Tuesday, March 12, 2013

South Korea---how do you put up with your crazy neighbour?

I totally admire the people of South Korea, living as they do under the threat of a megalomaniac in the North. It seems that at any time he is capable of launching an attack form the North. His crazy daddy and grandfather did the same, only this time there is the threat of a nuclear attack.
It will be the ordinary people, on both sides of the border who will suffer the most. The world must wake up and intervene. The North grinds its people into mediaeval slavery. The money that could be spent on alleviating their position goes instead into the military and totally unnecessary weaponry. When after all has there been a threat from the south?
Be strong my Korean friends. Hopefully the UN will not forsake you. In the meantime, build your economy and keep making wonderful cars and electronics. I shall keep supporting you by driving a Hyundai, watching my big Samsung and using my Korean Laptop====oops I forgot my phone.

Shark attack victim mocked on US TV--Jeselnik Offensive

I love to laugh; to the point that my sides ache. The saying, ‘I pissed myself laughing’ has a good deal of truth. There is a show on American TV (maybe a cable company) called Jeselnik Offensive. I guess the name itself should serve as a warning that it will not be PC and that is has shock value.
Today in the New Zealand Herald we read about this show and how it’s very funny presenter has made fun of a recent shark attack in New Zealand’s Muruwai Beach, leaving the victim, David Strange, dead for his wounds. Such attacks resulting in death are extremely rare in NZ; there have only been 13 since about 1840. This in a country that boasts many thousands of miles of coastline makes NZ a safe place. The death had a huge effect on the community and the family are still fighting to recover from the grief.
The presenter was mocking and deliberately mean and mocking in a sick way, in his reporting of the incident. My question to his fellow Americans would be----‘would you do this about one of your own, or worse still about one of the horrible multiple gun deaths in your own country?’ Maybe you would. I know I have seen examples of that regularly on a range of programmes. You are not alone of course but in a smaller country, people can be challenged far more easily.
Does such an example of insensitive ‘comedy’ represent the USA? Of course it doesn’t, but it does remind us that can stoop to a pretty low level, all in the name of ‘entertainment.’ I can assure you that we in NZ did not find it funny, but then again, we will get over it.
I for one, find that ‘much rejuvenated old lady with the mouth from the sewer,’ MS Rivers, to be particularly funny, so I am not about to point my finger too viciously.
Point made and move on time.

Novopay backs down--debt collectors called off!

I should bloody well think so. What a fiasco. It was beginning to damage an already tarnished Government. Hell, if they applied polish to their education policies they would still look like a grubby little urn; one in which they should sink their failings in and burry for eternity.

When 'Clerics' rule, hunmanity is the loser.

The president of Iran has been rebuked by many clerics in his home country, simply for hugging the grieving mother of President Chavez. When clerics hold such sway over a nation, the people at large are the losers because their leaders lack the common touch or understanding of human nature.

Yes. I am sure that there are strict rules governing the interactions between members of the opposite sex but to take such matter to the level that is being displayed in Iran borders on the ridiculous if not  a serious breach of well recognised  human rights.

That I am defending the actions of a man who himself has been behind many repressive measures in Iran is in itself a bit strange, but I at least recognise that he just may have a softer side. It is a pity that the vast majority of fellow Iranians are so controlled by religious police who use that role to bully and cajole the citizens. Many of these ‘police’ are nothing more than thugs. I wish the kinder and more real side of this great religion could show its face, just like it does in other countries.

Oh well, I guess we have our share of zealots in New Zealand too!

Novapay send debt collector to stressed teachers.

I find reports that debt collectors are visiting teachers at the request of Novopay totally repugnant. Part of me does not believe the claims. They are almost too outrageous to be true, so I feel like waiting before I launch into Novopay, but then again, if the NZ Herald can make such claims then who am I to doubt the validity of this report?

Teachers and support staff who have been as little as $22 are being notified that they will be processed by Bay Corp. I am going to be generous and accept that the Government is doing its utmost to resolve this crisis in the pay system. I suspect that they must be close to ditching the company behind the system, Talent Two (What an unlikely name for a company behind such a fiasco)

To retain any credibility on the whole matter, the Government will need to act fast over these worrying reports; after all, I am sure that if one of their members was overpaid, I am sure a more gentle action would ensue, rather than this stupid, heavy handed and quite unnecessary response.

Teachers and those who work in schools have hard enough jobs now, without the added burden of not knowing if their mortgages and other bills are going to be met. Sure, schools are backing their employees but that in itself creates more work and it taxes the already limited resources that schools have at their disposal. That they lose interest on accounts that should have been used for other needs is also a concern.

I know the Government has employed extra staff to help resolve this issue but is it not time to bring in a trouble shooting team from the country of origin for Novopay? Is that Australia? Maybe it’s an Aussie plot to ‘put cheeky Kiwis in their place.’


Shane Jones, back at last! Why does Labour need him?

Today we heard that Shane Jones has been sent back to the front benches of New Zealand’s Parliament. No doubt some will throw up their hands in horror--- or is it fear?

Quite simply, the Labour Party needs this ‘real man of the people,’ back where he belongs, at the forefront of this struggling party. New Zealand needs him, because he represents that which many of us hold to be true. He speaks for many of us; he links us as a people: Maori, Pakeha (NZ Europeans) and the many new arrival ethnic groups.

He is human with weaknesses that he is not afraid to acknowledge. He does not hide them. Shane has the common touch but he is also highly educated; not in a manner that separates him from the rest of us, but in a way that will bring real gains for New Zealand.

Now watch as his opponents try to bring him down with fresh allegations. Hey Shane---take a page out of Georgina Byers’s book and ‘stick it all out there in a book.’ Then no one can be surprised or have ammunition with which to bring you down. You will just gain more support and help Labour to a victory and be part of a Government that cares. Mind you, we shall be watching you closely. Go and support David Shearer and stay (for a time) away from the infighting. Your time will come!

Optitrot----oops, Optifast--only 3 weeks to go!

I have received wonderful support from family and friends for my ‘journey to less is more’ and if it wasn’t for that, I may not have embarked on this topsy turvy task. My choices were clear though; do it or continue towards a destination that awaits us all, but not just yet!

Thus I began to take the Optifast as a necessary step in the preparation for surgery. One’s liver tends to be overlarge when you carry as much weight as I do, so it needs to be shrunk so that the operation is less dangerous. The task of rapid weight loss must be accompanied by the support of ‘professionals’ in the form of dieticians, pharmacists or doctors. I have the support of all, through the Auckland Weight Loss Clinic. (Google it if you wish). Do not do this on your own!

I have been on Optifast for 7 days now and the weight is falling away; 6 kilos to be exact. This is far more than expected and a little worrying given the side effects. (The clue is in the title of my blog!) My poor suffering system has had a real purge and only the ultimate goal of a healthier me and the support keeps me going. I have had some embarrassing moments and only my weird sense of humour allows me to seek out the next day’s challenge.

Today, a friend and colleague at work took me to the fridge and showed me what she now eats at work. She has lost a great deal of weight as a result of the surgery and I was totally surprised at what was in her lunch box; real food, consisting of items that I am craving right now. I will need to be patient, as her operation was at least 18 months ago. Just looking at that box inspired me and I remember some of the ‘chat’ on sites applicable to my journey had something to say that also inspired me.

‘Just see this month as a ‘food holiday’ and treat all the Optifast (etc.) as medicine that I have to take!

Oh yes, I am drinking lots of water.