Monday, June 15, 2015

Mouth full of play dough---not so bad!

I am glad that ordeal is partially resolved----for now! Today was 'D' Day-----dentist day. While Perdy waited patiently in the car, just outside the window---she could almost see me, I faced some decisions. Getting older (many people have this happen, a lot younger than me!) means 'wear and tare' on one's teeth and the subsequent huge bills. My aim today was to stop the pain from a tooth that seemed intent on self-destruction. It had split and upon close examination, along with the sensitively placed injection, I was given the news that it was not possible to place a crown on it and the 'degradation' was well below the gum level, so my darling dentist gently extracted most of the tooth. Then we had the 'discussion. I could 'chuck' about $10,000 at the issue with a combination of implants, bridging and crowns. I am sure I am not describing that well. I figured that, with the fact that I have just committed to a new car that such spending was silly, given that there are other options. I am grateful that I can consider these options. Many Kiwis are not in a position to do that.( I have to say that I favour a system that is State-funded, even if that means higher taxation, because dental health and access to it is important to overall health.) OK---at the other end of the scale---simply yank the bugger out, leaving an even bigger gap in my smile and my capacity to chew. Bugger that too! I have chosen a 'a partial denture,' system, one constructed from a plastic material and costing about $1000. It also serves to fill a gap already existing from previous extractions. So, for about 45 minutes I was probed, X-rayed, had my mouth filled with a tray, play dough and generally being manipulated. I was told it would be 'uncomfortable' and that I would 'gag.' (Doug---stop laughing!) I did not and it all went well. I have huge admiration for my dentist at the Rockfield Dental Centre in Penrose. I go back in just over a week to try things on, then the real extraction of the bits that are 'left' will happen. The final countdown will occur in the upcoming school holidays. Then I shall join the 'leave ya implants on the bedpost at night brigade!' Maybe I can conjure some revolting party tricks so I guess I have just undone some possible dinner party invitations. Oh well--I don't go out much these days anyway and Perdy couldn't give a stuff about what things look like. Mind you---the new implants have been carefully 'matched!' Such fun, such fun. Like · Comment · Share