Sunday, December 15, 2013

WTF---a blog about what?

I was gin g to do a blog about the quite emotional meeting and 'coming together of minds' between Ross Meaurant and John Minto but the sun was shining and it is a beautiful evening.
Then I saw the item on the news about Hone's big nothing trip to South Africa, where he arrived late ad left early but I thought---that's for the 'Far North' to sort out and the evening is so inviting.
Then I th9ught about the three guys (and their slightly more sensible friend who took their three 'unregistered and out of control Pit Bull things to the park and my Perdy decided that they were not so nice---what the hell, the evening just made me---called me---- out and we took Perdy for another (her 4th walk of the day!) stroll along the promenade at Mangere Bridge.
I think I had my priorities right, on this occasion. Those other matters can wait. What  fantastic evening it is in fair Auckland City. I wonder what the Mayor is doing? he's got a lot on his plate and I just want to enjoy the simple things in life tonight. Now---where are those lovely cookies I baked today?