Don't worry too much, recipients of that 'movement,' wherever they may go---we will be humble and not try to impose our values---Oh shite---I can't speak for the others, but I am just so damned happy to escape and will do my best to fit in and bring something you value. Hell, I may even write another book using Thames as the 'fulcrum,' and it won't be about Gold mining! Hopefully, Perdy doesn't make her presence known for the wrong reasons and restricts her 'chasing to the rats! www.authorneilcoleman.com

Sunday, April 10, 2016

I'm going to miss you, big time, Mt Roskill.

Selling one's house can be an emotional roller coaster. Not only are you preparing to leave your house and an area that you thought you would stay until---well until you COULDN'T, but somehow economic reality, combined with changing aspirations and slightly dodgy health, means that you can no longer stay. That's how I feel about Mt Roskill. It is a fantastic place to live; close to the city, via very useful public transport links, having a plethora of ethnic food outlets and shopping possibilities---these are just a few of the qualities I am going to miss. Friends and family? Yes, but some of them are also embarking on the same journey and I think that the new abode may well attract more visitors than I have seen in Roskill, given that it is on the main road to some pretty cool 'out of Auckland, places. 'When I drive home to my immaculately presented home, I think of the garden, the great indoor/outdoor flow, onto the deck and the office, under the pergola, festooned with flowers and creeping vines, I know that I am going to miss this place. Then add in the waiting---the 'open homes, whereby one has to maintain a constant vigilance, in case 'someone wants to check out the above place, the need to keep on top of clutter, rubbish, food smells---all the normal aspects of living in a home, that you have made your own. Now, it feels like I am sharing my home with the world, in the hope that someone is going to come up with the price that will propel me to my new life, in a town, not too far away from Auckland, but still more than a walk up the road, or a quick drive to visit friends and places. Sometimes, when I think too much, I wonder why I am doing this----but necessity rules, so Thames---here I come----in a few months. I just want it to happen soon, so I can get on with the next chapter in my life. I will not be saying, 'goodbye, Auckland,' just----'don't forget me!'