Saturday, May 31, 2014

Kim Dotcom's new alliance with Mana is an unquantifiable presence as yet!

This election is shaping up to be an unusual one, given some of the 'players.' In  the background to the new 'boys and girls ' on the block we have the spectre of the big German guy with an allegedly 'questionable past.' Other wannabe politicians have had to weather the storm when skeletons have come out of the closet, so he too needs to face that challenge. What is different about his situation is the manner in which the Government and its 'departments' have attacked him. His fight against the 'injustices' have resonated with some NZers, but who knows just how this will play out in the upcoming election, one in which he can not stand because he is not a NZ citizen.

Next we had Hone Harawira  dancing a strange pre-nuptial Tango with KDC and the emergence of an old (well not so old but very experienced) player from the Alliance days in politics, the party of that definitely old veteran, Jim Anderton. For a week or so we were left to goes and project who the partner for Hone would be and what that would mean. Laila Harre emerged, a choice that bemused some and confused others, me included. I have always admired this woman as a fine politician; one who without a doubt, talented, experienced and possessing a strong social conscience. I would have placed her firmly in  the Mana Party field of politics or even the Greens, but not with KDC, in  any form.

Now, I have to reassess my position, but I will do so with great care, because I find it so hard to move beyond some of the unanswered questions re KDC. The issue of him spending millions worries me about the influence he will exert in the background; a concern that is only partly lessened by the fact that Laila  is not in the pocket of any group or individual. Perhaps it comes down to perception, but the next few months will be critical in my view. I shall listen to what I hope is informed debate and expect a whole lot of the usual platitudes from others opposed to her and I shall try to sort through those 'predictable' utterances.

The political geography of New Zealand has either had a new 'bit player' added or a force to be reckoned with,  but one that needs to project some 'truths.' If the latter happens, then watchout Key and cohorts.