Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Maybe I will have to close this blogsite down because of the hacker from ---Israel or nearby!

I shall let this ride for a day an then possibly close tis site down. there is no way in hell that more than 2200 j\hits from Israel in one day are for real. Also, when I make a comment, whoever is doing it are taking crucial wording out of the post, making it look like I have it in for Israel! One of the downsides of blogging, I guess. I know that some say---'any publicity is good publicity,' but not this way!

OK--the plot Thickens re the hits on my blog!

It seems that someone has a hatred of Israel and has taken hold of my blogs. Someone posing as 'SH M' has taken over an aspect of my blog and they are saying 'Down with Israel.' OK, I may not agree with the policies that Israel follows but I certainly do not support some Arab organization that resorts to hacking people's accounts. If anyone knows how I can get this B off my account , get in touch with me!

Israel makes 1800 hits on my blog in one day---impossible!

There has either been a 'mother of all glitches' re my blog site or I am now the target of Mossad or something sinister. I very much doubt the latter as I cannot remember saying anything terribly untoward against Israel. True, I may have levelled some criticism about their polices re the West Bank and Gaza, but I firmly believe in Israel's right to exist peacefully as a nation, free from terrorist attacks, but I genuinely would love to see the Palestinian people have the same rights as Israelis. The sad fact is that two peoples want to retain the same land and the reasons for this are a long litany of foreign adventures in the 'Holly Land.' OK, the other possibilities are: I am the victim of a dumb arse hacker or Israel now loves my blogs. If so---buy my book ROSKILL or download it. Let me believe the latter to be a fact.. Doubt it, somehow!

A beautiful cat came to work!

From time to time, animals follow kids to school. Usually they are picked up by their 'caring' parents,' but this time that has not happenned and I do not think that many people (teachers and kids) are too worried, given the nature of the said beast! I had heard that this black cat was wandering into classes and making herslef at home. I also saw her in the playground going up to kids and smirching her way into their hearts. I wonder why no one has claimed her. Hell, if she was my cat I would move heaven and earth to try to find her. Why do I say that? Well, it seems that she has decided that my office and the comfortable couch is where she belongs. The kids and a parent so far have included her in their sessions with me. She has this calming influnece on them but she also lets them know if she does not want their attention. In the words of our 'Dear Leader,' John Key,--'At the end of the day,' if she decideds that she aint going anywhere, we will have to make some decissions. She will either remain a 'shared school cat,'or I will be joining the wannabes who want to take her home.

Politics is as much about 'perception' as it is about real policy!

Yes there are power-brokers behind every Government, be it the shady military/industrial forces as in the politics of the USA, or the Communist party officials in China and ‘big business’ in New Zealand, but there is also the part, the major part, that ‘perception’ plays to support the myth that the public has the real say, especially where an election process based on ‘universal suffrage’ comes into play. The last six years in New Zealand have been dominated by one man, the one leading the National Party. He has won two successive elections, many would say because he has captured the minds of the ordinary New Zealanders who have bothered to vote. He has projected an image that somehow manages to connect with enough NZers to garner the seats in parliament he needs to continue his regime. Many of his supporters, including large numbers of people contributing posts on FB have been part of this process and along with the Media in general, have been drawn into his web of support. He has been able to maintain his position simply because he has projected an image that attracts enough people to vote for his party and thereby keep his hold on power. It seems that no matter what the issue, or his responses to various accusations; no matter how low he appears to go in some peoples’ eyes, the mud has not stuck. The perception that he connects with ordinary NZers has been his main appeal to those who vote for him. That he ‘turns off’ a significant number of NZers, allowing them to pullback from voting is just one more ‘peg in a hole’ that pushes him over the line each election. So far this allusion had served him well, in that enough NZers have held him high. This is an unpalatable morsel for those who oppose him to digest. The perception that PM Key is the ‘man’ to lead NZ has carried him over the line, leaving the opposition to fragment and turn on itself several times. Perceptions change over time and when they do, it is often dramatic. Since Nicky Hager released his book, ‘Dirty Politics,’ the discussion around PM Key has taken a new direction. Sure, he survived yet another challenge, but he seeds of doubt were sown. That perception of ‘a leader in control,’ has been severely tarnished. Even reporters who could see no wrong in the PM have started to question him in a different and more strident manner. I was extremely surprised to see one of the hosts on ‘Seven Sharp’ actually starting to take it to Key the other night. An influential journalist (John Armstrong) writing in the Herald, a newspaper well known for its support of the National-led Government, has launched into a series of damaging attacks on Key. These changes do not happen unless there has been a major shift in perception, at many levels. Are we seeing this groundswell of support for the PM finally starting to dissipate? I believe we are and the process is going to accelerate as his colleagues begin to make the link between their own political survival and the need to cut their support for Key. Watch over the next months as prominent members of the National Party being to pull back, leaving their leader more exposed. Once the public perception changes, the message will be clear---‘it is time to go Mr Key!’ That leaves of course the question—who will fill his shoes? Many of the ‘wannabe feet’ also have the taint of foot odour!’ For Labour’s part, the new leader, Andrew Little, has already signalled his intention to take the battle right to My Key and the National Party. If he manages to sort out issues around policy, he is well placed to bring about a revival in that once great Party’s perception with the public of NZ. WE are in for exciting times in NZ. Hopefully the needs of most NZers will be served and not just those of a narrow sector at the top of the pile!