Thursday, November 21, 2013

Collins calls out sexist Cunliffe. he called her a trout!

For fecks sake, Judith---are you so desperate to get at David that you have to try to 'shock and horror' us because he David called you a trout? Is that so terrible? Are you so bereft of real issues that you play the 'sexist card' so easily? How I the hell is calling you a trout sexist? Where is the 'putdown' to women in using 'trout as a term? You, a fine example of a woman who has risen to political heights that attract 'role-model' as a description should even bother to respond at all to David's gentle jibe (he didn't want to call you a Snapper, perhaps because you would have said he was being a bit 'insalting' I guess) is not surprising. You must be short of issues that actually matter. Damn, next time David might call you a great Minister of the Crown and  you will believe him! You silly eel!

Dewberries--delectable and just damned wonderful!

Let the pictures speak of the taste---the darker the colour, the sweeter and juicier. What more can I say?

Kim Dotcom's loves and fears and his need for 'luxury.' Maybe he and Key are somewhat similar.

Kim Dotcom is an enigma and I am not sure if his book will make things all that clearer. Is he a lover of fine things with a fear of dying or is it his past coming back to haunt him, some of it not of his making. Without a doubt he is passionate about certain aspects of his life, including his wife. There is also little doubt that he has set the ‘cat amongst the pigeons’ re his exposure of some of the actions of the NZ’s ‘special services.’ I bet there are a few members of various organizations tasked with ‘protecting us’ who have had a few sleepless nights, not the least of them being John Key. We can be certain that given half a chance many politicians and other people in high places will not be unhappy if Kim Dotcom comes a cropper.
Kim Dotcom stands for something that many NZers believe is the NZ way; a sense of standing up for the little person, against tyrannical forces. Well that’s what he would have us believe, but we must throw in his love of money and power to temper the above statement. The bottom line is, and his confession/belief that New Zealand does not provide for the needs of those who desire super luxurious lifestyles, is one that I have less sympathy for on a number of levels.
New Zealand does not have some sort of obligation to pursue such goals not would we necessarily gain from achieving that. If you extrapolate the ramifications about kowtowing to the needs of the super-rich, then you could say that we would be selling ourselves to the highest bidder. Given the proposed and continuing direction of the National Government re asset sales and their probable dismissing of any referendum results on the subject then you can also see some looming confusion and incongruence re that issue. Perhaps they are one and the same, but Kim Dotcom’s involvement must be catching in the throat of Key and his cohorts.
Maybe, Kim Dotcom and Key cut from the same cloth, but with very different lifestyles and life journeys. Damn, if you are not confused as to whom the ‘real’ Kim Dotcom is now, then you should be. I shall watch events unravel for a longer period of time in the hope that all will be revealed.