Thursday, November 21, 2013

Collins calls out sexist Cunliffe. he called her a trout!

For fecks sake, Judith---are you so desperate to get at David that you have to try to 'shock and horror' us because he David called you a trout? Is that so terrible? Are you so bereft of real issues that you play the 'sexist card' so easily? How I the hell is calling you a trout sexist? Where is the 'putdown' to women in using 'trout as a term? You, a fine example of a woman who has risen to political heights that attract 'role-model' as a description should even bother to respond at all to David's gentle jibe (he didn't want to call you a Snapper, perhaps because you would have said he was being a bit 'insalting' I guess) is not surprising. You must be short of issues that actually matter. Damn, next time David might call you a great Minister of the Crown and  you will believe him! You silly eel!

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