Friday, October 31, 2014

Doug influenced Veal chop crock pot meal.

I have a great wine in the fridge and a fabulous Stew thing going on in the crockpot. Stick the chops in the pot, fry off the usual Doug/Indian inspired spices/seeds and powders, chuck in an onion, add some asparagus, chopped capsicums of any colour and then add a few of the other stuff that I have on my other blogs. (that mean you may have to go back and read some previous blogs) Now, pour that mix over the chops in the crockpot and slice up some silvberbeet and a tin of tomatoes on the top---walk away! Forget it for about hours. Then, take he wine out; share it with friends/family, Life does not have to be complicated or expensive! Feel free to substitute the veal for gravy beef--even cheaper then.

Sons of Orpheus---you want me to publish it----but-------

So millions of you (OK just kidding) want me to put 'Sons of Orpheus' through the same process I did for Roskill. Sorry---just can't, unless Roskill takes off and it is not showing any signs of doing that, even though it has had a fair amount of good press and publicity. It seems that unless you have the 'big boys and girls' of publishing behind you---it just doesn't happen. I don't have bookshops and a publishing house behind me so I rely on contacts and whatever I can do and my 'friends' in whatever form they come, helping along the way. ' So---Sons of Orpheus' will just appear for a while on my blogs and FB--in the dammed annoying format I have used. Yes, it will improve once I have my lesson in formatting from Martin and perhaps following his suggestion to use a website he has mentioned. One learns but most of that learning costs money, whether from mistakes on my part or just not knowing the 'field of play' for self-publishing. I don't want to put off other aspiring authors but be warned--the road is rocky and expensive. Thanks to all of you who have been making suggestions and trying to spread the word amongst your contacts. I am not about to give up---yet!

Go and read my 'older' blogs-----there's rather a lot of them!

Yes, I know---I do write a great many blogs, on lots of subjects, not the least being about my books. I also pontificate on the issues of the day, including politics or whatever is 'heading' the days news. I exercise a variable approach to these issues, sometimes playing the 'devil's advocate,' in the hope of generating discussion. Most people just read them and at best 'like' and occasionally respond, not always of course favourably. That's OK by me, because lets face it---unless one is prepared to take the flack, they 'shouldn't put themselves out there! So yes, go and look at some of my older blogs and get back to me. Is here a particular 'theme' that you would like me to expand on? I am up for suggestions, other than 'get the hell off the net---lol---because I ain't going anywhere!