Monday, July 7, 2014

Snippets from NZ---Tuesday---NZ time.

There's a few stand-outs today: 1) Mayor Len Brown has had some 'moments' in the limelight lately but today he has warned that Auckland faces some tough decisions re the a monetary blow=pout--indeed we face major cuts to services or face a massive debt crisis. He is even going back on some promises made about huge infrastructure spending, including his 'darling' inner rail loop. Oh well, Auckland---it's either spend now or even more in the future if we don't do it now---take ya pick people! I say---do it now or doom us to useless public transport, clogged roads and a city that can't breath. 2)We read today of a dumber than dumb criminal who robbed an SPCA store of a donation box for a mere $20 or so dollars, only to leave his kids behind in the shop to clean up the pieces and to be traced via his records for the movie he hired before his brain-fart. Make a movie, someone! Poor kids. Hope they didn't inherit their dad's brains. 3) Auckland is about to be hit by a 'big wind.' Baton down folks and heat up some soup and stick it in a thermos, just in case the powers goes out. Remember, you can't watch TV when the powers out! Glad I took Perdy for a walk before it hits. 4)Expect some fireworks over a large donation to the Conservative Party from a couple down the line---they gave him $500,000. Wow---can money buy ya love and votes. Add him to then list a of a few other loose canon parties this year and we are in for an 'interesting' election. 5)No doubt the news from overseas is the same as--bombs, intolerance, gun laws loosened in the USA (can you imagine--guns allowed in a bar!) and 'glad it's 'not in NZ stuff!' 6) Breaking news! See the pictures taken 'atop' the windy Mt Roskill by the 'renowned' budding royal photographer, Martin, who despite the inclement conditions, tried to capture the spirit of the 'new me' in the wind and impending rain. Damn, that hair! Stay safe everyone!