Friday, March 18, 2016

Great to see you---UK!

I am happy to see the UK coming back and reading my blogs, All I need now is for you to download or buy my books. Hey---I do speak the language of my forefathers, albeit using an Antipodean accent. I do write it in a quaint sort of post-colonial fashion, with that sometimes brash New Zealand twist on events. I do take the piss out of 'institutions' that need a bit of a 'sort-out,' but don't let that bother you. SO---bring it on and share my posts so that I can come and see you. I need to hand deliver a copy of Roskill to Her Highness! I think she may find "Talk TO ME' a bit of a giggle too. She can pretend that Perdy, my Jack Russell, is one of her dear doggies!