Monday, June 23, 2014

Egypt---what have you got to gain by the manner in which you suppress freedom of the press?

The actions of the Egyptian court system re the sentencing of three Aljazeera reporters is tantamount to that of a ‘failing state,’ trying to justify the suppression of freedom, in all its forms. Yes, we all know about the Government led by ex-President Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood and how he too was going down the path of curtailing the freedom of those opposed to his increasingly despotic rule, but the army general who replaced him is little better.
What is behind this ‘over-reaction to the Aljazeera journalists? Why does he or the state institutions he leads, react in such an overbearing manner? Is this just a diversion to take the attention away from other more sinister policies the new Government (Questionably elected) proposes to foist on the ever-suffering Egyptian people?
Questions and more questions: It seems that just a short time ago, the streets of Cairo were ringing with hope, after the ‘Egyptian Spring,’ when ordinary people ‘came out’ to force the former dictator from office. Now it all seems to have been a terrible waste of time; with one corrupt old man replaced by successors, who also have an agenda to push their particular ideology (Morsi) or desire to gain power, no matter what the cost re the Egyptian people wanting to have a real say.
Egypt is yet another Middle-Eastern country that has undergone so-called revolutions, only then to have the ‘hope’ swept away into the mists of corruption and greed; and holding power at all costs regimes, forced upon them. The region is a massive ‘lake of discontent,’ exemplified by leaders who go to war on large sections of their populace. At one end we have the extreme situation of Syria, which is at war with itself, and at the other (although, any would say ‘extreme’ in a different style) Israel, which also segments it population, using walls and soldiers to ‘keep the peace.’
Egypt cannot expect the aid, support and understanding by taking the actions we have seen over the last 2 years. World opinion (although there is the usual silence from the likes of Russia and China!) is united in the responses to the news we heard today about the three journalists. That the USA has just released a military aid package to Egypt is particularly worrying. Are these arms going to be used to supress yet more of the freedoms that Egyptians thought they had won all those months ago? Hope has been replaced by a sense of doom in this once proud and historically rich country. What will we remember Egypt for, in the immediate future?—not a lot that we value, that is for sure!
It is not too late, Mr President---intervene and start the process of ‘dialogue’ with your own people!