Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Some good reasons why Austrlaia and New Zealand should never have political union.

I watch politics in both NZ and Aussie. From time to time various twerps suggest political union. We are very dear friends and can even take the piss out of one another relentlessly but when it comes down to the wall, like in times of war and natural disaster, we jump without hesitation to help out. That will never change. But union---never.
Just look at our politicians and the gaffs, stuff-ups, crazy statements, selfishness and plain old fashioned bullshit and you have enough reason to steer away from such a possibility.
Imagine the discussion in the engorged house--- what a cock-up that would be. Julia versus Johnny and that weird Abbott guy on with Hekia---heck no. There could be some pretty strange bedfellows too. Can’t you see the Greens on both sides of the ‘Ditch’ sleeping with the independents or New Zealand First slugging it out with the National/Country Party? Winston would have a ball and even the Maori Party would be courting him.
Then of course we would need a different sort of Senate, whereby NZ would have to return to the past. Hell, we got rid of that august body in the 1950’s. Maybe that Upper House should stay in Canberra and the new Capital could be Auckland, just to appease those in NZ seeking a politically correct power sharing basis to the new ‘Republic.’
It’s OK though. We would invoke the Treaty of Waitangi and claim it all back with heaps of compensation paid to NZ for loss of Mana and psychological damage.
OH     hell--- what a dream. Let’s keep our under armed bowling to ourselves eh, my dear Aussie mates.  Bugger me (not literally of course!) mates. Let’s keep our beautiful friendship as it is eh? NO doubt anyone not an Aussie or Kiwi will wonder  WTF I am prattling on about. Who cares--- that’s what makes our two nations special!

John Key--he has admitted he only like to lead---but

Having admitted before the last election that he wouldn't stay as leader if he lost--- well we are sort of seeing that trait coming through now. Johnny doesn't like it when things aren't going his way. Watchout for some real big bloopers over the next few months as the oppositon grows to his destructive and shallow profit only policies. His ministers will mirror his lead and make similar crappy decisions. Watch this space!

National Standards--a total watse of teachers' time

The latest ‘report card’ on National Standards leads me  (and I am sure thousands of others)  to believe that teachers are spending huge amounts of good ‘teaching time’ on what is rapidly being seen as a total waste of time and resources.
If what we are hearing about the way teachers are assessing the writing, reading and maths levels of our kids is correct, then we should all be angry. Were not the warning signs apparent from both here and overseas research?
Our Government has simply followed along with the USA model that pervades other sectors here and it is going to take us to place that will put us behind some emerging nations. It only adds weight to the gathering storm around just what this Government’s real agenda is.
Just take the rebuild of Christchurch as an example. We are now pretty sure that the Government is using the sad events of the past few years to push their failed schemes. In doing so, they have awakened a spirit in our people that will send them into political oblivion. Can they do something right, and hurry that process, by calling an early election? Hell no, they love the baubles of power far too much. To be fair, they are not the only Government in our history that has been bitten by the same bug.

Self Published authors---go to my facebook for a new support group

I want to start a support group for self-published authors. My own journey has been expensive and fraught with frustrating moments. I am sure that are many ‘would-be’ self-published authors out there along with existing ones.
What is it that we have to do? What are the pitfalls? Why reinvent the wheel when there are possibly some SP authors who could point us in the right direction? Is it possible to revert to the traditional publishing houses, once one has a few books out there? Is there a cheaper way of achieving successful SP? If enough of us banded together, could we achieve any savings.
I know from my own story that you can do a great deal of the work you pay SP businesses yourself, but that too has lots of risks. One thing I do know is that either way, do it all yourself or employ a SP business, it will cost money. Keep your ‘day job’ my friends.
OK, I have posed many questions and you no doubt have more. Go to my Facebook page to find the new group. Let’s call it---‘Sell-published authors support group.’
 Neil Coleman

Talk back radio--is it for real?

I was listening to Leighton Smith’s session on ZBTalkback this morning and the question hit me---‘Are these people ringing for real or are they just trying to make their mate’s laugh?’ Leighton had some idiots ring and I also wondered if the 8 second rule is for real or just a myth?
If the host cuts off someone, wouldn’t it be interesting hearing what they were saying when the cut-off occurred? Maybe it would be obscene, or was it that what they were saying was perhaps libellous? Someone, preferably from the actual industry, please enlighten me.
Of course I am spending a good deal of my time in these school holidays listening to the radio, in between walking the dog, taking agency calls (they often ring me re kids) and relaxing. My listening is also linked of course to the book I have just released called; ‘Talk To Me.’ Talkback radio is the underpinning for the plot. You can find it on ---  www.authorneilcoleman.com