Friday, October 14, 2011

To Be Continued---well, continued

Perdy and I finished our walk on the 'big hill" and decided to go home. OK--- it was my decision-- not shared decision making in my house. Of course you wouldn't think so if you were a secret 'watcher', somehow ensconsed in the walls-lol. Why don't I just admit it?--- what Perdy (and Jasmine) want, Perdy gets.

Remember--- I was going to lunch with a friend at the food hall in Mason Ave, Otahuhu. Try it sometime---unpretentious great food. That all went well and so did the 'nana nap' I had when I got home. Yes, I took Perdy for another walk in the afternoon. You'd think that maybe I am looking slim and fit. Sorry to disappoint you--- Yes I am losing a bit of weight---slowly, like a good red wine maturing in the barrel (no pun intended) but naturally  I have to sample the barrel every so often.

That night, I cooked a curry--using a Japanese curry mix in the form of a slab, much like chocalate comes. Don't do it. It makes a mockery of good Japanese food. I bet Japanese housewives don't use it. It's full of MSG, and chemicals with numbers---- when you see that you gotta know its crap. I say all this in the interest of good international relations. I hope we don't export stuff like that. Stay with good, natural and healthier Japanese options. I am not even letting Perdy eat the chicken.

Doesn't time fly? Of course it does when I am writing, God-like, before my new computer. I can bend time, manipulate it to suit myself and my stories. Another day has passed and after a wonderful day down at the 'Fan Zone' I am once again with Perdy at the 'bay.' Man--- I walked so much today--- what, with the early morning walk already done and then wandering along the waterfront, before enjoying lunch at an establishment, normally well beyond my budget, I reckon if I had a 'Perdydometre' (Don't say it--- another bad pun) I would have ramped up a huge total, and I had the afternoon walk to come.

I'm gonna make you wait (if anyone actuallly reads this, that is) another day to tell you how Perdy needed to be rescued, AND BY YOU'D NEVER GUESS who by!